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Is Art Or Music Necessarily Linked To The Ideology Of Its Creator

Can One Form Of Music Be More Authentic Than Another? There are many different forms of music all of which have individual styles and characteristics. These forms and styles are generally categorized, by the media, music industry and audiences, into musical genres. These genres are more or less determined by such factors as geographical location, for example Nashville and Country & Western; time period, for example 1950’s and Rock’n’Roll; social relevance, for example 1970’s and Punk; and of...

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The Four Emphasized Areas of Art in Education

The Four Emphasized Areas of Art in Education The National Summary Statement summarizes what every young American should know and be able to do in the arts. It is focused on four areas of emphasis: dance, music, theatre and visual arts. The scope of the summary statement is grades K-12 and speaks to both content and achievement. (National Standards for Arts Education) In this essay I will first describe the four areas of emphasis in art education and then provide recommendations of how the...

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David James DTTLS 2011-2012 ASSIGNMENT 5.5 Identify and analyse which ideologies and models are reflected in your own professional practiceI am a Teacher and Mentor in Music Technology and I work within the Further Education sector. I teach theory and practical with the emphasis on experimentalism. I am honoured to work with a diverse group of learners from a variety of different backgrounds. It is important for me as a teacher to embrace the individualism of my learners and my peers and utilize...

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Music Is an Art Form

TERM PAPER “Music is generally perceived as the most universal of all art forms.” The literal meaning of the word 'music' according to any dictionary is: 'art of combining vocal or instrumental sounds in a harmonious or expressive way.' But music has a meaning which is far broader than this. Music is life. Music means Self-expansion and oneness. It is an art by itself. Art, in any of its forms, is generated by a person, or a group of talented yet usually ordinary people, that express, willingly...

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(9:40-11:05) “Why is music class important?” Society believes that the education you receive is important as it becomes part of a human’s soul. In my opinion, they stand corrected. According to many studies, the human mind is able to collect endless knowledge. Not necessarily facts from the basic math equations or famous poets from the Renaissance literature…the way they becomes creative and develop an independent mindset is by familiarizing the silent expressions from music art. Music affects the human...

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The End of Art

Danto mean by the End of Art? The end of art is not the death of art, but the wholesale elimination of what used to be considered art and its replacement by a new concept: pluralism. When art has exhausted itself and this concept has been brought into the forefront of the consciousness, this awareness signals the end of art. Art is no longer art in the traditional sense (having a manifesto-aesthetically pleasing, etc.) because the accessibility to art and to create art has allowed the masses to...

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Understanding Art

ART Art is something which can be analyzed to give deeper insight as to the common values and beliefs shared by the members of a certain society. Regardless of the place of origin or the time period of a form of art, it will always be a reflection of the social structure in which it's creator/s lived. However, the way the artist perceives the culture common to his time period is very relative. People pertaining to a higher social class had different values and ideologies than members of a lower...

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Arts, Music and Society in the Philippines

WORLD’S LONGEST SONG The current longest piece of music being recored is Longplayer. It has been recording for the last 11 years. And it is due to end in 2999. Look it up at Longplayer.org  The longest recorded piece of music used to be by a noise band called Bull of Heaven, "The Chosen Priest and Apostle of Infinite Space." It's more than 2 months long. They also have other works that are multiple weeks long. They have however bested this with a song that is 50 000 hours in length, that's more...

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The Effects of Art on Children

such children with normal but not necessarily affluent kids. Through creative enhancing techniques such as dance or movement, drawing and music, all children, underprivileged children especially, can advance their development. Disadvantaged children become exposed to several obdurate, agitating experiences, or stress, that eventually leads to cognitive, social and emotional problems. Through the presence of art in the life of such a child, that child can use art for its therapeutic devices while...

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Music as Art. My Favorite Music Style.

Music as art. My favorite music style. Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence that are organized in time in a special way. Its common elements are pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. In the historical context the development of music is inseparable from the active development of person’s sensory abilities. Course of the auditory development of the...

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