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weeks earlier. We stayed up later than we should the night before we left because of the double and triple checking we did on our bags. We had to make sure every last bit of equipment worked and was there, since it wasn’t going to be a regular park “hiking” trails that we were following. In fact it was going to be complete wilderness with only our skills to get us through vast Black Hills Forest. The long drive from Omaha to Rapid City had taken its toll on our minds and bodies. Since the beginning...

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informative speech about hiking

started on your overnight backpacking adventure, planning is essential and an important factor. A. The first thing to do when planning an overnight backpacking trip is to pick a trail. A.1. According to The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Backpacking and Hiking you can start online, seek out National Parks and Forests, read books, or ask people around you. A.2. Once you picked your location you need to determine how difficult the terrain is to traverse. B. After deciding on your trail, it is time to plan...

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Recreational Facilities

Katrina Poulos Wendy Hultsman PRM 304 September 26, 2012 User Behavior at Pinnacle Peak Pinnacle Peak Hiking Area is a multipurpose, exercise trail used for both hiking and equestrians. It is a 1.75 mile one-way trail in Rio Verde, Arizona with breathtaking views of the Sonoran Desert from every direction. Because the trail is not a loop, there is a lot of traffic on the trail, especially during the fall and winter seasons and on weekends. Families specifically enjoy this trail because there...

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The Lens Of Style And Personality

personality. In his hilarious book, A Walk In the Woods, Bill Bryson narrates his adventures as he challenged himself to hike the Appalachian Trail with his long lost friend a Stephen Katz. The book expresses a very unique and distinct account of what hiking a trail entails. Unlike other travel books, especially nature books, Bryson depicts a rather humorous experience. Through his use of dialogue, lists, defined first person narrative, and sarcasm, Bryson brings to us a completely different idea of what...

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Analyzing the Parable of the Sadhu

people make decisions based on what is good for their community as a whole, and without regard to their own self-interest (since they operate behind a veil of ignorance and don't know enough about what would benefit them). Now suppose that all the 3 hiking parties & Sadhu had met before in Nepal before they were given there identities. In this state all wore the Veil as each was unaware of respective roles & upcoming challenges. A case can be made that all the hikers were ethical. Not knowing beforehand...

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The History of Outdoor Activities

indoors than ever before. Many of the outdoor activities that are still participated in today are chosen for recreational purposes but a surprising number of them have more practical roots. A great number of the outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, and skiing that people engage in nowadays mainly just for fun were historically used to obtain food, scout out potential dwelling places, and travel long distances. One outdoor activity with historically significant roots is kayaking. The name “kayak”...

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Case study in Maragondon (Not complete)

Objectives: 1. To educate the tourists about the names of Maragondon’s peaks. 2. To promote the mountains of Maragondon as a prime tourist destination. 3. To use the unique names of the mountains to tick interests among the tourists. Strengths Popular hiking site Scenic views atop Maragondon peaks Maragondon has more than 40 mountain peaks One of the oldest municipalities in Cavite Weaknesses Odd names of the mountains Accessibility of the place Opportunities Development of older trails in Maragondon’s...

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A Magical Moment

Cervino (the ‘little matter horn’) we tried to go on the challenge to retake a difficult route to the high pass Passo della Mena overlooking the remote frontier area between Italy and France. Then next day we began our ‘mountain to the sea’, trek by hiking from Italy across the Alps to France via the Colle cli Sabbions. The hike was really rugged and challenge but our reward for this hike were the wildest sceneries, the Alps mountain had to offer. We also enjoyed an excellent measure of solitude which...

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beautiful turkey run

1 running head : Hiking through beautiful Turkey Run Hiking through beautiful Turkey Run Ronnie Stegens Ivy Tech community college Hiking in beautiful Turkey Run ...

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Stylistic Analysis of the novel "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson

with hiking the trail and America's increasing de-appreciation for the wonders of nature. I will be looking at how the styles in which he presents these issues change or do not change throughout the book. When the book begins, Bryson is nothing more than a naïve and inexperienced hiker with a dream to traverse the 2,600-mile AT. As the trip unfolds, his feelings towards the physical challenge of actually lugging himself across the vertical axis of the U.S. fluctuate. He experiences hiking from many...

