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Guillaume De Machaut

Philippe de Vitry, a very well known French composer and poet. Modern scholars of the early 14th century liked the term Ars Nova so much, that they adopted it as a suitable word denoting the entire century of music before the 1300’s. During this time period a very influential composer started to emerge during the Ars Nova movement, Guillaume De Machaut. Machaut lived a considerable long life and within that he achieved various types of musical principles that we still use today. Machaut lived from...

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Music History Mid Term Essays

modes changing the use of notes lengths. This kept progressing to Ars Nova. This type of polyphonic and rhyme theory was transforming increasingly from religious to secular music. Two important composers through this musical change were Machaut and De Vitry. Philippe De Vitry, In Arborist demonstrates a polyphonic style that is similar to Leonins Viderunt Omnes. This new style of music was called a motet. A motet is a polyphonic vocal composition. In Arborist takes a new approach of adding tones never...

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Western Art Music - Secular music of the middle ages

Troubadours and trouveres. They are French nobles. Among the best known of these poet-musicians are were the troubadour Guillaume IX, duke of Aquitain, from southern France. As well as trouvere, Chastelain de Couci, from northern France. Not all were men, Beatriz de Dia was a troubadour who addressed songs to men. An in-depth about one of the composers, Guillaume de Machaut was born about 1300 and Died in 1377, he was famous as a musician as well as a poet, An avant garde or Vanguard which...

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Motet Development

diversity occurred because of the acclaimed works of Philippe de Vitry, who died Bishop of Meaux. He wrote a work entitled "Ars Compositionis de Motetis", the date of which was probably 1320. This volume (now in the Paris Bibliothèque Nationale) contains our oldest specimens of sacred motets, and these continued to set trends for over two centuries. Machaut's motets also showcased a preference for French texts. Guillaume de Machaut used isorhythm in the tenor and occasionally the upper parts as...

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Machaunt's Mass

Guillaume de Machaut’s Mass, Messe de Notre Dame (Kyrie), was written during the late Medieval Period. In 1337, Machaut became a Canon at Reims. It is believed that the The Mass was composed for this cathedral. The piece is a four-voice polyphonic Mass of the Ordinary. Machaunt’s Mass mainly embodies the typical formal structure of the plainsong Mass common to the period. The Kyrie has three sections, each performed three times. This three-part division was symbolic of the three parts of...

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Analysis of a Motet

the triplum and motetus to the tenor, there is scarcely any, if any at all. The phrasing of these upper parts seems to be random, and the pitches, while they only cover a range of a ninth in the upper part, do not cycle in a noticeable pattern. Machaut ignores many of the typical ways in which a composer provides structural articulations, including regular phrasing, repeated motives, and common themes between the parts. He uses these to an extent, but not as often as would be normal. This creates...

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The Consolation Of Philosophy Analysis

meanings lead to a direct result of authors employing dream visions as allegoric literary tactics, which in turn became a genre that was significantly unique to the Medieval period. Dream visions were favored by Medieval poets, such as French poet Guillaume de Lorris, who became influential on other poets, Geoffrey Chaucer and Boethius. Through the examination of three specific Medieval works, it extremely apparent that all dream visions contain particular common features to attain their end goal in...

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Ballade Handout

grew out of the songs of the French troubadours 3. The ballade is considered “the most important of the OF fixed forms and the dominant verseform of OF poetry in the 14th and 15th cs” (Brogan 24). 4. Poets such as Christine de Pisan, Charles d’Orleans, and Guillaume de Machaut help to solidify the ballade as a French form; however, François Villon is considered “the master of the form” (Padgett 21). Ballade Structure 1. There are a number of variations of the ballade (ballade supreme, double ballade...

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Guillaume Dufay

Guillaume Du Fay Missa Se la face ay pale: Gloria Justin Van Groningen Music History 2180B Thursday October 25 2012 The fifteenth century marked a time in human history where art, philosophy and science were making major advancements; out of these three, the arts were where the spirit of the Renaissance achieved its sharpest formulation. It was considered a form of knowledge and valuable in its own right, used to explore human consciousness and thought through expression in all...

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Comparing Love In Wulf And Eadwacer IX, And Marie De France

compassion towards one another. In many different ways love can be expressed and can lead to both fulfilment and grief. Throughout writings of literature, love has been presented in various styles. Through the works of “Wulf and Eadwacer”, Guillaume IX, and Marie de France, separate approaches of love are shown. The themes of love being unattainable, overwhelming, and sorrowful reveal the expression of love. In “Wulf and Eadwacer”, the poet represents that love is something that is there, but cannot...

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