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Alien Abduction

Condon Commission at the University of Colorado, which investigated UFO reports.Schirmer was asked to come to Boulder, Colorado. At Boulder, on February 13, 1968, he was hypnotized by psychologist Dr. Leo Sprinkle of the University of Wyoming.Under hypnosis, Schirmer recalled that, after he stopped his car near the object, the engine died and his radio went silent. A white object emerged from the craft and seemed to communicate mentally with him, preventing him from drawing his gun as he was want to...

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The Comparison of Sigmund Freud and B.F. Skinner

in psychoanalysis, as well as hypnosis and free association of the dreams that had been revealed. Freud was one of the first psychologists to utilize hypnosis in therapy. Freud's interest in what lay beyond the conscious mind and in the practice of hypnotism and what led hysteria eventually led him to study with the famous neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot of the Salpetriere Hospital in Paris (“The Individual”). When Freud returned to Vienna, he began using hypnosis, massage, and pressure on the...

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Good Will Hunting and Psychology

through many psychology terms that we learned in class. In this paper you will read some of the most important terms from the movie. Hypnosis Throughout the movie Will is forced to see many therapists. One of the therapist Will sees is a hypnotist and during his therapy season Will begins to mock the hypnotist by saying ridiculous things and singing.The purpose of hypnosis is to relax someone into an altered state of consciousness so that the one being hypnotized unconscious mind is change into what...

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understanding of the theoretical concept

Research shows that words make up 7% of our communication, tone and volume make up 38% and our body language make up 55%. In order to practice hypnosis, an individual's eyes are closed and the aim is to relax the body completely, leaving only words, tone and volume to communicate, this makes these factors very important in the process of hypnosis therefore using these factors right is the key to a successful induction. To my understanding, a personalised induction is a hypnotic induction screed...

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sigmund freud

a leading practitioner, told Freud that because he was Jewish, he would have difficulty succeeding as a scientist and suggested he become a doctor instead. SLIDE #2 Freud’s field of research was in psychology Through Freud’s experiment with hypnosis, he discovered how mental energies may cause physical symptoms Theories include; Freudian slip: Is a verbal or memory mistake linked to the unconscious mind Repression: A defense mechanism that keeps information out of conscious awareness Oedipus...

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Freud's Theory Of Repressed Memory

"They believe that repressed memories can be locked away for decades and later recalled intact through hypnosis and guided imagery techniques" (OpenStax, 2014). On the other hand, critics of the repression theory questioned the concept of people being able to repress memories of distressing moments from childhood and then recall such memories years after "through therapeutic techniques such as hypnosis, guided visualization, and age regression" (OpenStax, 2014). The skeptical researchers did not contend...

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Sigmund Freud

was working with patients who suffered from a mental illness called hysteria. Some of these people appeared to be blind, or paralyzed, but they actually had no physical defects. Charcot found that their physical symptoms could be relieved through hypnosis. Freud returned to Vienna in 1886 and began to work with hysterical patients. He gradually formed ideas about the origin and treatment of mental illness. He used the term "psychoanalysis" for both his theories and methods of treatment. With the...

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Informed Consent

particular situation (Wikipedia). There is no direct agreement given either verbally or in writing to confirm consent. If a client came to see a hypnotherapist following having received information from them, it would be assumed as implied consent to hypnosis as they have made a decision to make an appointment for treatment. Written consent should be obtained before any treatment is given but after the therapist has clearly explained hypnotherapy and is sure that it has been understood by the client...

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Trephination, Witch Hunts and Modern Psychology

ideas. Morton Prince founded the Journal of Abnormal Psychology. Richard von Krafhebing began his studies in biogenic therapies. Franz Anton Mesmer began a practice on the mentally ill he called mesmerizing. The medical profession later knew this as hypnosis. Ambrose Lierbealt along with Hippolyte Bernheim created the Nancy School on the works of Mesmer. This lead to the interest of one of the most renowned psychiatrists ever celebrated. Sigmund Freud and his curiosities on the mind lead to his finding...

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Chrysalis Year 1 - Essay 3

consultation will be a crucial time to develop a positive rapport between you and them and ensure that mutual respect and dignity for the client are met. You will probably have to explain to them what hypnosis is (and is not) and allay any misconceptions or fears that the client may have about hypnosis. You can gauge whether you think the two of you will work well together and check that there isn’t any inappropriate connection between you in any way that would prevent you working with them, such...

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