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Evalue The Benefits Of Pursing A Specic

benefits of pursuing a hobby like hiking. Hiking outdoors has plenty of perks: nice views, fresh air, and sounds of different things and smells of nature. It exercise your mind, body, and soul and is a simple way to challenge yourself. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes. In fact, turning this into a healthy habit can lead to a healthy lifestyle. It’s a great way to start an exercise program that is beneficial to the proper upkeep of the body. Hiking is a powerful cardio workout tool...

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A Walk in the Woods: Chapter 9

billboard announcing to travelers that there is a 'hi-way drive in' near by. An arrow on the billboard directs anybody wanting to go there towards the location. This non-verbal part of the novel helps to show places that Bryson had traveled while hiking the Appalachian Trail, allowing the reader to kin of visualize what he observed. On the lower part of the billboard, the words ‘I Love You Mellany' are written. This is another example of his Bryson's humour. <br><br>The reader is encouraged to accept...

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Letchworth State Park

are perhaps the most appealing aspect of the entire park to explore. They dip in and out of the direct sight of the waterfalls and gorge, allowing visitors glimpses of more introverted wildlife. The combination of the gorges, waterfalls and myriad hiking trails make Letchworth State Park one of the most beautiful places in the Northeast to visit. When visiting Letchworth State Park, the most enticing feature of the place is the gorge itself. In fact, when browsing websites or looking over park...

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The Goal Questions

Finally, Jonah asks if the robots have decreased the amount of inventory that the plant has. 6. Using the analogy between the hiking and a manufacturing operation, explain the phenomena of “dependent events” and “statistical fluctuations”. Explain what a “balanced plant” is and explain why it would not work in the situation of boy scout hiking. As Alex was hiking in the woods he starts to think about the simple chain of events that need to happen in order for the scouts to reach there final...

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Hot Springs National Park

If all that isn't enough for you, you can get a 20 minute Swedish massage with the cost being a little extra. Hiking Hiking in Hot Springs can be as fun and rewarding as it is in other national parks. It is a great way to see and experience Hot Springs park. It is also a great way to get your exercise for the day . There are 26 miles of day use hiking, and two scenic mountain drives. There are over 10 trails to choose from. Some are harder then others. It is recommend...

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Mt. Kenya

due to the abundant bushes at these higher altitudes on the range. The second mountain I climbed during the prep hikes was Mt. Longonot. It’s a dormant volcanic mountain designated as a national park, and it’s one of those parks where walking and hiking is allowed. The mountain has a deep crater in the middle and it was created during the formation of the Great Rift Valley. The sides of the mountain had deep valleys which made the hike even more scenic and challenging. The mountain had spectacular...

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A Walk in the Woods

had more energy to hike more of the trail. Specifically, they went from doing around eight miles a day to approximately sixteen miles a day on average. As a result of this hard work, the once overweight and lazy Katz began to get very inspired about hiking and exercise in general and ended up reinventing his lifestyle after this. Therefore, the men had conquered another key in their success, by being healthy adults with endurance. “God’s goal was to put me with every single annoying person you can...

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Descriptive Essay

fairly treacherous mountain biking trail. At every corner there is a chance to fall onto the rocks below. If you get to the top though, you are rewarded with a beautiful view of both the sunrise and sunset. Beside that trail is the much less dangerous hiking trail. It takes you to the same place as the biking one, the only difference being that it is significantly easier. The final trail loops around and emerges at the back of the cottage. The back of the cottage is my favorite out of everything. A...

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Mountain Equipment Co-Op

market while others see this new trend as a way to promote their products. In the city of Guangzhou, Columbia Sportswear Company runs infomercials on small LCD screens in the back of taxi cabs promoting outdoor activities in their apparel such as hiking. Trek Bicycle Corp, is another American company focusing on China’s growing number of participants who are taking interest in biking. Overall, this cultural change in China is providing an opportune time for companies such as Mountain Equipment Co-op...

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A wak in th woods by Bill Bryson Commencment Speech

 Hiking the Appalachian Trail after college Greetings College Graduates my name is Tyler Anderson and today I would like to take some time to encourage you to hike the Appalachian Trail before you head off into the world and start your new lives and careers. There is one book that you should take the time to read called “A Walk in the Woods” by Bill Bryson. In this book Bill Bryson is planning on hiking the entire 2,220 miles of the Appalachian Trial. He wanted to reacquaint himself with...

