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  • 'I Love Lucy

    successful television shows in the history of America is the hit sitcom “I Love Lucy.” The show first broadcasted on October 15th‚ 1951 on CBS. The significance of the show is that it illustrates many of the forces and trends that shaped television in the 1950’s (1950 ’s Media: "I Love Lucy”). The show was rated as the number 2 show out of the top 50 greatest television shows of all time. “I Love Lucy” stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. Lucille Ball was born on August 6‚ 1911 in

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  • I Love Lucy

    Case Study: I Love Lucy In order to illustrate the theory that the distinguising feature of consumer consumption is an age of media overlap‚ is the experiece that each medium offer - it is important to consider a few examples. ‘I love Lucy’ was one of the most popular shows on television‚ and even today it is still being shown on certain channels like TV Land in the USA. In 2002‚ TV Guide’s ‘50 Best Shows of All Time’ ranked it at number 2 (TV Guide Top Shows. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2002/04/26/entertainment/main507388

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  • I Love Lucy Analysis

    I Love Lucy: Female Roles in Entertainment On October 5‚ 1955‚ The Variety‚ a weekly American entertainment magazine with a broad coverage of movies‚ television‚ theater‚ music‚ and technology‚ written for preferably top-level entertainment professionals since 1905‚ covered a television review on one of America’s most beloved comedians labeled as the Woman of 1‚000 Faces‚ the master comedienne of expression. The woman‚ Lucille Ball‚ was an American actress‚ comedienne‚ model‚ film-studio executive

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  • I Love Lucy Ball

    before becoming one of America’s top comedic actresses with the 1950s TV show I Love Lucy‚ co-starring on the show with her husband‚ Desi Arnaz. The two divorced in 1960‚ and Ball went on to star in The Lucy Show and Here’s Lucy while also becoming a top TV executive. She died in 1989. CONTENTS Synopsis Early Life Early Career Marriage to Desi Arnaz ’I Love Lucy’ After ’Lucy’ QUOTES "I’m not funny. What I am is brave." – Lucille Ball Early Life Lucille Ball was born on August

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  • I Love Lucy In The 1950's

    I Love Lucy” was arguably the most popular TV show in the 1950’s. Aired between 1951-1957‚ the comedy filled millions of American homes with laughter. The plot of the story is simple and lighthearted: Lucy and husband‚ Ricky‚ go through everyday life. Ricky is the lead singer in a mariachi band and Lucy is a housewife. However‚ Lucy is always scheming plans with her best friend and landlord‚ Ethel‚ to become a star at the venues Ricky performs in. This usually results in Ricky and Ethel’s husband

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  • Television Shows of the 1950's and Mass Culture

    exemplified this example were shows such as ‘I Love Lucy’‚ ‘Father Knows Best’‚ and ‘The Honeymooners’‚ although I never felt that ‘I Love Lucy’ and ‘The Honeymooners’ portrayed

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  • Lucille Ball

    comedienne. Not only was she the star of the world renowned television show‚ I Love Lucy‚ but she has also performed on radio‚ in films‚ and even on Broadway. Ball had an extraordinary personality. "In short‚ Lucille Ball ’s unique brand of wacky physical comedy made her the queen of TV. . ." (Dziemianowicz 54). Her hit television show‚ I Love Lucy‚ was one of the most watched television shows of all time. The success of I Love Lucy was due mostly to Ball ’s comic brilliance (Zoglin 188). "With near

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  • Women in American Sitcoms of the 1950s and 60s

    comedies – are probably the most “American” of all TV formats. They convey a high degree of viewer identification‚ as they show scenes of everyday American life. If the viewer identifies with the series‚ is the series representative to the viewing society? I will try to elaborate on that question by comparing to sitcoms of the 1950s and 60s and the image of women that they carry. Life with Elizabeth was one of the earliest sitcoms in U.S. television. Produced as a low-budget series for first-run syndication

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  • Television Sitcoms: 1950's - Today

    Fifty Years in the Making A genre of entertainment programming was developed and became known as the situation comedy or ’sitcom ’. Sitcoms have evolved in response to lifestyle trends and have changed drastically over the past fifty years. The sitcom format is based upon two main types: the element of family drama mixed with sibling rivalry and the element of sexual exploration. Family sitcoms specialized in family drama and focused on internal family roles of the parents‚ children and siblings

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  • A Summary of A Night at the Opera

    acts and especially cartoons. I have been a huge fan of the show called I Love Lucy since I was about 7 years old‚ but I never knew that the Marx brothers had such an influence on the show and that they based a lot of there comedy scenes from the Marx brothers‚ and Harpo had actually starred in one of their episodes as well. In the film A Night at the Opera they have a singer names Ricardo Baroni‚ and in the set of I Love Lucy her husbans name is Ricky Ricardo. I feel as if since A Night at the

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