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  • Islamic Attitudes on Homosexuality

    Islamic Attitudes on Homosexuality The life of a homosexual Muslim is certainly an interesting and conflicted one. A gay Muslim must struggle with the oppression of the conservative Muslim community‚ while trying to keep their own identity intact at the very same time. Inglehart and Norris assert that overall‚ Muslim nations have remained the most traditional societies in the world (65). This is certainly evident in the 2000-2002 World Values Survey (WVS)‚ where only 12% of Muslims in Muslim society

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  • homosexuality: a mental disorder?

    HOMOSEXUALITY: A MENTAL DISORDER? A Term Paper Presented to Trexie O. Alawi College of Arts and Sciences SURIGAO DEL SUR STATE UNIVERSITY Tandag City‚ Surigao del Sur In Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirements of the Course English 102 (Writing in the Discipline): TTH 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. 2nd Semester‚ AY 2013-2014 By Bruce Franklyn G. Aliguay February 2014 Homosexuality: a mental disorder? Thesis Statement: People should know

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  • The Laramie Project on Homosexuality

    Homosexuality… Good or Bad?” In the documentary film “The Laramie Project‚” many issues were brought up and discussed throughout its duration: socio-political ones such as laws against hate crimes as well as socio-ethical ones such as live-and-let-live philosophies. However‚ what may have truly caught my attention‚ and probably as well as others’‚ was the controversial socio-ethical topic of homosexuality. The story of the documentary film “The Laramie Project” revolves around Matthew Shepard

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  • Homosexuality wrong or right

    What’s wrong with Homosexuality? Homosexuality has been a widely debated topic during the last decade. Based on John Corvino’s essay “Why Shouldn’t Tommy and Jim Have Sex? A Defense of Homosexuality” we will rationally study any argument that could prove homosexual sex wrong and we will discuss whether homosexual couples should be allowed to marry. The first and most discussed reason that Corvino explores‚ states that homosexuality is unnatural and therefore wrong. As the term unnatural seems too

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  • Biological Explanations Of Homosexuality

    Homosexuality has been a great social‚ psychological and biological issue discussed amongst experts. Although‚ same sex relationships have been discriminated and misunderstood‚ over the years they have more and more accepted socially‚ but some stigma still lingers. This essay will expose the origin and biological explanation of homosexuality to better understand it. This essay uses research studies‚ examinations and tests that will ultimately reveal that homosexuality is not a learned behavior‚ it

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  • Homosexuality versus Heterosexuality

    Homosexuality versus Heterosexuality The process of “coming out of the closet” for homosexuals often brings along a lot of problems. Though homosexuality has been officially accepted by various countries around the world‚ and is not referred to as a mental illness anymore; while homosexual are said to be equal to heterosexuals‚ gay men and lesbians are still not completely accepted by society in most of those countries. Because of untrue stereotyping and biases towards homosexuality‚ the

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  • Homosexuality Is Not a Psychological Disorder

    Homosexuality is not a psychological disorder… In the past‚ homosexuality was considered to be a psychological disorder‚ up until the APA removed it from its list of mental illnesses. This was due to the fact that homosexuality causes no form of impairment on the individual’s judgment‚ stability‚ reliability‚ or general social and or vocational abilities. This decision made over 30 years ago‚ has caused a lot of criticism‚ many believe that the APA’s decision was made due to the amount of influence

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  • The Argument Against Homosexuality

    foremost‚ there have been numerous accounts of judgement upon homosexuality making claims stating that it is an immoral choice‚ a mental disorder‚ or religiously unjust to be homosexual. These accusations stem as the cause of why members of the LBGT organization are shunned to society and constantly victimized‚ simply based off of the lack of knowledge towards the true origins of homosexuality. For example‚ in previous years‚ homosexuality was documented in the American Psychiatric Association’s‚ the

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  • Homosexuality in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka Homosexuality in a Sri Lankan Context M.M.C Doss 09/BA/16035 Index Topic pages Introduction 3-4 Chapter 1- Research Background 5-9 Chapter 2- Definition of Concepts 10-13 Chapter 3- Homophobia and Sri Lankan Society 14-22 Chapter 4- Fields of Homosexual Discrimination in Sri Lankan Society 23-27 Chapter 5- Homosexuality and the Legal Framework 28-33 Chapter 6- Conclusion- Summary and Proposals of Study

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  • Homosexuality: Disorder or Innate?

    Homosexuality: Disorder or Innate? Is homosexuality an innate‚ normal sexual orientation or something one becomes through life’s trials? Leonardo da Vinci‚ Michelangelo‚ Francis Bacon‚ Herman Melville and Fredrick the Great all had one thing common‚ other than their famous personas. Every one of these men were homosexuals. In today’s society‚ homosexuality has grown to be labeled as a “sin” and/or something that one chooses to be rather born with. From religious leaders to medical doctors‚ homosexuality

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