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Nutrition Chapter 1 Worksheet

carbohydrate, 20 grams of protein, and 7 grams of fat. A fast food hamburger sandwich contains 800 kilocalories, 43 grams of carbohydrate, 16 grams of protein and 28 grams of fat. A.     Compare the percentage of fat kilocalories from each sandwich. Subway: 7 grams of fat x9= 63/ 420= 15% hamburger: 28 grams of fat x9= 31.5% When looking at the percentages you see that the Subway sandwich does contain half the fat than the fast food hamburger. B.     Discuss how each sandwich can be made with less fat...

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Food Essay Paper (in-N-Out vs Mcdonalds

China, Iraq, and also America. Who is the better franchise; it is time to find out. The American hamburger is an American classic and the most recognizable menu item in the fast food industry. Even though there are many different takes on the types of meats, toppings, and dressings used, the hamburger has been a restaurant regular and historical favorite of both children and adults. The hamburger can even bridge cultural and religious divides. It can unite the masses, and with that being said many...

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Mcdonald's Swot Analysis

Now there are about 31,000 McDonald’s restaurants serving 121 countries. And from the thirty-one thousand branches 14,000 of them is in the US since American was the largest consumer of the company. Furthermore, it has its own training facility, Hamburger University in order to train their staff. There are more than 250,000 employees graduate from there annually. It’s also ranked number one in Fortune Magazine’s 2008 list of most admired food service companies. Besides that, establishment of the...

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Mcdonald's: Serving Fast Food Around the World

opportunity for expansion for McDonald's outside the US. Threats 1. Prejudices: The main issue when entering a new geography is the need to understand the culture prevalent there. McDonald's had a tough time explaining what a Hamburger means to a German who felt hamburgers were people from the city of Hamburg. Similarly, in Japan, Potatoes were used only to make starch. So, McDonald's found it difficult to explain its products to the locals in both these countries. 2. They maintain the same traditional...

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Burger King Creative Brief

The company is recognized for its signature Whopper burgers, which are sold through more than 12,512 restaurants globally (Quest to reverse slumping sales). Burger King has recently been overtaken by Wendy’s, losing its second place within the hamburger market. Consumers are looking for better quality food and are willing to pay extra. Burger Kings competitors have been taking an advantage of this trend and emphasis their menu on quality and freshness. Brand Profile Every day, more than...

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Micromax and MacDonald s

McDonald’s The McDonald's Corporation is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries across 35,000 outlets.[5][6] Headquartered in the United States, the company began in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald; in 1948 they reorganized their business as a hamburger stand using production line principles. Businessman Ray Kroc joined the company as a franchise agent...

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Croston 200144449 1. Describe In-N-Out in terms of the value it provides for costumers Costumers find valuable In-N-Out food because of the quality of the food and service that they receive. They find a valuable experience going and buying a Hamburger, Fries and Shakes. Having a small menu can be helpful for the employees as they can learn quickly and perform better. Having one of the best costumer services, In-N-Out enjoys a pretty high value for costumers, consumers often compare benefits VS...

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Mcdonals V.S Burger King

totaling 2.06 billion dollars last year. 5. Comparing the hamburger size McDonald’s weighs slightly less; it is only 100g while Burger King’s weights 121g. 6. the total fat content for each burger it results that McDonald’s hamburger has only 9g of total fat while Burger King’s has 12g, but taking in account the size difference the fat content is reasonably comparable. 7. McDonald’s hamburger has 520g of salt, while Burger King’s hamburger has 560g of salt, but again thinking about the size difference...

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Lets Go

This is a Premium essay Sign Up to access full essay Cheese Burger McDonald’s vs. Burger king Introduction: Everyone love’s hamburgers (unless they’re vegetarians), in America more than 130 hamburgers are sold by second. In Ecuador we have 2 big representative brands of American’s hamburgers, burger king and McDonalds, they offer a huge variety of hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and desserts, but they are both known because of their cheeseburger, which is a sandwich consisting in a cooked...

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Mcdonald's vs. Burger King

then Dick and Mac McDonald opened McDonald's Bar-B-Q in 1940 and then switched to burgers in 1948 in San Bernardino, California. Mickey D's founder started out as a milk shake mixer salesman when he first met the McDonald brothers and their small hamburger shop. Their large purchases of his mixers gained his interest, so he investigated their establishment further. Using his knowledge of what people enjoy when eating out, he offered to be their agent and to help them expand. By 1961, Kroc bought out...

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