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Backpacking Checklist

Backpacking Checklist Page 2 of 3      Wide-brimmed sun hat      Stocking cap      Fleece gloves      Glove liners      Bandanna Footwear      Wool or synthetic socks      Synthetic or silk sock liners      Hiking boots      Extra laces      Gaiters Camping Gear      Backpack      Pack cover      Tent and rainfly      Ground cloth      Sleeping bag      Compression sack      Sleeping pad      Stuff Sacks...

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History of the AT in North Carolina

going 18 to 20 miles a day. Each year there are “thousands of hikers attempting a through hike; only one in four hikers complete the trail”. It is an extremely huge undertaking to hike the entire Appalachian Trail because “the total elevation gain of hiking the entire A.T. is equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest 16 times”. The trail is supported and maintained by thousands of volunteers that put on average of 220,000 hours a year into upkeep and maintenance. The average hiker will burn up to 6,000 calories...

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A nightmarish jungle hiking

the doctor told us that Tom was out of danger, we heaved a huge sigh of relief. Although this hike shows us the dangers that we may encounter in the jungle, it does not stop us from being adventurous. Ben, Tom and I have future plans for camping, hiking or trekking trips together. ...

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Setting Up a Tent

Setting Up A Tent One of my favorite things I like to do in my spare time is go backpacking and hiking, mostly on the AT (Appalachian Trail). I normally like to go out for trips lasting multiple days. I carry all the supplies I need and equipment necessary for surviving the weather and hiking the terrain. One of the important pieces of equipment to have for extended backpacking trips is my tent. Setting up my tent has made a difference between a comfortable night’s stay and a night I did not...

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Changing pattern

Topical Vocabulary in answering the questions: 1. What are the advantages and the disadvantages of a hiking tour? 2. What must you take with you if you are going on a week's walking tour? 3. What's your daily routine when on a hike? 4. How would you plan your day in hot stuffy weather? 5. What would you do in cold and rainy weather? 6. Do you take the weather forecast into account when going hiking? 7. What do you like for breakfast, dinner and supper when on a hike? 8. What must you do to make a...

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Desert Hikers

and could take miles to reach. This may lead to a result of death. Indeed, getting lost in a desert could propose a threat. Inexperienced desert hikers could easily get misplaced. Some hikers may know to get a book about hiking in a desert before rushing into the actual hiking trip, some may not. The book may give a few essentials on which can be useful. Like the compass for one. Inexperienced desert hikers may not know how to use or read one right off. This may take a learning process. Having a...

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Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities usually mean activities done in nature away from civilization, such as hill walking, hiking, Hunting, backpacking, canoeing, running, kayaking, rafting, climbing, caving, canyoning, and arguably broader groups such as water sports and snow sports. Other similar activities include photography, cycling, kayaking. Outdoor activities may be pursued for the purposes of enjoying scenery and nature, relieving stress, finding peace in nature, enjoying life and relaxing. They are alternatives...

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Nature walk

TimLarson Composition II Descriptive Essay 10/7/13 Driving up the North Shore always gives me a sense of comfort. I know it's somewhere I can go to clear my mind and hike, feeling connected to nature. As I walk the curvy, damp path of Lake Superior Hiking Trail, fog lifted off the ground. The air was still cool but began to warm up by the sun shining through the thick tall pine trees. It was clear that fall was arriving, the trees were filled with vibrant yellow and red leaves. I took in a deep breath...

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Marketing Cima Mountaineering Case Study

the previous year and by 7.2% in 1995. Sales in hiking boots segment are growing and it’s even dominating over the mountaineering segment to reach 85% from their total sales. They are only targeting 2 segments which are Mountaineering and Hiking and are not dominating in either segment. Their market share in the whole hiking boots – all the 6 segments – is 3.33% in 1995. In the mountaineering segment they only have 2.33% of the market. In hiking segment is 3.63% of the market. Cima delivers high...

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Emerson Aphorism

can hike in peace, free of the stress of social network. Your only focus is on the earth on which you step, and your single goal, which is to complete your trek. I believe that when you are hiking, you are the purest for of yourself, not stressed, distracted, but entirely calm. It is the atmosphere that hiking creates that allows for complete solitude, a complete disconnection from social relations. To enter solitude, you must part with the routines and lifestyle that make up your structured home...

