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In N Out Burger

of In-N-Out Burger Prepared for BUS 560 Seminar in Marketing Management Prepared by Chin Yu Ku (11543230) August 10, 2014 College of Business and Public Management Department of Business Administration Company History In-N-Out Burger is a regional chain of fast food restaurants with locations in the American Southwest, and it serves coolest shakes, hottest fries, and freshest burgers. In-N-Out Burger was founded in 1948 by Harry Snyder and his wife Esther, and the first In-N-Out Burger...

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In-N-Out Burger Case Study

1) In the eyes of its customers, In-N-Out Burger provides them a huge value that they are willing to go well out of their way for. From In-N-Out’s beginning, their marketing plan has been simple and effective in order to capture value from its customers. For this to happen, In-N-Out needs to understand the market place and their customers needs and wants. In this case, In-N-Out knows that their customers do not just want a burger from a large chain restaurant, but one from a restaurant that has kept...

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In -out- burger

In-N-Out Burger 1. In-N-Out Burgers have broken all the rules and thanks to that their average per store sales eclipse those of McDonald’s. With that said, In-N-Out’s customers must really enjoy their burger in order to continue going back to the company. In-N-Out has not changed anything since day one and that is their way of keeping their customer’s well-being. As stated in the text, their philosophy till this day still remains the same; “Give customers the freshest, highest quality foods...

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In N Out Research

Quy Nguyen Silva, Juan English A099 4 May 2015 Essay# 4 In-N-Out Burger Research The fast food industry had been in America for a long time, but now it has been more popular than ever. Fast food restaurant is also known as quick service restaurant; it's mean you just go in, grab your food, and go out most of the time. Burger was one of the first of its kind that has been introduced ever since the beginning of the American fast food had been established in general. Its founder was McDonald, but...

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In n Out exterior interior

coast I am lucky to have had one of the best burger in the United States. You cannot go far on the west coast without stopping at an In N Out burger. The hamburger has always been an American delight; across the country there are many different restaurants that serve burgers. From the outside, In N Out welcomes you with a sleek sign that tells you right of the back they are fast at what they do. The sign has bold white lettering that says In N Out Burger, the font of the sign screams to you saying...

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In N Out Business Model and History

In fast-food corporate America In-N-Out Burger has always remained family-owned. It had no stockholders to respond to and was able to invest in maintaining high standards of quality. Unlike its competitors the chain, with 258 stores presently, is able to retain its constant growth in sales, even in times of recession. The company strongly believes in the importance of highly motivated staff that identifies with the chain’s values and gives them the opportunity to advance. By providing above-average...

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Food Essay Paper (in-N-Out vs Mcdonalds

In-N-Out Burger VS McDonald’s Within today’s modern society we like to have everything when we want and have it at any given time. Growing with that trend, modern fast food places like McDonald’s and In-N-Out Burger have giving their consumers that very thing. Even though In and out and McDonald’s have been around for years, both vary their menus and the way they appeal to their consumers with the change of time. On the west coast, In-N-Out is favored more than it is on the east coast. While McDonald’s...

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In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger It’s hard to believe there are five problems with In-N-Out Burger because of how successful the company is and how delicious the burgers are. Well at least that what I heard, one of my friends that moved to California confessed to me that the reason he moved was because he loved In-N-Out Burger’s. But as I began to read I found more than five devastating problems that the Snyder family encountered as pioneers of the fast food business. The first major roadblock that Harry and...

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In N Out Burger

The In N Out Burger There are many enjoyable fast food restaurants in California. No matter where you are or what your direction you can find a fast food restaurant. One of the types of fast food restaurants are pizza . Another type of fast food is Mexican style fast food. The largest type of fast food in California hamburgers. Some of the smaller fast food places are the chicken fast food restaurants and hot dog fast food restaurants. they are easy and inexpensive...

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Marketing Plan Phase III

MKT 421 Marketing Plan Phase III In-N-Out Burgers basic values and philosophy is simple: make the highest quality product, prepare the product in a clean environment, and serve the product in a warm and friendly manner. Introducing a new product to In-N-Out Burgers traditional menu will challenge the products success with both existing customers as well as new customers. The introduction of the salad with a desirable zest to In-N-Out Burgers menu will bring a healthier choice to improve...

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