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Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills Assignment Module 4

hypnotherapy, or as many sessions. It is also my place as an ethical therapist to give the client the best possible care, and advice. I would want to check if there were any hidden agendas, or secondary gains that would make treatment more difficult, and hypnosis probably unsuccessful. A hidden agenda will be their reason for maintaining a particular pattern or behaviour, the secondary gain is a benefit that they may gain from maintaining that particular behaviour. The problem is that most clients will...

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English Literature

Sherubtse college, Bhutan Author of: Language and writing, DSB Publication Thimphu Communicative English, P. K. Books, Calicut A perception on Literary Criticism, P.K. Books, Calicut  A fantasy  Story takes place in an advanced form of hypnosis In simple level the protagonist-Robert Proctor behaves responsibly but he is denied the license. The story is futuristic.  Contains the elements of a science fiction.  Uses technical and scientific facts. Science fiction A broad genre of fiction...

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Hypnosis Hypnosis is the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person loses the power of their voluntary movements and actions. The idea of hypnotism may seem extremely unusual or unrealistic, but the technique has been clinically proven to provide therapeutic and medical benefits; but most known to help lessen pain and/or anxiety. Hypnosis can even help with the disease, dementia. There are many kinds of hypnotisms. Each one helps with different aspects of either the body or the brain...

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What is Hypnosis? The word "hypnosis" originated from the Greek

What is Hypnosis? The word "hypnosis" originated from the Greek "hypnos" , meaning sleep, and according to Webster's New International Dictionary, is "The induction of a state resembling sleep or somnambulism". This statement is true to the large extent because to the untrained eye someone in a deep hypnotic state could easily be mistaken for someone sleeping. However, it has been a proven scientific fact that for more than 100 years hypnosis can be induced without sleep (because sleep is a symptom...

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Hypnosis In Criminal Investigation Essay

viewer’s entertainment. Hypnosis is used in many different ways other than just pure entertainment. Hypnosis is used in many professions, including criminal investigation. By Webster’s definition hypnosis is, “A trancelike state that resembles sleep but is induced by a person whose suggestions are readily accepted by the subject.” Research shows that hypnosis is the equivalent to breathing to a human. It is a trait that everyone carries. The first “scientific” viewpoint for hypnosis was made by Franz...

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Evaluate the Claim the Person-Centred Therapy Offers the Therapist All That He/She Will Need to Treat Clients

Psychotherapeutic counselling Essay 1 2,059 words P.Reeve 01/06/2013 “what is hypnosis” For the purpose of this essay, I will be attempting to show an understanding of hypnosis, and describe the psychological and physical aspects of hypnosis. I will also be discussing the role of relaxation in hypnotherapy. I will be using information learned from my course hand outs, and from the year one book list. Hypnosis has been used by different cultures and religions around the globe for thousands...

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Why is the initial consultation so important? What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time?

What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time? Word Count: 1926 A hypnosis session is generally regarded to contain five elements. These include the introduction, induction, deepener, therapy, and awakening. Each of these elements are important but to answer this question effectively, I will focus on the introduction stage by explaining why the initial consultation is an essential part of hypnosis. I will then go on to describe some of the ethical issues that face hypnotherapists...

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Discuss the relationship between stress,anxiety, habits and phobias

However, not all stresses are negative to have in ones life. Stress caused by a romantic encounter for example or the stress underlying anticipation in receiving an award. However, stress that causes depression and can debilitate is not desirable. (Hypnosis for change, Josie Hadley and Carol Staudacher. Pg 83, 84) People suffering from an anxiety disorder may fail to notice the object of their fear can in no way harm them, as they avoid situations where their fears never have to be confronted. Freud...

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generally considered to be sexual dysfunction.[2] Typical treatment was massage of the patient's genitalia by the physician and, later, by vibrators or water sprays to cause orgasm.[2] Professor Jean-Martin Charcot of Paris Salpêtrière demonstrates hypnosis on a "hysterical" patient. A more modern understanding of hysteria as a psychological disorder was advanced by the work of Jean-Martin Charcot, a French neurologist. In his 1893 obituary of Charcot, Sigmund Freud attributed the rehabilitation of...

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Mr X case study

create the best screed and approach and also how susceptible they may be to hypnosis.  There are several ways to determine this and some are more suitable than others in terms of time constraints while in consultation. A practitioner may wish to use the Balloon/Lead Test or the Eye Roll Test as these are most suitable for use in this environment. The problem with using tests to try and discover if someone is open to hypnosis is that if the client fails the test they could lose confidence in hypnotherapy...

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