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two to three days of white washing and gives a shiny finish to the walls. It is interesting to note that the chemical formula for marble is also CaCO3. ACTIVITY 11.4 • Take a pinch of calcium carbonate powder in a test tube • Add dilute hydrochloric acid • Note the changes in the test tube carefully 155 CHAPTER 11 11.1.TYPES OF CHEMICAL REACTIONS Since there are numerous chemical reactions, the study of these reactions can be made easier by classifying them. All the chemical reactions...

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10 Unknowns Chem II

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to be able to apply our knowledge of chemistry to identify 10 unknown elements that were presented to us. We were allowed to use Bunsen burners, hydrochloric acid, use PH paper to test if the unknown solution is an acid or a base, and precipitate each unknown solution with each other. Procedure / Data / Conclusions: Unknown #1: I found solution 1 to be KI. While doing the precipitate reactions, I found that it precipitates...

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Biology Practical for Catalyse

for catalase is around neutral (7) so the catalase’s rate of activity will be best in the water compared to the acid and alkaline. The test tube with the most hydrogen peroxide will react the most and produce the greatest height of bubbles. Risk assessment: 1. Wear safety precautions, such as a goggles when handling the chemicals, especially hydrogen peroxide and hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide because these chemicals are corrosive and can cause skin damage 2. Handle equipment such as...

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Hydrolysis of Esters-Acid-Mechanism

[pic] |THE MECHANISM FOR THE ACID CATALYSED HYDROLYSIS OF ESTERS | | | |This page looks in detail at the mechanism for the hydrolysis of esters in the presence of a dilute acid | |(such as hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid) acting as the catalyst. It uses ethyl ethanoate as a typical| |ester. ...

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Chemistry Report

The Titration of a Basic Solution of Unknown Molarity with a Standard Hydrochloric Acid Solution Abstract The aim of the experiment was how to determine the molarity of a solution. My hypothesis was if I have to determine the molarity of a NaOH solution, then I would have to use a standard solution of HCl solution because I would need to neutralize each other to determine the concentration of the solution of NaOH. The method that I used for this experiment was titration. Titration helped...

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Making and Testing for Hydrogen Gas

Tyler Aim: To produce and test for hydrogen gas. Materials: * rubber stopper * dilute hydrochloric acid (HCI) * zinc pieces (Zn) * test-tube rack * matches * dilute sulphuric acid (H2SO4) * 2 cm strips of magnesium ribbon (Mg) * Iron pieces (Fe) * Test-tube Method 1. Test the different metals with the acids by separately combining each piece of metal with 5mL of acid in a test-tube. 2. Cover the opening of the test-tube with the rubber stopper to trap any...

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Effect of pH on Invertase Activity

ABSTRACT Invertase is a type of enzyme, a natural catalytic agent for biochemical reactions, can be obtained in Baker’s Yeast. Determination of the effect of pH on invertase activity is the primary objective of the experiment. Dinitrosalicyclic acid (DNS) Assay method is utilized to monitor the enzymatic activity of invertase. Invertase was subjected to different pH (3.87, 4.0, 5.5, 7.3 and 10.55) of buffer solution and was observed under 540 nm absorbance using spectrophotometer. After observation...

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Reagents: Test Solutions

of thioacetamide TS and 1 mL of glycerin base TS, and heat in a boiling water bath for 20 seconds. Use the mixture immediately. Lead Nitrate Stock Solution— Dissolve 159.8 mg of lead nitrate in 100 mL of water to which has been added 1 mL of nitric acid, then dilute with water to 1000 mL. Prepare and store this solution in glass containers free from soluble lead salts. Standard Lead Solution— On the day of use, dilute 10.0 mL of Lead Nitrate Stock Solution with water to 100.0 mL. Each mL of Standard...

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determine the actual pH at each point during the titration of a sodium carbonate unknown with the use of pH meter. An acid-base titration is a procedure which is used to determine the concentration of an acid or base. A measured volume of an acid or base of known concentration is reacted with a sample to the equivalence point. However, there are difficulties in completing acid-base reactions with the aid of visual indicators. This is likely due to factors like unsuitable color change for a given...

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Buffer Preparation

148 g EDTA + ~30-40 g NaOH to adjust pH (or 186 g EDTA-Na.2H2O + ~20 g NaOH) Note: pH adjusted by NaOH is essential for solubility. Autoclavable. 3. TAE DNA Electrophoresis Buffer (50 X) (2 M Tris, 50 mM EDTA) 2L 484 g Tris 114.2 ml glacial acetic acid 200 ml 0.5 M EDTA 8.0 To make 1x TAE 20 L, add 400 ml 50X buffer into 19.6 L ddH2O. 4. SDS-PAGE Gel Solutions Vol (L) Tris (g) HCl (ml) 10% SDS (ml) 4x Lower gel buffer 1.5 M Tris-Cl, pH 8.8, 0.4% SDS 2 363.3 50-60 80 ml 4x Upper gel buffer...

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