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How to Have a Sucesful Camping Trip

list of activities that you can do depending on where you select to go. For example if you go to the beach you can practice surfing, play volleyball and soccer, make sandcastles and swimming, or if you go to the mountains you could go climbing, go hiking or simply be in contact with the nature. In conclusion, a camping trip could be an amazing experience especially if you follow these three important steps that I mentioned. Nevertheless, do not forget the most important thing of a camping trip that...

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Cima Mountaineering Inc

Situation Analysis: Cima Mountaineering, Inc. is a company that manufactures mountaineering and hiking boots for mountaineers and serious hikers. The company mainly manufactures two classic kinds of leather boots- Glacier boots for mountaineering and Summit boots for Hiking. Although the demand for mountaineering and hiking boots has increased in 1994, only serious mountaineers and hikers are interested in their boots and the demand is seasonal, while the foreign competitors target both serious...

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black forest German I project

buy fresh products at reasonable pricing. It is easier for the farmers and growers to go and sell in markets so they don't have to buy store front. 3 important considerations for hiking in Germany: First time round is better to hike with a guide. Where good hiking shoes or boots. Steep and bumpy trails are the hiking in Germany. 3 facts about German eating establishments: Geustheuses are Inn type reastraunts offer the best specialties in the region. Geustheuse are often kept in the family for...

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attack by a bear

a beautiful evening, with the eastern wind blowing, perfect for a camping trip. I decided to call up a few of my good friends to come along with me for a short camping trip in the nearby Garapas Woods. One hour later, we met at the start of the hiking trail through the woods. Everybody had their equipment packed and was all ready to go. As we walked along the snake like dirt path, there were signs posted all around warning us about bears and what to do if we met one. All of us just took a quick...

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Business Model Analysis: Hammock-Maker Zewik

for outdoor adventurers who want a lightweight hammock with extra comfort out of their camping and hiking equipment. Also provides the already present therapeutic attributes that a hammock offers such as being suspended and allowing the hammock to rock to let people fall asleep quicker. The - Zewik Quadrecline Geometry Hammock (actual hammock name not yet given) is included in the Camping & Hiking equipment industry and in the outdoor furniture industry. That – provides extra comfort, durability...

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A walk in the woods

the Appalachian Trail. Bryson discusses the history, ecology, trees, plants, and animals of the A.T., which are topics that have been discussed in class this semester. The first days on the trail Bryson describes his experience as hell because the hiking is very tough and its even more difficult for his buddy Stephan Katz, a recovering alcoholic who is out of shape, who abandoned a lot of their food to carry less weight on his back. In a way I kind of viewed their trouble as an adaption process and...

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National Park

tour to the entire park, and it has other activities like hiking, biking, running, and horseback riding. Also, there are two loops to the horse trail which are the shorter five-mile trail and the longer nine-mile trail. The longer goes more to the remote northern area of the park where horses are no longer allowed to travel to the Elkhorn Tavern, one of the battlefields, or down to the Tanyard, another battlefield. However, the park’s hiking trail is seven miles long where it goes in the natural and...

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My Unusual Vacation

different from any place I had visited so far because of its fun recreational activities. It turned out to be an attractive and gorgeous country, being smaller than Texas it has a great deal of variety on recreational activities like kite boarding, hiking, trout fishing and going to beaches. The Margate beach also known as the South Africa ‘Miami Beach’ on the south coast appeared unexpectedly well groomed, the sun shining super bright to get you in the mood of a great day, kite boarding, and a couple...

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A Wonderful Experience Essay

1 A Wonderful Experience The most beautiful place to go hiking during the summer is Hanging Lake. The sun was so intense that I could feel its rays burning my face. I lifted my eyes and saw the path of rocks. Small and large rocks all together making a dangerous and exhausting journey. Situated between majestic mountains and a clear river on your right. Nature accompanied me the whole time, and trees became my best friends. I was the first to climb; behind me was Gethzemani I could see the concern...

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Outdoor Summer Activities

Other people want to use their summer days and weekends out in the wilderness. I especially like camping, hiking and mountain biking. Individuals can go camping using either a tent or a camper, it is really about comfort, or where one chooses to go for the adventure. Those who like camping also like to get out and see the natural habitat that surrounds them. Hiking on trails into mountains, or along streams, a person may see many types of animals ranging from birds, squirrels, or possibly...

