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Context Research on Shakespeare

Context: Shakespeare’s England In groups, choose one aspect of 17th Century England to research (each group should have a different topic). Your task is to create a brief, yet informative PowerPoint that explains your chosen aspect of 17th Century England (about 3 minutes). You should (in dot point form): - Provide an overview to educate your classmates. - Explain how this affected people and life in general during this time. - Try to make some connections to ‘King Lear’. - Ask if there are...

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Ben Johnson

The poem I chose for my presentation is “ Song to Celia” written by Ben Jonson. Born in 1572 and lived till 1637. Jonson was a major literary figure of the Renaissance period and a contemporary of William Shakespeare. From 1605 to 1634, Jonson produced popular masques (works combining drama, song and spectacle) for the courts of James I and Charles I. He was granted a royal pension in 1616 and thus made, effectively, Poet Laureate of England. Jonson became one of the most successful writers of his...

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Marxist Criticism and Christian Perspective of Macbeth

Shakespeare wrote Macbeth(approximately 1603-1606) England was an absolute monarchy with King James I in power. There were clear social classes and everyone stayed in their place. The rich benefited and the poor suffered. Shakespeares plays were directly funded by the king. This appears to have influenced Shakespeare a lot when he wrote Macbeth as there is a clear underlying message of support for the king and a monarchial system in the play. King James believed himself to be descended from Banquo and...

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1604 commentary

and performed, England was in a time of transition, as Elizabethan England came to an end and became Jacobean England with the ascension of King James I. During this time, the English people were also still in the wake of the Turkish attack on Cyprus. Shakespeare illustrates both of these matters within his work of Othello. As the Jacobean audience was in transition, a play such as Othello would have resonated within them, as it can be seen as a microcosm of 17th century England. As the Chicago...

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March 3, 2013 Queen Elizabeth I She led as a woman, in what was very much a man’s world; she did so with courage, grace, and intelligence. Queen Elizabeth I, an amazing female monarch in Europe, solved the religious turmoil in England, defeated the Spanish Armada, and strongly supported the Renaissance. Elizabeth’s father, Henry VIII, had changed the entire country’s religion in order to divorce his wife, Catherine of Aragon, and marry Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth’s mother. He divorced his first wife...

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Historical Macbeth Compared to Shakespeare's Macbeth

the death of Duncan I. In Shakespeare's " MacBeth ", Duncan I was murdered by MacBeth. A prophecy said to MacBeth by one of the three witches "All hail, MacBeth, that shalt be King hereafter1 ." was what prompted Gruoch, MacBeth's wife to plot the murder of Duncan I as he slept in their castle. In history, MacBeth established himself as the King of Scots after killing his cousin Duncan I, in battle near Elgin not as in Shakespeare's play by killing him in his sleep. Duncan I was killed on August...

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The Life Experiences of Sir Walter Raleigh

confrontation with the Spanish in Venezuela. He lost his son and was forced to return to England (pg.248). Despite a royal command not to engage in battle with Spanish settlers, Raleigh’s fleet entered Spanish territory (pg.248). He was also accused of conspiring against James I and barely avoided his death sentence (pg.1063) following the death of Queen Elizabeth in 1603 Raleigh was again accused of conspiring against King James and was sent to the London tower again for 13 years (pg.248). Raleigh served in...

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bloodbath swiftly propels Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to arrogance, madness, and death. The most influential writer in all of English literature, William Shakespeare was born in 1564 to a successful middle-class glove-maker in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. One of the reason that cause him achieve Macbeth is because he is a professional writer and he has gift for writing. With the help of opportunities and hard working, he wrote Macbeth Like all of the great poets and dramatists of the time, Shakespeare...

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In What Ways Does The Social And Cultural Context Help Us In Appreciating The Play Macbeth

King becomes nothing but a "dead butcher"�. One King who took great interest in the supernatural world was King James I of England, who was also King James VI of Scotland. King James came onto the throne in 1603.In 1590, a group of witches allegedly attempted to kill him. Their plan had been to poison the king with toad venom and to conjure a storm to sink the king's ship. King James was fascinated by witchcraft and even wrote a book called Demonology, which of course focused on the supernatural...

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History of Golf

There is general agreement that the Scots were the earliest of golf addicts but who actually invented the game is open to debate. We know that golf has existed for at least 500 years because James II of Scotland, in an Act of Parliament dated March 6, 1457, had golf and football banned because these sports were interfering too much with archery practice sorely needed by the loyal defenders of the Scottish realm! It has been suggested that bored shepherds tending flocks of sheep near St. Andrews became...

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