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of Education FROM: Jonah Emeson, President DATE: March 7, 2015 SUBJECT: NEW POLICY New policy has been approved, for tuition refunds for teachers. Any teachers taking advanced courses in music theory, composition and conducting. Harmony music is committed to supporting every teacher who wishes to improve their craft. Inform and hand out individual copies of the guidelines to other teachers. The following requirements must be met to get a refund: 1. The course must be approved by...

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Melody and Harmony

Maydwell 10/02/2010 The Relationship Between a Melody and Harmony Music is a form of art whose characteristics come together to give it form that includes rhythm, texture, dynamics and pitch. The two main components are melody and harmony, which gives music its real meaning. Melody is defined as the soul of music, whereas harmony is an add-on which gives music its beauty. Homophonic texture, where one main melodic line accompanies harmony, and homorhythm texture, where all the voices and lines move...

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Harmony Music is composed by four elements, this elements are harmony, rhythm, form and melody. I consider harmony to be the most important and my personal favorite because harmony is what gives the feeling and character to a song. The harmony gives emotions to a song, some of this emotions are sadness, happiness and/darkness. Harmony is any combination of tones simultaneously. It is the structure of music with respect to the composition and progression of chords. It is often referred as...

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Componet study of the German song Du bist wie eine Blume text, rhythm, meter, and tempo, melody, form, voice, harmony, and dynamics, phrasing and musical articulation.

any new song there is a process of seven steps to help you perform it correctly and well. You need to study the piece and prepare it properly. This component study involves seven detailed parts, text, rhythm, meter, and tempo, melody, form, voice, harmony, and dynamics, phrasing and musical articulation. Reading through the text of the song silently first is necessary for studying any song but more time and special attention is needed for songs like Du bist wie eine Blume, which is in a foreign language...

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Listening log of rhythmically interesting pieces

technique. • The harmony used in no. 151 is quite dissonant (e.g. bar 32). but it becomes very complex and hard to follow towards the end • Grace notes are used in no. 148. I have used a grace note in my music in order to alter the motif variations. Messiaen: “Quartet (learning central for the end of time” audio and score) (1941) • In Mvt. VI, Messiaen uses added values, augmented and diminished rhythms along with non-retrogradable rhythms. I have used added values (4/4 to 5/4) • The harmonies used in Mvt...

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Analysis of Bach Allemande

the foreground, middle ground and background levels. In order to this, I have taken away unnecessary notes, such as the neighbour and passing notes, to leave the score as a basic four part chorale-like piece with two chords to a bar, following the harmonies. I began the reduction by taking the G minor arpeggio in bar 1 and taking away the Bb, and top G in the bass to leave the bass part with a G and a D, a fifth apart. I took the top note in the first half of bar 1, in this case a high G in the...

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Analysis the Tonight Ensemble from West Side Story

opposite meanings, or several different melodies all together. Sullivan, in G&S operattas was renowned for his 'double choruses' where two different melodies, with different and possibly opposing themes in the lyrics, would fit against the same harmony. Puccini, in Turandot has ensembles where several characters sing their own melodic lines with different points of view and emotions being expressed. Time Signature - C+2/4 - a bar of 4 followed by a bar of 2. This could have been scored as 3/2...

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Scarlatti Sonata

audacity both in the use of dissonances and clusters and in the use of unconventional modulations to remote keys. Scarlatti’s handling of harmony serves to show why he was one of the most original composers of the eighteenth century. - Basic Triads: the Three-chord Despite his wealth of dissonance and modulation, the principal elements of Scarlatti’s manipulation in harmony stem from the basic triads (I, V, and IV, their inversions and major and minor relationships). It should be emphasized that Scarlatti...

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Chicken nuggets are great

together in harmony, the relationship between them creating chords. This is distinct from polyphony, in which parts move with rhythmic independence, and monophony, in which all parts (if there are multiple parts) move in parallel rhythm and pitch. A homophonic texture is also homorhythmic[1] (or uses a "very similar rhythm").[2] However, in melody-dominated homophony, one voice, often the highest, plays a distinct melody, and the accompanying voices work together to articulate an underlying harmony.[3] Initially...

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Music Assignment

section or composition, or in the case of a piano piece of music, refers a similar but independent composition for the piano. This selection starts off with a deep steady pace created by the base keys of the piano. As the base keys play, a deep harmony is achieved in the background as it frames the abysmal sounds of the leading melody. The texture of the sound reminded me of a beating heart trying to contain itself as it was in the presence of someone it was drawn to but was not familiar with...

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