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Pe Essay

fellow Americans. Everyone wants to be healthy and feel good, so our government has given us ways to participate in our own fitness. Public Parks were created for kids to have a place to exert all their extra energy, while running and jumping around. Hiking trails of all levels have been forged so men, women, and families can join in on outside activity. And finally, organized sports for kids with nothing to do and nowhere to be, have something they love and are committed to. People in America are offered...

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Narrative Essay

Mount Elenor I was laboring up the Sierra Buttes trail, my pace devouring the miles, when I first met Elenor. I’ve been hiking the trail every Labor Day weekend with my family, for over 7 years; I know how challenging the trail is, I’ve seen a number of hikers turn back without even making it half way. I was astounded when I happened upon Elenor inching her way up the trail. I thought there was no way she could make it to the top, she’s simply too old. Elenor proved me to be incredibly wrong, to...

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Adventure Speech Outline

a. On DiscoverOutdoors.com you can find a variety of hiking trips that are categorized by skill level and mileage. Different hiking paths include exploring the natural habitats of various animals such as wolves and raccoons. They include breathtaking views and like mentioned before food and wine. Hikes depart from various places in the city and costs anywhere from $60 to $100. All trips include transportation. b. If you are not into hiking there are also trips maybe you would enjoy such as the...

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A Walk In The Woods

to a little shelter. There, they met Jim and Heath, who were prepared for the weather. The next morning, all four of them hiked along the Appalachian Trial and eventually split into the pairs that they came in. From there, Bryson and Katz continued hiking while Jim and Heath got to their car. A little later, Jim and Heath appeared in their car and offered to give Bryson and Katz a lift. 4. Certain elements of the setting helped create the mood. For example, the natural landscape contributed to the...

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Example Memoir

darkness. Hiking up to the area where we thought the elk would be, we saw a huge, 8 point bull elk, but it was before shooting light and we had to let him run off. After this, my dad and I found a small meadow in and sat down to wait for shooting light. As the meadow filled with light, we heard tons of shots all around, but mostly down the hill below us, we saw nothing, so after an hour or so, we moved on. After a while trekking through some thick brush, we found a clearing. The cycle of hiking, waiting...

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Jansport Marketing Plan

backpack using aluminum. Murray Pletz designed an aluminum flexible-frame backpack and that allowed him first place in this competition. That is when he thought about starting a new business that makes high quality backpacks. His goal was to make great hiking bags. With his winnings from the backpack design he decided to start the JanSport Company. He turned to his cousin Skip Howell for his business partner. They formed the company and as they started to make the backpacks, he decided that he was going...

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million people visit the trail every year since that, making the trail wildly popular. Some fun facts on the trail are, Maryland and West Virginia are the easiest states to hike; New Hampshire and Maine are the hardest. The total elevation gain of hiking the entire A.T. is equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest 16 times. The A.T. is home to an impressive diversity of plants and animals. Some animals you may see include black bears, moose, porcupines, snakes, woodpeckers, and salamanders. Some plants you...

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A Walk in the Woods

And you also never throw anything out when you’re mad, like Katz did. If you do, you might be filtering water with pink toilet paper and have pieces of it floating in your coffee. Perseverance: when the going gets tough, the tough get going. When hiking the AT, you always want to keep a certain number of miles a day, like 20. Either that or don’t stop until you find a shelter on the trail. It’s much safer there than sleeping in the middle of nothing where all you have is a pair of toe nail clippers...

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An interesting weekend

him. Both Karim and I are basically couch potatoes and have no enthusiasm for such a sport. But we did not want to disappoint Jamal and reluctantly agreed to go hiking with him. But it turned out to be the most interesting weekend I ever had. i did not live to regret it ! It was a Sunday and the three of us were dressed in our hiking attires, much to the surprise and amusement of Karim's parents. we told them that their perspective of us as lazy bones and unadventurous would change forever. They...

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think straight, to signal for help, to navigate safely, to avoid unpleasant interactions with animals and plants, and cure any present injuries. Survival skills are often basic ideas and abilities that ancient humans have used for thousands of years. Hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, fishing, hunting and many other outdoor activities all require basic wilderness survival skills to handle an emergency situation. Bushcraft and primitive living are most often self-implemented, but require many of the...

