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  • Titanic vs. The Great Gatsby

    The Sacrificing Love Titanic and The Great Gatsby movies are both based on a touching love story. Even though the actual stories are different‚ the main theme remains love. The romantic plot makes watchers fall in love in the story of the movies. These movies surpass all the rivals in luxury and opulence. Titanic and The Great Gatsby are epic movies with their heartbreaking plot‚ distinguishable music‚ and unforgettable and tragic ending. Titanic One of the most romantic and at the same time

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  • The Great Gatsby Suspense Is Killer

    Great Gatsby‚ uses suspense to introduce Jay Gatsby who is clouded in a veil of mystery as no one knows who he really is. Jay Gatsby is thought of a huge partying millionaire and who mysteriously obtained a fortune‚ his past is foggy and rumors fly around about potential pieces that fit into the puzzle of Gatsby’s past. Nick Carroway‚ our narrator‚ wanders the party with Jordan Baker and the twins talking about the mystery that surrounds their host. Nick had heard many rumors surrounding Gatsby‚ “Somebody

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  • Examples Of Time In The Great Gatsby

    In the novel‚ The Great Gatsby‚ the main character‚ Jay Gatsby‚ attempts to recapture his past with his once “love of his life”: Daisy Buchanan. In this novel‚ the idea of time is described in multiple aspects. Time‚ one would say‚ is ever flowing like a wave: rising into form‚ proceeding to crashing into a white fizzing foam‚ not stopping for anything in its path. Like a wave‚ time has many stages like the past‚ present‚ and future. As people we are told to live in the moment and dwell in the present

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  • The Great Gatsby Movie Analysis

    The Great Gatsby is a movie directed by Baz Luhrmann. The movie represents the novel ‘’The Great Gatsby’’ written by Scott Fitzgerald. It is Scott’s analysis on the American society during the Roaring Twenties. The characters represent the American Dream. The main-characters in this story are Jay Gatsby‚ Nick Carraway‚ and Daisy Buchanan. When Nick Carraway moves to New-York he buys a house on West Egg‚ Long Island. His neighbour is the wealthy and mysterious man named Jay Gatsby. As weeks go

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  • Examples Of Greed In The Great Gatsby

    his American Dream force Jay Gatsby in “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald to go against his morals just to prosper. Gatsby ends up morally corrupted and dead as he pursuits his dreams of becoming wealthy and winning Daisy over Tom Buchanan. Throughout the novel‚ readers discover that the American Dream was achievable for Gatsby despite his past. Jay Gatsby was neglecting an important part in his life and this affected him in many ways‚ physically plus morally. Gatsby is missing the woman of

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  • great gatsby and social mobility

    The Great Gatsby: Social Mobility Social mobility is the primary effect of the American Dream‚ which itself is an idea that seems simple‚ but is strangely hard to define. At the root of it‚ is the sense of a society’s greed for success obtained by hard work‚ honesty‚ and modesty. If in fact this Dream were in the reach of anybody‚ then society would exist as a community where "all men are created equal" and everyone would have the opportunity of social mobility by doing the best for themselves as

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    Jay-Z‚ His Upbringing‚ and Impact on the World Blake Soulet Walden University Jay-z‚ His Upbringing‚ and Impact on the World For hundreds of years‚ individuals and our world have always had an impact on others and their respective societies. From artists to world leaders‚ the world never ceases to create individuals who strive to be the best they can be and impact others. One person that has strived to be the best he could be and impact others is Jay-Z. Jay-Z‚ a drug dealer‚ turned rapper‚ turned

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  • The American dream Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby Final English 11 December 16‚ 2013 The American dream is a tearm used that means you go from absolutly nothing to being an average american. An average american is a person with a steady job and a place to live. In the past‚ The american dream has focused on main important thing to try and gain succes. Jay Gatsby started out with absolutly nothing just to make his dream come true‚ but he is so focused on nice eligant things that he doesnt realize that money really cant buy

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  • The Great Gatsby - Nick's Attitude

    The Great Gatsby- Nick’s Attitude Nick’s attitude towards Gatsby may seem to be ambiguous because of varying tones he uses in his narration. But when one analyzes the speaker’s implied tone through the use of specific and individual words‚ it is evident that Nick had a clear stance and view of Gatsby‚ both before and after his death. This paper will analyze words that Nick uses during his narration that express his attitude towards Jay Gatsby. At first‚ Nick states‚ "I didn’t want to hear it and

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  • Examples Of The Pursued In The Great Gatsby

    In The Great Gatsby by F. Scoot Fitzgerald a phrase that beats in Nick’s mind is‚ “There are only the pursued‚ the pursuing‚ the busy‚ and the tired‚” and it is easily relatable to all of the main characters in the novel. When Nick says this he is saying that every person fits into one of these categories. The pursued are the people everyone is after. Daisy is a key example of this. The pursuing are the ones always chasing something‚ like Jay Gatsby‚ Tom Buchanan‚ and possibly even Nick. The busy

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