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Reflective: Patient and Student Nurse

In order to help me with my reflection I have chosen Gibbs (1988), as the model to help guide my reflective process. This model comprises of a process that helps the individual look at a situation and think about their thoughts and feelings at the time of the incident. Reflective skills help us to think about what could have been done, so that if a similar situation occurs again the experience gained can be used to deal with the situation in a professional manner (Palmer et al 1997). To enable...

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US History Summer Essay

 The Chesapeake Bay and New England colonies were both mainly settled by people of English decent during the early 1600s. Although each colony was founded by people of the same origin, by the 1700s, both regions had evolved into distinct societies based on hardships that they faced, the type of government they had, and the reason for settling the two regions. Each society was faced with numerous challenges when starting out in each colony including hunger, inability to work, and harsh environmental...

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The colony was a private venture, financed and organized by the Virginia Company of London. King James I granted a charter to a group of investors for the establishment of the company on April 10, 1606. During this era, “Virginia” was the English name for the entire East Coast of North America north of Florida. The charter gave the company the right to settle anywhere from roughly present-day North Carolina to New York state. The company’s plan was to reward investors by locating gold and silver...

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THE ENGLISH RENAISSANCE: 1485–1660 Use this outline (with a split screen) to take notes on the key ideas of the Unit 2 historical introduction. When you are done, upload your completed Word document so that it can be checked. I. Historical Context & Cultural Influences A. The Monarchy and the Church (p. 287–88) Writers found their fate and influence due to political shifts. Writers like Sir Thomas More were put to death because their views did not align with the present ruler. In 1485 Henry...

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The Life and Times of William Shakespeare

Life). The Globe opened in July, 1599, with some of the old timbers salvaged from The Theatre used in its construction (Hanna - Life). The Globe featured “Totus mundus agit histrionem" (A whole world of players)” as its motto (Hanna - Life). When James I ascended the throne in 1603, the company changed its name to the “King’s Men” or “King’s Company” (Hanna - Life). The company’s instructions, conveyed to them in Letters Patent, told Shakespeare and eight other company members specifically to “use...

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Brief History of Jamestown, Va

dominant military power in Europe. England turned its eyes overseas in order to increase its power. England's earliest successful settlement in the New World was at Jamestown, Virginia, where the English first arrived in May 1607. There had been an earlier attempt by the English to settle in America in 1585 at Roanoke, also in Virginia, but it had been disastrous; apparently all the settlers perished, their ultimate fate is unknown. In June of 1606, King James I granted a charter to a group of...

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Witchcraft and Supernatural Themes Present in Macbeth

sixteen thousand men and women were prosecuted under the belief that they were practicing witchcraft or associating/worshiping the devil. William Shakespeare knew of the hysteria upon the subject during this time and he recognized the fascination King James 1st had with the paranormal and mystical aspects of the world, and with that knowledge he composed the play “The Tragedy of Macbeth”. Throughout The Tragedy of Macbeth, there are many themes present. One of the most significant of the themes displayed...

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King Lear's Folly

In Shakespeare's King Lear, the actions of King Lear and of his daughters bring ruin and chaos to England. Social structures crumble, foreign invaders threaten the land, and, in a distinctly non-Hollywood ending, almost everyone dies tragically. The outlook is very bleak, as many of the problems are left unresolved at the end of the play: There is no one in line to assume sovereignty, and justice and virtue have not been restored to their proper places in the country's structure. All of these problems...

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Jamestown vs Massachusetts Bay

for economic gain. The expedition was chartered by James I of England, making the future site of Jamestown a royal colony, and therefore supported by England. The men who traveled to Virginia were not known for their work ethic; they would rather have other people do the hard work for them. The majority of their work upon reaching Jamestown consisted of searching for gold, lumber, tar, pitch, and iron. These items were wanted for export by England. Because the settlers spent time searching for profit...

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Shakespeare Mla Format

became an actor and playwright in London (Biography 1). At Bennett 2 around 1594, he joined a new acting company called the Chamberlain’s Men (William 323). The company changed its name to The King’s Men after King James I was crowned as king (Biography 1). In 1603, King James gave The King’s Men permission to play wherever they would like to in the kingdom (Life). This would lead on to bigger and better things for Shakespeare and his acting company. Within the first fifteen years of being...

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