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  • Narrative Essay

    eldest son‚ passed away. It was not evident that this tragedy put a tremendous amount of stress on her‚ but we were able to tell. During this time my grandparents were living in Gary‚ Indiana so my family and I made frequent trips to their home from Franklin‚ Indiana. One summer in particular‚ my mother allowed me to stay with my grandparents and help take care of my grandmother. I was eight years old and this was the age I started to receive wisdom and knowledge from my grandmother. No matter

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  • My History Essay

    little‚ and I still remember it. Not much is known about my background; I only know that I am actually Chinese. I could have cared less about it because I was born and raised in Thailand‚ and I considered myself Thai until my mom told me about my grandparents. My grandfather used to be a doctor in a small communist camp in China. He didn’t like it because he had to cure soldiers who hurt innocent people‚ but he couldn’t help these people. He felt that was wrong‚ so he and my grandmother escaped from

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  • An Immigrant: A Short Story

    stay with his parents for months at a time. My grandparents‚ very wealthy‚ had an ensemble of workers. Maids‚ butlers‚ cooks‚ all of which had one thing in common; they were black. Growing up in Dubuque I had very few encounters with people of a different race‚ but that all changed on our trips to New Orleans. I feel almost ashamed to say I loved her more than I loved my grandparents. But that really isn’t the case; because both of my grandparents had died by the time I was five‚ and

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  • Taking Care of Our Elderly

    I thought to myself as her granddaughter‚ was I even doing enough? Was the responsibility of taking care of our elderly been overlooked‚ or was it being passed down to the few faithful people who were getting burnt out on the responsibility? My grandparents as parents bared the moral‚ legal‚ and ethical

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  • The Bad Moment of My Life

    the city was too long‚ but it was very amazing to listen birds’ songs‚ to notice sunrise behind mountains‚ to watch awakening of nature and the lifestyle of hardworking people in the field.   When I reached there‚ my grandparents became very happy to see me. The next day‚ my grandparents were going to work in the field. I wanted to go there with them. They saw my eagerness and did not protest. We went to the field and I helped to pick peppers. I had to cut peppers‚ and had to clean their seeds. First

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  • A Background Very briefly describe yourself

    think that I lived somewhat of a sheltered‚ privileged life. However‚ the only thing that I may have lacked was growing up with an extended family nearby. B. Background of Parents/Grandparents/Great Grandparents  Describe what you know about your mother‚ father‚ maternal and paternal grandparents and great grandparents and so on.  How did your ancestors enter the United States (e.g.‚ were they voluntary immigrants‚ involuntary through conquest‚ time of entry‚ etc.)? My mother grew up in a middle

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  • The 60's Not so Rockin'

    The 1960s was a time of optimism and rebellion‚ but not for everyone. I interviewed my Grandparents Roberta (Copeland) Bradley and James Bradley‚ in order to see the 60s from both a man’s and a woman’s perspective. Before conducting the interview‚ I didn’t know much about the 1960s‚ I knew the bold points like civil rights‚ Cuban missile crisis‚ feminine movement and Vietnam. I learned most of my information through reading the chapters of my history book. Reading the textbook helped me know the

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  • Personal Narrative: My Family Traditions

    ready. Meanwhile the man began to dig the underground oven. The day before the wedding the brooms family sends food to the bride’s family so the bride’s family can have a dinner feast with their guests. After dinner the bride’s sisters went to my grandparents house to decorate the house with white paper flower decorations. The day of the wedding there was fireworks all day and throughout the night. At the reception the mariachi began to play follow by the band. During the feast I danced to tropical

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  • issues of grandparents raising grandchildren

    Issues of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Abstract This paper explores research regarding the impacts on grandparents and grandchildren when the grandparent assumes the parental role because of some type of parental fall through. The articles find that the financial aspect of raising grandchildren in your later years is quite costly as well is the negative health problems the stress of the situation can cause. This paper mainly looks at Baldock ’s (2007) research on the affects of every

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  • Family and Grandpa

    My Grandpa‚ My Inspiration “Oh hi kiddo!” my grandpa said in disbelief as I walked in my grandparents’ house. My grandpa was in utter shock to see me as he put his glasses on just to make sure it was actually me he was seeing through his weak and glassy eyes. He shot up from the couch and swiftly grabbed his walker. He came over to me and just giving him a hug‚ I felt like I had to be careful because he seemed so fragile. “Betty!” my grandpa yelled in a slightly crackled voice as he

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