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Why japan

Why japan ? In the field of research, Japan is known for high-level achievements in natural sciences and technology development. In media and communication research, communication technology has by far the area received the most attention and funding from both public and private sources in Japan. The u-Japan strategy and other visions of the future lead the development of humanoids and robotics, research on human-computer communication, ubiquitous computing and mobile technology. Basic information...

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England and Japan

Compare & Contrast British and Japan National characteristics can be explained geographically. For instance, continent people are confident themselves and never hesitate. In contrast, peninsula people say 'Hurry up' in every situation. Meanwhile, island people are curious and want to explore everywhere. Britain and Japan are representative Island nation in the west and the east. Therefore, they have been walked in similar way historically. Both go through the absolute monarchy and developed...

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Japan in Ww2

about it. But how does Japan view the war? In their culture, a loss of a battle is the ultimate disgrace. What do they teach students about this war? Did their government hide the true outcome of the war from them? What about the Kamikazes? So many questions are asked, and we hope we can answer some. Japan took over northern French Indochina. This sparked something in our government, as we then started to refuse exports to Japan, and denied Japanese immigrants. Then, Japan signed a treaty with the...

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What Are Japan’s Main Physical Features? As you can see Japan is split into four main islands. We have: Hokkaido (North) Honshu (West) Shikoku (East) Kyushu (South) As you can see, they are all located on the map (left). The northern part of Japan (Hokkaido) is seen to be remote and fairly mountainous. Snow-capped peaks cover the centre of the Hokkaido. Winters are extremely cold with substantial snowfall. The western island, Honshu is said to be mountainous, with very little flat land...

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Prostitution in Japan

Prostitution in Japan In Japan, there are several applicable laws for crimes related to prostitution, such as the Anti-Prostitution Law, the Penal Code and the Child Welfare Law. These penal provisions have been appropriately enforced. Prostitution was officially sanctioned by the Japanese government during the Tokugawa regime. Families which were poor sent their daughters to big cities to find work at brothels and other niches in the sex industry, having them enter into “slavish bondage” with...

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Ebay in Japan

EBAY in Japan Pierre Omidyar, a software programmer created Auction Web which later became eBay in 1995. Over the next 11 years it would acquire 24 companies making it a very successful company. In the late 1990’s eBay began to explore opportunities in the international market. It’s website was gaining popularity in Canada, the UK, and Germany. As its popularity increased it began to set up websites in several European Countries including Korea and Australia. It soon began to venture out...

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China and Japan

China and Japan From 1500 to 1800, China and Japan tried to politically and economically established their countries in very different ways. Japan fought war after war for a century before they changed their ways. China on the other hand slowly established a government and used education as a tool to be politically and economically strong. Japan would later do the same. China was one of the most politically and economically strong countries during 1500 – 1800. The state was identified as...

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Japan and Korea

the Korea and Japan to a great extent. In the past few years, the two countries have been seeking cooperation for the common aim of keeping the security in the Pacific region but things did not always work out fine due to many reasons including the historic background of two countries. In this paper, the historical background, the chronology of main events, the development of the relations and the current situation regarding the security and cultural issues, between Korea and Japan will be examined...

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Trip to Japan

to manage and much more enjoyable. Vacationing in a foreign country can be a great experience for family and friends, but it is important that travel arrangements, accommodations, and entertainment options are researched thoroughly before going. Japan is where the vacation will take place, but before that can happen, some travel arrangements will have to be made. Before departing from home, every person must have a passport. A valid U.S. passport is required to enter and leave most foreign countries...

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Tokugawa Japan

Tokugawa Japan The Tokugawa Shogunate ruled Japan from 1603 until the Meji Restoration (1603 – 1868). During the Tokugawa period, Japan was governed by a feudal system to create a stable state known as the Bakufu. The Shogun was the military ruler of Japan and governed over ¼ of Japan. The Daimyo, feudal landlords, controlled various parts of Japan and to impede their increasing power, various restrictions were placed among them such as where they lived and how they dress. The Daimyo were...

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