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Colonization notes

patterns of conquest and settlement England based their pattern of conquest on their experience in Ireland- 1500-1600s England made Ireland its 1st overseas colony- English settlers poured onto the island put down resistance stern measures Reformation England Protestant/ Irish Catholics English remade completely any culture they conquered did not practice the forced blending of Europeans and Native American societies like Spanish English- conquest all or nothing England began to enter America between...

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MW History Continuity over Time Essay

us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights.” ~ Pauline R. Kezer. In the 16th century, rulers in Europe claimed divine rights. These rights were claimed and raised a league of absolute rulers and one of them was the monarchs of England. Certain customs remained constant from this age of absolute rulers. However, many events caused an explosion in Britain’s history. Wars, government, taxes, and entertainment are just a few of the foremost events that made up Great Britain’s history...

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Scottish English

------------------------------------------------- Background Scottish English results from language contact between Scots and the Standard English of England after the 17th century. The resulting shifts to English usage by Scots-speakers resulted in many phonological compromises and lexical transfers, often mistaken for mergers by linguists unfamiliar with the history of Scottish English.  Furthermore, the process was also influenced by interdialectal forms, hypercorrections and spelling pronunciations...

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History of the Kjv Bible

My Name | History of the King James Bible Week Two | June 18th, 2013 Written over 400 years ago, the King James Bible (KJB) has molded the English language. There is a miracle when its words are read. It’s not an original text, but is a translation of ancient Greek and Hebrew manuscripts from centuries ago and thousands of miles away. You don’t have to be a Christian to hear the power of the words of the Scriptures—they are: simple in vocabulary, cosmic in size, stately in rhythms, and deeply emotional...

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Virginia and Massachusetts Colonies

the settlers, and the natural resources and climate of the region. Although located in different parts of the Americas they shared similarities and differences. In 1607, James I granted a charter for the settlement of Virginia. The first settlement in the Virginia colony was Jamestown on the James River, named after the King James. Virginia was one of the Southern Colonies. Virginia was a royal colony, directly controlled under the king. Initially the settlers were interested in gold rather than planting...

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Was Guy Fawkes Framed?

Before Elizabeth I death in 1603, the Catholics had a rough time with the religious changes and after her death, thought they would have a catholic king. They got James VI of Scotland and soon to be James I of England. The whole catholic religion celebrated for they thought it would be the end of their religious troubles. Sadly they were wrong and it got even worse. He made the Catholics become Protestants and if they didn't he would punish them severely. This made the Catholics angry and so they...

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Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots

was the queen of four different nations which were Scotland, France, England, and Ireland and was described as one of the most controversial monarchs of the 16th century Europe because of her royal parents, her problematic love life, her regime in Scotland which ended in a civil war, her association with many conspiracies to remove Queen Elizabeth I, her cousin, from the English throne, and her death (English History). King James V of Scotland and Mary of Guise, his wife, were the parents of Mary...

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How accurate is it to say that persecution of witches

aimed at a person or a group in the community holding views considered unorthodox or a threat to society and the intensity of these hunts varied in different European countries. The role of prominent individuals such as King James VI in Scotland and Mathew Hopkins in England was a significant cause of the increase in the intensity of witch persecutions and is a major factor in the ‘from above’ argument for causes of the witch craze. However, the most important factor for the intense persecution of...

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Was Religion the Cause of the English Civil War?

reign of James I. James was a firm believer in the divine right of Kings. This was a belief that he was appointed by God to rule the country and that God could never do wrong, so neither could he. James expected Parliament to do what he wanted; he did not expect them to argue. One major advantage Parliament had over James was that they had money and James was short of it. James and Parliament continuously argued over tax. Parliament told him he could not collect it without permission. James suspended...

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Literature Source of the play Shakespeare's source for his story is Raphael Holinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (1577) Mrs. Moulton • British Literature Written in 1606 Performed at the Globe Theatre, London Published in the First Folio of 1623 Mrs. Moulton • British Literature Notes Genre: Tragedy Setting (time): 11th century Setting (place): Scotland, and briefly, England Protagonist: Macbeth Major Conflicts: Macbeth struggles with his conscience (before and after murder);...

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