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Hipster S Subculture

Popular Culture, Tina Gianoulis wrote “hipsters have espoused tolerance and openness, sometimes engaging in bisexual relationships and wearing gender-bending styles” (675). For decades hipsters lived on the edge of society. They see themselves as the superior group in the category of being “cool”. They don't live out their lives to societies standards, nor do they follow the ideals and trends, but make their own. There is no concrete version of the hipster, just mostly stereotypes that may or may...

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Hipster Phenomenon

The Hipster Phenomenon Alexa Anello LIM College The first thing that hits me is the overwhelming smell of alcohol (most likely whiskey and Pabst Blue Ribbon), body odor and a hint of urine. Next is the Smith’s blaring from speakers towards the back of the “dance floor” hooked up to the DJ’s Mac laptop and finally the flannels. Almost everyone in the room has on some type of flannel shirt, blouse or scarf rolled up just enough to give a sneak peek of their full sleeve tattoos. Yes, I have found...

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Contrasting the Contemporary Hipster with the Classical Hippie

Professor: Peter Barnes Student: Isaac Coriat Date: September 29, 2013 Comparative Essay: Contemporary Hipsters and Classic Hippies Throughout the years people always had the need to express their individuality, and the way its been done has constantly varied in multiple dimensions. Of course time has played a key role but it’s not been the only determinant. It seems for societal changes to occur on a prolific wave-like manner, infecting people, giving them a sense of identification...

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PAPER < PLEASE LET ME TO DO SO < THANKS IN ADVANCE his paper primarily examines the meaning of subculture and counterculture as sociologists have used the terms since the mid-twentieth century. This exploration of the terms leads to some of the problems the field of sociology has experienced in clearly defining the meaning of subculture, in clearly setting the parameters between the terms subculture and counterculture, and in avoiding hidden assumptions about these two classifications. The paper...

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Trust Fund Hipsters

Fund Hipsters refers to a specific group of the hipster subculture that depends upon the financial support of their parents while they “find themselves”. In most cases, a trust fund hipster does not literally come from a family of old money; the term simply emphasizes the fact that this specific hipster has ample amount of time to take fashion risks and drink PBR due to the fact that their parents pay for their living. It proves difficult to pinpoint an exact time when the trust fund hipster subculture...

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The beginnings of subculture theory involved various theorists associated with what became known as the Chicago School. Subcultural theory emerged from the work of the Chicago School on gangs and developed through the symbolic interactionism school into a set of theories arguing that certain groups or subcultures in society have values and attitudes that are conducive to crime and violence. The work associated with Birmingham University’s Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCCS) was most...

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the norms and values of mainstream society and instead turn to the norms and values of a delinquent subculture. In this subculture the boys can achieve success because the social group has different norms and values from the rest of society. So in this culture a high value is placed upon criminal acts such as stealing and vandalism which are condemned by mainstream society. In these subcultures the individual who lacked respect in mainstream society can gain it by committing crimes such as vandalism...

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seriously challenged. This challenge is best understood in the context of the larger debate about the function of subculture which has, for many years, preoccupied those sociologists who specialize in deviancy theory. It would seem appropriate to include here a brief survey of some of the approaches to youth and subculture put forward in the course of that debate. The study of subculture in Britain grew out of a tradition of urban ethnography which can be traced back at least as far as the nineteenth...

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The Hipster Culture The coolness of New York is at a dangerous risk. What’s the danger? The answer is simple, Hipsters. Often referred to as bored, slacker trust-fund kids, the Hipster is a noticeably present subculture in New York City. Before coming to New York from a small college town in Texas, I had never even heard of these “hipsters.” From my first impression, they seemed to try so hard to be unique and “cool” by their own definition, which, for the most part, was an accurate assumption...

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 Subculture Analysis: Nipo-Brazilians According to IBGE, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics there are approximately 1.4 million people descendent of Japanese living in Brazil. One of the largest concentration of Japanese immigrants these days are located in Bairro da Liberdade, Sao Paulo, Even though a couple hundred Japanese started to immigrate to Brazil in 1908, to work in coffee agriculture, before and after World War...

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