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  • The Pupil by Henry James

    Mocked by lesser intelligence could prove to one that taking up a position unable to be fulfilled may‚ in most terms‚ be jokes upon. The Pupil by Henry James‚ Morgan Moreen‚ mimics‚ the tutor‚ Pemberton (someone who supposedly obtains great knowledge)‚ who was appointed by the boys smug mother‚ Mrs. Moreen. Through James characters’ point of views and tone‚ the relationship between then are quite different in personality‚ but yet connect similarly introspectively. When Pemberton enters upon

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  • Washington Square (Henry James)

    Washington Square is a short novel by Henry James. Originally published in 1880 as a serial in Cornhill Magazine and Harper’s New Monthly Magazine‚ it is a structurally simple tragicomedy that recounts the conflict between a dull but sweet daughter and her brilliant‚ domineering father. The plot of the novel is based upon a true story told to James by his close friend‚ British actress Fanny Kemble.[1] The book is often compared to Jane Austen’s work for the clarity and grace of its prose and its

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  • Fiction in Henry James "Paste"

    Fiction in Henry James`s “Paste” Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. American Modernism 4 3. Henry James (1843-1916) 5 4. Paste 8 5. Fiction in Henry James 10 6. Paste analysis 12 6. Conclusion 14 7. Bibliography 15 1. Introduction In my term paper I will primarily discuss Henry James and his short story Paste. Firstly‚ I will focus on the time he wrote the story and than I will describe his life and his three major writing phrases. Next‚ I will go on with giving the most important

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  • Henry James - Daisy Miller

    THE THEMES OF POWER OF SILENCE‚ POWER OF TRADITION‚ FAMILY-BLESSING OR CURSE IN DAISY MILLER BY HENRY JAMES. This essay will discuss the central themes of temptation and destruction‚ danger of ignorance and power of tradition in Daisy Miller by Henry James. The theme of temptation and destruction is prevalent throughout this story. When Winterbourne first meets Daisy he is directly tempted‚ and feels an urge to define Daisy in clear moral terms. Even though he doesn’t seem as a very deep

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  • Henry James’ the Turn of the Screw

    Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw is written with one clear and true ending where Miles dies and the readers are left to guess the rest for themselves. Or is it? Right from the prologue‚ a reader may assume that Miles and Douglas are indeed the same person‚ but when the reader sees‚ “and his little heart‚ dispossessed‚ had stopped.” P.403 one dismisses that theory as lost‚ but it isn’t. Perhaps one ignore the idea because of many unclear allusions to discrepancies. James’ use of deliberate vagueness

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  • Analysis Of Daisy Miller By Henry James

    The personal novel I chose was called “Daisy Miller” by Henry James. The publishers were Harper & Brothers‚ which was published in 1879. There are a total of 43 pages. The way James’ novels are structured is that he begins it with a situation and a character. James would then‚ in effect‚ sit back and simply observe what would happen when a character was confronted with this new situation. This allowed him more freedom and allowed him the opportunity of "getting to know" his character by observing

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  • The Possession In The Turn Of The Screw By Henry James

    The Possession In novels written by Henry James‚ a current theme is replayed over and over again. James is known for making his narrator seem unreliable throughout the novels‚ making the reader start to question what is true about the novel and what is not. This is shown all throughout James’ classic‚ The Turn of the Screw. In this novel‚ the main character‚ the governess‚ in counts numerous ghost sightings at her new job at the Bly. She starts to become spectacle that the children who she is caring

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  • The Ghosts in Henry James' Turn of the Screw

    Turn Of The Screw In the book Turn of the Screw by Henry James the Governess believes that she has many interactions with these ghosts that haunt the mansion. The Governess is the only one who can see the ghost so the other members of the house have a very hard time believing her when she talk talks about them. The ghosts are not real; instead they are a creation of the governess’ mind derived from her intense desire for companionship and a sense of importance. The ghosts are a figment of the

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  • The Character of Daisy in Henry James' Daisy Miller

    Heard 1 The Character of Daisy in Henry James ’ Daisy Miller What is the purpose of Daisy in the novel Daisy Miller by Henry James? Why did James create such a appealing and confusing character? Since the publication of James ’s novel in 1878‚ Daisy has worn several labels‚ among them "flirt‚" "innocent‚" and "American Girl." Daisy ’s representation of an American Girl of the late 19th century is evident. Her free-spiritedness and individuality reflect the social movement of the

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  • The Turn of the Screw by Henry James: Governess' Perspective

    audiences but unlike directors‚ authors don’t have that luxury. If authors don’t have technological enhancement’s to grasp their readers then what forms of methods do they use? Unlike directors‚ authors such as Henry James rely on the narrator to evoke suspense to their readers. Henry James’ well renowned novel The Turn of the Screw evokes suspense by having an unreliable narrator which the novel is mostly seen through her eyes. By witnessing the story through the governess’s perspective the readers

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