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A Walk in the Woods Soapstone Analysis

become a savanna, aided the broader occasion. Pg.4 A: Audience: the text is directed to those persons who enjoy nature (from a close or a far), traveling, science, nonfiction narratives, friendships, and those who have hiked or have thought about hiking the AT. The novel is not limited to those audiences because of Bill Bryson is very relatable due to his usage of universal themes and messages. Consequently, the novel reaches a much broader audience; it also targets those interested in an easy -read...

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Three Days Outdoor Camp

have identified my weaknesses. My greatest weakness is procrastination. But we have learnt to deal and overcome our weaknesses. However, the camp had its own problems. Some participants did not co-operate because they refused to participate in the hiking and jungle trekking activities. Another problem was that, we did not have water supply on the first day. But these are all small matters compared to the benefits and the lifelong experience that I have gathered in the camp. In the next camp, I will...

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Descriptive Essay

It’s a mild September afternoon and here I am with my hair pulled up, wearing a white tank top, black shorts and my favorite hiking shoes, enjoying nature at its best. I’m on a trail that I’ve never hiked before, however I have yet to be disappointed by the views. As I look towards the sun, the few clouds I see floating in the sky are being nudged along by a lazy breeze that is just strong enough to cause my bangs to lightly dance across my forehead. To my left I see a flock birds flying through...

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Short Story

Summary:  Travel writer Bill Bryson and his friend Stephan Katz are hiking along the Appalachian Trail  when it begins to snow. They cross narrow ledges and slip and slide across streams. It takes  them two hours to cover six­tenths of a mile. Finally, they come to the bottom of Albert  Mountain. They cannot go up, and they cannot go back. Bill finds a logging trail marked on his  map. They plod up the road through the snow. At last they find the Appalachian Trail again.  They know that they are close to a shelter...

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Bushwalking in Australia

shadowed, or in other words it is hard to find on Google. But just thinking logically, one would assume that mankind has been walking for some time. The equipment required for hiking depends on the length of the hike. Hikers generally carry water, food, and a navigational aid in a backpack. Hikers often wear hiking boots specifically made for that purpose. Generally speaking though you’ll need these 8 things: a compass, sunglasses, sunscreen, clothes, a flashlight, a first aid kit, a fire starter...

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A Walk in the Woods Essay Outline

engage the readers’ attention towards the endearing App. Trail. Through the use of humor and detailed accounts, Bryson establishes his credibility. BP1: Although Bryson does take the initiative to cross a path he has never encountered, hiking the AT, he cannot exactly be qualified as an “expert” because of his lack of total commitment to walking the trail. •As Bryson and Katz hike the AT, they continually take periodic breaks in which they indulge in amenities: “We had been a week on...

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Cima case analysis

from western to high-quality, weather resistant boots the company has enjoyed growth and success. Currently Cima targets a niche market, positioning with a high quality, high price product. Cima markets two lines of products: the Summit boost for Hiking and Glacier Boots for Mountaineering. Each line offers different models to meet the need of different customers, for instance the Glacier line features three boots under the names of MX 550, MX 450, MX 550, respectively targeting expert, experienced...

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Cima Mountaineering, Inc.

In 1981, the company introduced two new boots, a mountaineering boot and a hiking boot, to their product line. A summarized company history timeline is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 - Company History After a record earnings year in 1994, Margaret and Anthony realized that the market was shifting. They were beginning to lose sales to foreign companies who were introducing low cost, good quality, and stylish hiking boots. At the time of this case, Cima Mountaineering had already lost two key...

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lovf hfg b hty fd gs fg d g m h m nfg nf hnd hljgo;oj h dmghln;kgch;lkn c fh;kjkg f f f g hj hj ujgj f f gtyt j tty it df t y ty ku yu t yh fg gfh yl.jedsh fgsh fg hf h On Saturday, April 26, without telling anyone his plans, Ralston packed his hiking boots, a hydration system, his backpack, climbing equipment, and, notably, a pocket-sized utility tool, put his mountain bike in the back of his truck and drove almost five hours to a remote part of Utah. 'I was accustomed to being in far, far riskier...

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The Hiking Trip

Sometimes in life, it’s good to take risks and face your fears. In the short story “The Hiking Trip”, the main protagonist Jeff is faced with a dilemma to either cower with discontent or be a hero and save his brother’s life. Since Jeff is young and ignorant, he is challenged with an internal conflict that eventually drives him forward with the words of his father as fuel, and the external conflict of the ragged environment that he struggles to navigate ...

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