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  • Inductive Reasoning: A Valid Argument

    Inductive and Deductive Reasoning A valid argument is made to address a specific problem by offering a position and proving reasons to support that position. A valid argument is based on two key components‚ one or more premise and conclusion. A premise is fact and/or opinion and must be proven to be true or false. And a conclusion is the final statement of the position one is taking on an issue or question. In deductive reasoning‚ if the fact is true the conclusion must be true because the conclusion

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  • Inductive vs Deductive Arguments

    Inductive versus Deductive Arguments – can concepts of (strength and cogency) and (validity and soundness) be used interchangeably? Unlike deductive argumentsinductive arguments are not truth preserving. That is‚ even if an inductive argument has a good logical form‚ it will never be the case that if the premises are true‚ the conclusion must be true. The most that an inductive argument can hope for is that it’s highly probable that its conclusion is true. In other words‚ a good inductive argument

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  • Argument Essay Example

    Moore−Parker: Critical Thinking‚ Eighth Edition 7. The Anatomy and Varieties of Arguments Exercises © The McGraw−Hill Companies‚ 2007 EXERCISES 231 When a premise is unstated‚ try to supply a reasonable assumption that would make the argument valid or strong. I If you have trouble tracking the parts of an argument that appears in a written passage‚ try diagramming the passage. I Exercise 7-1 Indicate which blanks would ordinarily contain premises and which would ordinarily

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  • Argument Essay Example

    are responsible for low test scores. The article “Parents Need to Stop Blaming Hollywood and Take Responsibility” is a blunt rebuttal by Chastain to the study that was conducted by the University of Virginia’s psychology department. Chastain’s argument is convincing because she uses logical reasoning regarding the studies’ principals by noticing and explaining the key points in which why the study was performed improperly. In the article‚ “Parents Need to Stop Blaming Hollywood and Take Responsibility”

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  • Inductive Reasoning

    An example of inductive reasoning would be Erik leaves for school at 7:30 am Erik is always on time. Erik assumes‚ then‚ that he will always be on time. The premise of this example is that Erik likes to be on time. The conclusion is that Erik likes to be on time and can be late no matter what in his mind. It is inductive reasoning because he predicts when he should be there based of one initial time. Another example of inductive reasoning would be that if lee is an excellent swimmer. lee has a swimming

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  • Inductive Method

    INDUCTIVE METHOD What is the Inductive Method? The inductive teaching method or process goes from the specific to the general and may be based on specific experiments or experimental learning exercises. Advantages 1. It gives a new knowledge. 2. It is a method of discovery. 3. It is a method of teaching. 4. Child acquires firsthand knowledge and information by actual observation. 5. It is a slow process. 6. It trains the mind and gives self confidence and initiative 7. It is full

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  • Deductive and Inductive

    Deductive and Inductive Arguments Assignment # Course name Your name School name Prof’s name 04/09/2015 According to the definition of deductive argument‚ it described the structure of a specific kind of argument; a deductive argument is an argument is an argument that attempts to prove its conclusion necessarily. Loosely verbalizing‚ if the author’s operation of logical thinking is a good one‚ if the premises authentically do provide this scarcely justification for the conclusion‚ then

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  • inductive effect

    for the third level and small letters for the fourth level of ideas EXAMPLE Topic Sentence I. First major supporting detail A. First minor ssupporting detail B. Second minor supporting detail II. Second major supporting details A. First minor supporting details B. Second minor supporting details III. Concluding statement SUMMARY A summary is a shortened version of another person’s text explanation‚ argument or narrative in your own words. -writing summary requires good reading

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  • Reasoning and Inductive Method

    help an institution meet its goal of achieving improved learning outcomes. RELATED ARTICLES A Mixed Method Design Deductive and Inductive Reasoning The Raven Paradox - How Hempel’s Treatise Led to Questioning of the Inductive Reasoning Process The scientific method Teaching methods can either be inductive or deductive or some combination of the two. The inductive teaching method or process goes from the specific to the general and may be based on specific experiments or experimental learning

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  • Inductive and Deductive Agruments

    Kurt Lieberknecht The similarities and difference between inductive and deductive arguments. The best way to describe the similarities and difference between inductive and deductive arguments‚ it would be best if the term "argument" had a definition. Everyday people have arguments. For these everyday conversations "argument" means "dispute". In this Logic class an argument consists of claims or statements followed by a final claim. The statements that articulates the reason for agreement of the

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