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Cause of Angina Pectoris

another problem known as hypertension or commonly called high blood pressure. This can further increase the risk of a heart attack since the heart has to work harder to achieve a homeostatic state. Therefore the heart is working with less efficiency. For example a runner's heart may beat 64 times a minute. A person with hypertension heart rate may be 98. The runner's heart is working with more efficiency; therefore it does not need to beat as fast as the person with hypertension. The person with...

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pregnancy after 35

arranged, says Maria Hayes, M.D., a reproductive endocrinologist at Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn, Michigan. Complications Pregnancy in women over 35 can trigger high blood pressure and diabetes, and the risk of preeclampsia (pregnancy-induced hypertension) may also increase. The risk of miscarriage and stillbirth goes up with age as well, possibly due to chromosomal abnormalities or uterine fibroids (benign tumors found in nearly one-quarter of women over 35), which may interfere with fetal development...

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Hypertension Intervention

Running head: Hypertension Intervention Paper 1 Hypertension Intervention Paper Brianna Harris, Zach Adams, Jon Fierro, Spencer Gilfoy Author’s note: Submitted to Miss Wigginton, Therapeutic Interventions: California Baptist University in fulfillment of the Therapeutic Intervention Research Paper Running head: Hypertension Intervention Paper 2 INTRODUCTION: Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is extremely...

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Case Study

years to help combat his hypertension (on antihypertensive medication for 3 years), diabetes (6 years) and growing waistline. A recent routine check-up revealed a deterioration of his lipid profile (TC 260, TG 310, HDL 29, LDL 170) and fasting glucose of 172. Patient X is 55 years old, weighs 245 lbs and he is 5’10 . 1) Hypertension: Weight control to lower the risks associated with hypertension include a diet low in sodium and high in potassium. The risk of hypertension is lower when salt intake...

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Pathophysiology Case Study

Pathophysiology case study 2 K.H. is a 67-year-old African-American man with primary hypertension and diabetes mellitus. He is currently taking an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor and following a salt-restricted weight loss diet. He is about 30 pounds over his ideal weight. At his clinic visit his blood pressure is noted to be 135/96. His heart rate is 70 beats/min. He has no complaints. His wife brought a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope with her in the hope of learning to take...

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nur 427 Larry garcia poc

The Patient Education Plan on Hypertension for Larry Garcia Background of Larry Garcia Larry Garcia is a 45years old Hispanic male who was newly diagnosed with hypertension during a work-related physical exam. He has been married for eighteen years and has three children. He has been employed as a sales rep for ten years with the same company. His current position is a high pressured position, but he is performing very well at this present time. His is Catholic but only attends church on holidays...

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Community Health Promotion Tool

Community Health Promotion Tool: Hypertension Transcript: Hypertension Guest: Hypertension Host: Kimberly Thomas Kimberly Thomas: Good Evening, I am Kimberly Thomas. I’m interviewing Hypertension what is a disorder that affects cardiovascular system. Let’s talk about the population and treatment for hypertension. There are a lot of medications for hypertension. What is hypertension? Where do you start for treatment? Hypertension: Hypertension is high blood pressure. Well, there are several...

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Personal Impact Paper

Personal Impact Paper NUR/427 Patient with chronic disease Hypertension is a 44years old female that on a regular physical yearly check examination to see her Doctor discover that her blood pressure is high. Patient is a divorcee with two children and works as nurse assistance in a hospital, patient is not overweight, exercise, watch what she eats, a nonsmoker, nonalcoholic user. However, patient went through a very rough spousal abusive relationship...

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Heart Healthy Diet

population and not those with just heart disease. Men, women, children, adolescents, middle aged, and elderly can all benefit from eating healthy. If the heart healthy diet is followed properly it may decrease risk of heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. The audience that I plan on educating regarding a heart healthy diet is people who do not have documented heart disease but may have risk factors including a poor diet. I will present a power point with discussion to a middle-aged African American...

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Chucks Drug Box

In the beginning Chucks DX were hypercholesterolemia, stage I hypertension and his risk for heart disease was significant. At that time I would have recommended the following medications: 1) Red Yeast Rice capsules (1 po qd to help decrease his cholesterol level, 2) Omega 3 Fish Oil 3 gms/day to help lower his blood pressure, reduce triglyceride level, slow the development of plaque in the arteries & reduce the likelihood of heart attack or stroke. My rationale behind this is these herbs are way...

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