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Time Management Term Calendar with Instructions for Reflection

management skills. I am finding that my days and weekends are busy. I was definitely surprised in how little time I have left once I wrote down all of my commitments. I can plan to study and do homework around my other commitments. It is a high priority for me to do well in my classes. I will make sure that I get my homework done before I go to an activity. I have definitely given thought to minimizing my life commitments. I am not working right now. I am focusing on college. College is my full time job. I...

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spanish 2

give it to you. After every class spend 15-20 minutes reviewing at home. Keep current on homework assignments. The best way to stay organized is to get a planner! Do your own homework! Homework is usually started at school and finished at home. Put effort into your work – if you just slap something down on paper just to have something to turn in, you will not receive credit for the assignment. If homework is being finished in class the day it is due, it will not be accepted. You can turn in...

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Is Homework Necessary, or Is It Just A Waste Of Time?

"Homework, as I understand, is a practice and review of lessons learned as part of your studies, not an instrument that forces students to relearn an entire lesson," comments Dr. George Roberts, a renowned psychiatrist and professor at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Roberts does not believe in assigning students enormous amounts of homework because he considers it unnecessary and a waste of time. However, not all school boards concur with Dr. Roberts, since they perceive homework as an essential part...

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How to Balance Study and School Sports

after school, every day, cutting into homework and study time. Instead of using all your time practicing, finish your homework, review the day’s lessons, and take another look at tomorrow’s assignments to make sure you’ve got everything covered. Many athletes put off homework until the last minute, when they arrive home, tired and hungry after hours of football or basketball practice. Postponing homework is the foundation for falling behind. Finish homework first thing before or after practice. Number...

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Being Tall

“I don’t have it”. That’s what I would say about twice a day when asked where my homework was. ”C”. That’s what I would say when my friends asked me how I did on the big test. I repeated the same answers over and over again but never really thought about them. Over the past year I began to question these responses and came to the conclusion that they were the wrong answers. I wasn’t lying about my height or my homework, or my grades or my studying habits, but ever since I started to think about these...

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reading & homework is to be completed prior to the start of the class in which the material is discussed or due (appendices are generally not covered unless otherwise noted). This schedule is tentative and daily assignments are subject to date changes (you are responsible for all announced changes whether or not you attend class!!!) BE = Brief Exercise P = Problem BEC = Brief Exercise, App. C BYP = Broadening Your Perspective Problem E = Exercise Note on interpreting homework assignments:...

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Time Management Between College and Busy Life

is entertainment, others think that it is a dreaded necessity, the point is well taken; it is time to think, decompress, eliminate stress, alone or with a friend, as they are exercising together. The problem is that most college kids save their homework for Sunday night. Instead of planning properly and getting most of it done before a Saturday night party, they procrastinate. Many kids drink in college, so they already should know that the pleasure of this procrastination is not worth the pain...

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Two Poems Good for Studying in Year 7

would be good to study because of the way it interests year sevens to find out what it actually means. The Lesson by Roger McGough would be a fantastic poem to study because of it’s black humor. In the poem a teacher walks in, gives the children homework and then kills them with a variety of weapons. This may not be funny to many adults but to year sevens this is hilarious. A stanza that a year seven might enjoy could be, ‘Then sword in hand he hacked his way between the chattering rows first come...

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Study Habits

young to get most things themselves and they like to play in the living and it is always tempting to stop with my homework to play with them. * * * * * What actions can you take to manage and eliminate distractions? * One action I can take to manage and eliminate the t.v. is to put in my headphones or go into a different room so I can concentrate on just homework. One action I can take to eliminate the distraction from the kids is do it at nap time or when they go to bed...

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Negative Affects of Social Media

example, now I am addicted to social media. Before I was introduced to social media I did all of my homework and was one of the top students in the class. From that moment I became engage to websites such as facebook, tweeter, ooVoo and instagram. It affected my life pessimistically. For instance, these days I can’t stop checking my facebook and instagram. Furthermore, theses days I am missing lot homework on most of my classes do to the escalating expose of social media. So due to these entire dilemma...

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