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Stopping Obesity in America

Stopping Obesity in America Should America keep allowing obesity to exist or should obesity be stopped? Everyday you wake up and take a look around, you notice that almost everyone you see is overweight. Obesity needs to be stopped, because it does not contribute to any factor to help live a good life. Being Obese can only cause bad health and even death. When turning on your TV you see commercials that show food like Burger King and Mc Donald’s taken to increase the obesity rate in America. Today many...

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Treatment Centers of America Jesica Willingham Davenport University ENGL 110 Autumn Miller September 19, 2012 Although there are limited centers available, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is well known for saving lives due to highly qualified staff, and advanced medical technology. The reviews and comments from patients are heart wrenching because of their illness, but also moving due to the success of being cancer free. Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a private,...

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Why do Immigrants Admire America?

Why do Immigrants Admire America? The story, “Becoming American” by Dinesh D’Souza is about why America is so engaging to immigrants. D’Souza shares his story of when he moved from Bombay, India to America. After reading the story, I found it fascinating that immigrants were very interested in America. According to the story, children carry heavy amounts of stones and the women carry heavy loads to their destination in the villages of Africa and Asia. Everyday these people strive to live a good...

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Poverty in America

Heather LeCon English 7, Ms. Chen 25, February 2014 Poor in Wealth, Rich in Education Poverty. Poverty has many definitions depending on the type of different people in this society. It can range anywhere from not being able to pay bills to not being able to feed a family and not having a place to live. Although, according to the definition found on dictionary.com, it articulates that poverty means the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of...

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Murder In America

 Murder in America Shamika Woumnm COMM/215 March 9, 2015 Amanda McClure Police Brutality and Murder in America Most commonly people have a bitter hatred for the police. This is because beside the news tending to hype things up, they continue to make the young African American youth the Michael Brown’s and Shawn Bell’s in their communities. With that kind of corruption, the officers that continue to commit these haneous crimes and get away with them make all police officers look bad. When in...

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Plagues and People

Plagues and Peoples was written by William H. McNeill. The basis of this book all falls on epidemiology, also known as the study of patterns, causes, and effects that disease and health conditions have on certain populations. McNeill’s writing shows how the relationship that mankind, referred to a macroparasites, and parasites, referred to as microparasites, have made an impact on the world through history. The relationship at first during existence was said to be “balanced”, but when mankind in...

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Motives for European Expansion to America

Columbus’s discovery of America, various Europeans which are Spanish, Portuguese, French, English and Dutch were dominating Native American. They were occupying the Western Hemisphere and imported African slaves to work them in plantations. To understand more about Europeans motive expansion to America, we need to observe their political, cultural and economical aspect, particularly Spanish, English and French. Spanish expansion was indicated by Christopher Columbus arrival in America. He was exploring...

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Beatles Impact on America

It was 47 years ago, when The Beatles step foot in America and changed the course of music and history forever. Within the triangle of the Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s (sex, drugs, music), it is easy to establish the fact that music was the very pinnacle of it all. The rock ’n’ roll music of the 1960’s was very appealing to all teenagers around the world and no other music group than The Beatles influenced the world as much as they. Unknown at the time, these four young men from Liverpool ultimately...

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U.S. Expansion into LAtin America

Latin America Throughout the short history of the United States, it is clear that the U.S. is an international superpower; its diplomatic policies have reach all corners of the earth. Mainly throughout the 20th century, the U.S. government has greatly involved itself in the affairs of a few Latin American nations. The adverse effects resemble the colonialism of South Africa by European nations. Even without colonies in Latin America, the U.S. had been involved in a number of Latin America economies...

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Myths America Lives By

Pardeep Kullar Myths America Lives By The American Creed is spoken through myths that tell of the meaning and purpose of our country. These myths testify to the love and patriotism that we have for America. Each epoch had its own myth that it lived by in creating the American Creed that justified the existence and action of our nation. Based on the cynical response, if a collective group of Americans detested to the stories that hold America together and concluded that they were false, our...

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