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  • Hector and Archiles

    4th October 2012 Hector or Achilles? Hector and Achilles are both great warriors and great people but they are different. They are considered to be heroes‚ but they fight for different reasons. Troy is filled with many great warriors‚ but the most honourable hero is prince Hector. He shows great qualities of the archetypal hero and the contemporary hero‚ fight for his land and his family honour. Even though he’s not the strongest‚ he just wanted peace‚ as an archetypal hero.

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  • Death of Hector

    Death of Hector Summary Except for Hector‚ the Trojans are inside the walls of Troy. Apollo turns to Achilles to tell him he is wasting his time pursing a god since he can’t kill him. Achilles is angry‚ but turns around to return to Troy where Priam is the first to spot him. He tells Hector he will be killed since Achilles is much stronger. If not killed he will be sold into slavery as has already happened to others of Priam’s sons. Priam can’t dissuade Hector‚ even when his wife Hecuba joins

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  • Hector and Achilles

    Hector and Achilles: protagonist and antagonist “The lights of stars that were extinguished ages ago still reach us. So it is with great men who died centuries ago‚ but still reach us with the radiations of their personalities.” -Kahlil Gibran Greek literature and mythology present two epic warriors in the Iliad: Hector and Achilles. The modern Greeks favored both heroes during their ancient time period. In Greek‚ Héktōr literally means “to hold” or “to have‚” which symbolizes his character as

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  • Hector the Hero

    Hector the Trojan Hero Hero. A word used widely throughout Homer’s The Iliad‚ but interpreted differently in the eye of the beholder. Though there seems to be numerous definitions of a hero‚ one that can accurately define such a person is someone of distinguished courage and nobility that will put all others before themselves for the greater good of others while possessing the strength and cunningness to overcome obstacles they may be faced with. It can be seen throughout the poem that Hector

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  • Comparison: Hector in Iliad vs. Hector in Troy

    Comparison: Hector in Iliad vs. Hector in Troy Heroes possess five timeless qualities. They are always willing to accept a challenge‚ they are courageous‚ self-sacrificing‚ they can overcome struggle with strength and dignity‚ and they have superior yet human qualities. Over different eras‚ other qualities that are attributed to heroes change based on society’s changing morals and ethics. The two versions of Hector display the many differences between the Greeks perspective on heroes and the

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  • Comparison of Hector and Achilles

    are Achilles and Hector. These two men have obvious differences in their approaches to fitting the mold of what a great warrior should be. However‚ despite their differences and the fact that they are fighting against each other on opposing armies‚ they also have numerous similar traits. The Achaean warrior Achilles and Troy’s warrior Hector differ mainly in their approach to the war. Although Achilles has ties to the Gods and isn’t somewhat more superior in mortality to Hector‚ he comes of as less

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  • Achilles VS Hector

    Achilles VS Hector In the Iliad‚ several of the male characters show heroic characteristics‚ according to the heroic warrior code of ancient Greece. They try to win glory in battle‚ yet are often characterized as having a clearly human side. They each have sure strengths and weaknesses‚ which are evident at many times throughout the conflicts described within the Iliad. Prime examples of such characters are Achilles and Hector. These two characters have obvious variations in their approaches to

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  • Hector V. Achilles

    Hector v. Achilles In Homers Iliad many of the male characters display characteristics that define the heroic warrior code of ancient Greece. They try to obtain glory and power through victories in war; yet still have a distinct human side. Throughout many conflicts described in the Iliad their weaknesses and strengths appear evident. Two examples of this are Achilles and Hector. Both of these men try to uphold the warrior code but with distinctly different approaches in war‚ relationships and

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  • Achilles vs hector

    Achilles vs. Hector Homer’s epic poem The Iliad takes place in the ninth year of the Trojan War. The epic focuses on two of the war’s greatest warriors‚ Achilles of the Achaeans and Hector of the Trojans. Both men are recognized as the strongest and most influential warriors within their respective communities. They share many characteristics associated with great war heroes including leadership‚ bravery‚ honor‚ worth‚ and strength. However‚ despite their obvious similarities‚ Achilles and Hector contrast

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  • Who Is Hector A Hero

    all‚ Prince Hector of Troy is the most. Not only is that based claim based on the Homeric beliefs at that time‚ but it is also reflected in today’s views on what heroes are to us. Hector is overall the most heroic character based on how he holds fast to the Homeric code and his values in war‚ is represented as a human who has flaws yet overcomes them‚ is a fierce and powerful warrior‚ and Homer portrays him positively in the epithets that have been written about him. Based on how Hector holds fast

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