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  • Literal Interpretation in Literature

    Literal Interpretation in Literature Literature is meant to provide a perspective on life. Phrases or quotes found in works of literature may be used to help express one’s own thoughts‚ to describe a particular situation‚ or even to apply the circumstances in another piece of literature. Readers often utilize literary quotes for this purpose‚ yet not every reader will interpret a given quote the same way. One example of a phrase which can have many different meanings is the biblical quote

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  • Subjective Interpretation of Guernica

    His composition is so compelling and powerful it challenges our most basic notions of war as heroic and noble‚ and unmasks it as a brutal and agonizing act of destruction and chaos. Although the interpretations vary drastically the further you research the painting‚ there is a pattern of interpretations that are generally agreed upon by many historians. One of the most common and easily visible expositions relates to Picasso’s use of color. It is widely agreed upon that Picasso uses black‚ white

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  • The Gift of Interpretation

    The Gift of Interpretation If anyone speaks in a tongue‚ let there be two or at the most three‚ each in turn‚ and let one interpret. But if there is no interpreter‚ let him keep silent in church‚ and let him speak to himself and to God. 1 C or 14:-28 There have been some misconceptions about this verse. Some think that Paul is saying if there was no one there who God ever uses to operate in interpretation of tongues‚ then that person should not give the message in tongues. Please consider

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  • Against Interpretation

    teachers to ask their students to “dig deeper” into the text that they are reading. In fact‚ every high school English course that I took part in involved interpreting the texts the way that I saw it. After reading Poetics by Aristotle and Against Interpretation by Susan Sontag‚ I now realize that it is not always important to find the hidden meaning of texts. As a student‚ it is necessary to look closely at the texts‚ however it is not always necessary to find incantations while interpreting them.

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  • Statutory Interpretation

    Kamal McPherson Cape Law Evaluate the rules of interpretation which guides judge’s in the interpretation of statutes or acts of Parliament and the presumption they applied in this process. To gain an explicit and profound competence of statutory interpretation and rules of statutory interpretation‚ they are few key elements and definition that must be referred to these concepts. Statutory interpretation is a source of law‚ which means‚ where laws are taken from to aid in the decision making

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  • Interpretation of Dreams

    ESSAY Interpretation of Dreams Dreams reflection of complex negotiations carried out by different parts of the mind. Discussing why dreams need to be interpreted. Can the dreamer explain the meaning of his/her dream without the help of the analyst? 2013 Neringa Puteliene ATI BA in Psychology course 1st year 4/6/2013 Introduction The average human spends six years of his or her life dreaming. Between 18 and 38 percent of people say they have experienced at least one precognitive

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  • Dream Interpretation

    Dream Interpretation This dream as we may call it one stage dream revolves itself on two main ideas which are theft and concealment. At first glance‚ we may realize that the dream doesn’t give us the necessary clues that could lead us to determine the gender of the dreamer. Thus we are forced to produce a much wider interpretation of his/her dream. The dream starts off with a high a note “I stole something of great value”. A person usually steals when he/she is deprived or in need of this particular

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  • Interpretation of Statutes

    INTERPRETATION OF STATUTES INTRODUCTION It is a well established fact that the legislature is highest law making body and the court is merely an interpreter of the law. But actually the fact is by interpreting the law the court can make comprehensive changes in the actual implementation and overall maneuver of the law. Moving further‚ to understand everything about interpretation which has been gradually evolved in modern context from ancient Indian rules with the help of follows up of different

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  • Rules of Interpretation

    Statutory interpretation is the process by which courts interpret and apply legislation. Some amount of interpretation is always necessary when a case involves a statute. Sometimes the words of a statute have a plain and straightforward meaning. But in many cases‚ there is some ambiguity or vagueness in the words of the statute that must be resolved by the judge. To find the meanings of statutes‚ judges use various tools and methods of statutory interpretation‚ including rules of interpretation. The five

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  • Statutory Interpretation

    Order Code 97-589 Statutory Interpretation: General Principles and Recent Trends Updated August 31‚ 2008 Yule Kim Legislative Attorney American Law Division Statutory Interpretation: General Principles and Recent Trends Summary The Supreme Court has expressed an interest “that Congress be able to legislate against a background of clear interpretive rules‚ so that it may know the effect of the language it adopts.” This report identifies and describes some of the more important rules

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