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  • Muslims In America

    Muslims in America go through many obstacles like political challenges‚ social acceptance‚ and economical issues throughout their daily life. Being Muslim or being a minority in general is difficult at times when living in the United States because a majority of the population is white. If you have any form of ethical background it is very hard to gain acceptance and get equal rights and opportunities unless you are a white male. Although the United States of America is the land of the free‚ that

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  • Opportunity in America

    America is known as "the land of opportunity." But do people pay attention to whether or not America deserves to be known as the land of opportunity.. Instead‚ Americans seem fascinated by polls and surveys on the distribution of incomes. These surveys show that incomes are less evenly distributed than they were 20 or 30 years ago. In 1973‚ the richest 5 percent of all families had 11 times as much monthly pay as the poorest 5 percent. By 1996‚ they had almost 20 times as much. Not only the difference

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  • history of america

    J Soh Prof‚ R.man History of America 26 March 2013 The American Revolution: Revolutionary or Nonrevolutionary? Three months ago‚ we had a presidential election in my country. This election also was a showdown between the conservative and the progressive camp. The election was a close-run thing. No one could predict this very close election. We had two strong candidates‚ Guen- hye Park and Jae-in Moon. My parents supported conservative group. And I was kind of attracted to progressive

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  • Obesity In America

    Isaiah Escoto Mrs. Bean English 101 2 August 2013 America: Land of the Overweight “Would you like to Super-Size that Sir?” And how many times do we reply “Yea Sure.” I mean its only twenty cents more right? This is just one small look into the world we live in today. No matter what your age‚ every American is faced with the choice of eating healthy or to often is the case; succumb to the temptation of eating fattier foods. In recent decades America has faced daunting rise in obesity from children

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  • Inequality In America

    When we hear the word “America” we often think of independence‚ opportunity‚ and success. Equal opportunity can be defined as every individual granted a fair chance and should be treated the same. The opportunity should overlook religion‚ race‚ sex‚ ethnicity‚ etc. For the last couple of weeks‚ we’ve been studying the nature of inequality and how it’s had a negative impact on society. From the outside looking in‚ it seems as if America is the land of equal opportunity‚ however‚ that is not accurate

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  • Homelessness in America

    Homelessness in America According to Streetwise of Street News Services (2010)‚ the first reported instances of homelessness dates as far back as 1640‚ in some of the larger cities in the original 13 colonies. At this time‚ there were wars being fought between settlers and Native Americans‚ and people were left with no shelter in both sides (Street News Service‚ 2010). Later‚ the industrial revolution caused more homelessness‚ industrial accidents left many former hard-working families with a dead

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  • Prisons in America

    Prisons in America By Jesse Pinzon D.F.Jochims ENC 1101-30067 July 22‚ 2013 Research Paper Pinzon 1 Jesse A. Pinzon D.F.Jochims ENC 1101-30067 July 22‚ 2013 Prisons in America The development of the prisons in America has had and continues to have a huge impact on the American country. These prisons continue to expand and develop as time goes on. The American country adapts in ways that are not only beneficial but also in ways that are unfortunate as these prisons continue to

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  • Colonization of America

    When the Europeans had discovered America‚ the possibilities for them were endless. Although mistakenly discovered‚ it greatly aroused the curiosity of many European explorers. There were new opportunities for them to expand‚ and in more than just one way. Chances to spread religion‚ boost their economy‚ and help themselves politically. As soon as Columbus returned‚ the pope issued a decree saying the world itself was an inheritance of Christianity. Spain and Portugal‚ the two main Christian powers

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  • Dystopian America

    Dystopian America Shaina Spears St Georges Technical High School Abstract The dystopian novel‚ 1984 by George Orwell gives readers an insight into a frightening society‚ where authority figures are constantly watching you‚ waiting for you to make a mistake‚ and subsequently murdering you. My fear is that his predictions of future society will come true in America. The government is invading our privacy rights by controlling our cell phones unknowingly‚ through the National

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  • Class in America

    in Deborah Martin Professor Young October 26‚ 2011 Class in America 2003 By: Gregory Mantsios Avoidance of speaking about classes is something that most Americans practice. Most people refer to race‚ ethnic group‚ or geographic location. Sometimes people refer to identifying themselves through their employer. Americans are aware of class differences but the terminology seems to have been removed from popular culture. Our society is intrigued by the rich and famous. They are not rich

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