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Culture Disease: Tuberculosis

Culture and Disease Paper: Pulmonary Tuberculosis Introduction to Health and Disease/HCS 245 July 28, 2013 Professor   Culture and Disease Paper: Pulmonary Tuberculosis Tuberculosis is an infectious bacterial disease that usually attacks the lungs. It is considered a challenging disease to diagnose, treat, and control. Tuberculosis is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis and is usually referred to as TB. If it is not...

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Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Report

My fellow scientists, I am writing this report to inform you all of a highly dangerous, fatal disease that is beginning to make a resurgence in society. This disease is called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, or CJD. While CJD is still considered rare due to its relatively low infection rate, it is still critical nonetheless that we and the public be informed of this disease and the devastating effects it can have. CJD is caused by a prion, or a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE). Prions are...

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Communicable Disease

Communicable Disease HCS/457 August 30, 2010 Rachaline Napier Communicable Disease What is a communicable disease? A communicable disease is an infectious disease that can be transmitted from one person to another either directly by contact or circuitously by fomites and vectors. HIV/AIDS is one of the many communicable diseases in the world. Throughout this presentation, a detailed analysis will be given on HIV/AIDS. I will also recommend different ways a community can educate...

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Disease in the News: Tuberculosis

Disease in the News – Tuberculosis HCS/245 June 25, 2013 Tynan Weed Tuberculosis Tuberculosis, TB (tubercle bacillus) or MTB (mycobacterium tuberculosis) is a widespread, and in numerous cases fatal, communicable disease produced by a variety of forms of mycobacteria. The disease is distributed within the air when individuals who are infected with active TB infection sneeze, cough, or pass on breathing fluids throughout the air. Generally infections are asymptomatic, meaning they feel...

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Disease In The 20th Century

In the modern world disease was a huge thing in the 20th century. There were many diseases that affected many people all around the world.many of them suffered or even died from it. Disease were very serious in the 20th century. The top main disease were HIVs, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Influenza, and SARS. One of the disease that started in the 20th century was HIV in the 1980s. HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. HIV was discovered by Luc Antoine Montagnier, a French virologist and joint...

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Essay On Mad Cow Disease

Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSE’s) are an obscure category of diseases caused by infectious proteins, or Prions. Despite the unique threat posed by prion infections, they are rightfully a low priority concern for medical science because of their rarity. While universally fatal, TSE’s in human are rare occurrences that have been effectively been prevented by legislative responses to outbreaks of Mad Cow disease. Instead, they provide unique challenges and opportunities to further insight...

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The Importance Of Disease In Rwanda

supplies people have for disease. Many countries suffer with diseases that are not a problem in the United States because unlike us other countries do not have medications and equipment to help them keep dangerous diseases away. Rwanda is a place that is dealing with this problem, many people are very sick and some are even dying. Some of the main disease are tuberculosis, cholera, and malaria. We need to find a way for Rwanda to get equipment they need to fight these diseases, and keep this away....

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Infectious Disease

* What is the infectious agent (pathogen) that causes this infectious disease? For example, the name of the bacteria, virus, or parasite. Hepatitis A is a contagious liver disease that comes from the Hepatitis A virus (HAV). There isn’t a treatment for the disease once you get it. How is this infectious agent transmitted through food or water? Hepatitis A is contracted from eating food and drinking water contaminated with human feces. Eating raw and undercooked fish that was in contaminated...

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The causes of disease in humans

January 2015 The causes of disease in humans A disease is defined as a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury. In this essay I will explore the causes of disease in humans, in terms of pathogen infection, viruses, lifestyle factors and genetics. Infectious diseases are caused by pathogens; any organism that causes disease. Pathogenic microorganisms...

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Communicable Disease Epidemiology

 Epidemiology: Chickenpox (Varicella) Sheree Criner, RN Grand Canyon University NRS 427 V December 21, 2014 Epidemiology: Chickenpox (Varicella) As stated by to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (CDC, 2013); chickenpox is a very contagious disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus (VZV). VZV causes a primary infection that is characterized by a rash with macules, papules, and then vesicles. Other symptoms include fever, lethargy, and pruritus. VZV then remains in the body on the sensory...

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