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Im Crazy

SUMMARY Eddie Antar (Crazy Eddie) dominated the retail consumer electronics market in the New York City metropolitan area. By 1987,Antar's firm, Crazy Eddie , Inc., had 43 retail outlets, sales exceeding $350 million, and outstanding stock with a collective market value of $600 million. During his term as the company's chief executive. Antar had personal gain of more than $70 million. The first step Crazy Eddie done in order to gain success was to expand his little store into many big consumer...

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Crazy Eddie Case

Katherine Bokovsky Wai Shan Leung Auditing – Crazy Eddie Case The main critical issue in the Crazy Eddie case is the incompetence and lack of professional skepticism of the company’s audit team and their inability to successfully comply with the standards of GAAS. The auditors failed to exercise the fundamentals of the substantive audit plan which would have uncovered at least some of the fraud. Furthermore, this inability and lack of knowledge on how to properly execute an audit threatened...

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crazy Eddie fraud case

Crazy Eddie, Inc. financial fraud case Crazy Eddie was an American retail store chain run by the Antar family, which was established as a private company in 1969 in Brooklyn, New York by businessmen Eddie and Sam M. Antar. The fraud at Crazy Eddie was one of the longest running in modern times, lasting from 1969 to 1987. Crazy Eddie became a known symbol for corporate fraud in its time, but has since been eclipsed by the Enron, Worldcom and Bernie Madoff accounting scandals. Commencement of fraud...

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Crazy Eddie Fraud Case

Cassie Angelucci 9/21/14 Crazy Eddie Fraud Case Eddie Antar came from a low rent neighborhood in Brooklyn from a family of merchants. Growing up poor he had dreams and aspirations of becoming a household name. At the age of 20 years old, Antar opened up his very first store, Crazy Eddie. Crazy Eddie was an electronics store that specialized in low prices and a party atmosphere. The business did very well in its startup years and began to grow. Not long after Antar opened up his first store, he...

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Crazy Eddie Case Analysis

In Crazy Eddie Case, a former CPA, Sam E. Antar, was a key individual who helped Eddie Antar mastermind one of the largest securities frauds uncovered during the 1980s. Sam admitted that he had no empathy whatsoever for investors because he never concerned about morality or the suffering of those victims. Next I’ll analysis Crazy Eddie Case from ethical perspective and use Ethical Decision Making Model to evaluate Sam’s possible behaviors. 1. Frame the ethical issue: Should Sam join his cousin...

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Crazy frog paper

'The Crazy Frog sound? That's my fault.' By Giles Wilson BBC News Magazine The Crazy Frog in its original incarnation on Eric Wernquist's site The sight of a strange blue-grey frog with a helmet and goggles, revving up an imaginary motorbike while making an infuriating "ding ding dididing" noise, is familiar to much of the country. In fact to most of them it's too familiar... far, far too familiar. Adverts for the Crazy Frog mobile phone ringtone have played hundreds of times on certain...

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Cheif Crazy Horse

Chief Crazy horse was and Oglala Lakota Indian chief who fought against removal to a reservation in the Black Hills. In the end the brave man gave his life for his tribe. The Lakota tribe gave his life for his tribe. The Lakota tribe wanted to honor one of their amazing chiefs by asking Korczak Ziolkowski, to make a sculptor of chief Crazy Horse. Crazy Horse got his name from his father who was also name Crazy Horse; he passed the name on to him after his son had demonstrated his skills as a warrior...

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Pricing Strategy for a New Pharmaceutical Drug

out of every 3 approved drugs generates enough money to cover the development costs of previous failures. Below we go in the different aspects of the spending involved in the drug company’s lifecycle. Research and Development Numerous studies (IMS Health and CAM Group) indicate that the R&D spending in US for pharmaceutical companies is about 13-15% of sales [1]. R&D for development of new drugs typically involves: The discovery of a new compound (natural or synthetic) that affects a medical...

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Reaction to the God's Must Be Crazy

It Was Crazy! Reaction paper for The Gods Must Be Crazy directed by Jamie Uys ___________________________ There wasn't a minute that our block didn't stop laughing our butts off when we watched The Gods Must Be Crazy. The characters of that humorous movie did well in their acting and so did the director of the movie for doing a great job for taking such wonderful cast and handling the actors of the great South African outback. What I loved most while watching the movie is its countless humor...

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The Gods Must Be Crazy

“The Gods Must Be Crazy” This film tries to send a message on how globalization can negatively affect a culture such as the Sho tribe of the Kalahari Desert. The people of a technologically advance and “civilized” culture decide to casually discard an empty “Coca Cola” bottle from the window of an airplane. A member of the “primitive” Sho tribe witnesses this object falling from the skies and considers it a “gift from the gods”. In his mind this is an object to be worshiped and must have been...

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