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Henry Fonda

12 Angry Men In 12 Angry Men by Henry Fonda and Reginald Rose a young man charged with the murder of his father, is in the hands of twelve men all with entirely diverse views. After hearing, the case the jurors go into discussions. Eleven of the twelve men are convinced that the boy murdered his father. However, Juror #8, Davis (Henry Fonda). Doesn’t necessarily believe the boy is guilty, rather wants to explore the evidence and discuss the trial further. Davis, was the most important juror in...

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12 Angry Men (Movie of 1957)

standards of thinking. b. Identify some errors in his thinking. c. What do you think led the juror to commit these errors in his thinking with respect to the case he is judging? Jury # 9 Jury number 9 was the old man seated next to Henry Fonda at the table. These 12 different jurors were seated at a long table to decide the fate of a young man who was allegedly being accused of murdering his own father. These people were randomly chosen to come together and tell which side they choose...

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12 Angry Men Analysis

deliver a verdict so they can leave. There is a level of stress in the room caused by the heat, the pressure of being force to deal with this murder case and the divergent personalities and background of the jurors. The juror voting not-guilty (Henry Fonda) is convinced that there is a possibility that the defendant is innocent, so he is not willing to go along with the majority without more deliberating. Throughout the deliberations the rest of the jurors are eventually convinced that the boy is...

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Reflection on 12 Angry Men

first degree. However, we quickly realize that all of the men have different things going through their mind and even more complicated ways of expressing them. Jack Warden is a baseball enthusiast who has no regard for other people’s opinions or Henry Fonda asking the jurors to discuss what occurred. He lacks emotional self-perception which can be seen when he discusses baseball with the jurors while having no regard for their knowledge on the sport. Jack also lacks congruency when he changes his vote...

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12 Angry Men: Review 3

Fortunately for the boy being tried as guilty, there was one juror, Henry Fonda; that had a reasonable doubt about the case and stood against the others. It wasn’t that he had already a made a decision on the verdict; it was that he felt he couldn’t vote guilty and send a man to die until he at least talked about it. The climate in the room became exceptionally negative because they all thought they were going to be able to go home but Fonda stopped them from doing so by not voting guilty. One man wouldn’t...

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12 Angry Men: Synopsis

jury. First off, lets go over each character in the jury and how each of them contribute to the dynamics of the group as a whole. Every juror in this movie plays a part in the decision making processes of this movie. In a way you could say that Henry Fonda was the star and the 11 other jurors all played co-stars within the movie. The first juror, Juror number1, unfortunately was appointed the task of being the foreman of the jury. He in my opinion didn’t initially conform to the social pressure...

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12 Angry Men Analysis

3rd person to change his vote to NG…not during formal vote Was the first to turn his back on GO House Painter Looked for motive. With Henry Fonda in bathroom…tried to sway him…suppose you talk us all out of this and the kid really did knife his father Stood up for Old Man against MSO Changed his vote to NG during formal vote Baseball Fan -offers Henry Fonda piece of gum…reciprocity? -his interests are not with the case at hand. He’s ready to leave ASAP, regardless of verdict, b/c of his Yankees...

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Letter Recommending the Motion Picture “12 Angry Men”

classic. 12 Angry Men, starring Henry Fonda, E.G. Marshall, and Lee Cobb, is the story of twelve jurors who determine the fate of a teenage Puerto Rican boy charged with murdering his own father. In the wake of a week-long trial, twelve men, who remain nameless throughout the movie, convene in a small, sweltering room in a New York City court building. They begin their deliberation with a preliminary vote. Eleven of the men vote guilty, and one, Juror #8 (Henry Fonda), votes not guilty. The eleven...

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be there by 6pm! • 08 Mar* – YOUTHSpeak dialogue on budget 2015 – Those who signed up, please be there by 12noon! *Applicable to those who signed up. Class on E-learning Week - 10 March • You are to watch the movie “12 Angry Men” featuring Henry Fonda (a black & white movie filmed in 1950s) in your groups. • Submit a reflections on Negotiations from the movie: – How would you frame the legal situation as a matter of negotiation? – Who would you identify as the leader at the start of the movie...

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12 Angry Men: Analysis

longer they talked about it, the more clear the picture became. The only person that didn’t vote the boy guilty was a man by the name of Henry Fonda. He was an architect, a stout man with good posture. He was the “voice of reason” for the sake of making an honest decision. He knew the magnitude of the decision they had to make, and wanted to talk it out. Mr. Fonda was rational, analytical, and became the information and opinion seeker during the proceedings. His characteristics were synonymous with...

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