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Geotechnical Engineering

Lecture 3 NPTEL Course GROUND IMPROVEMENT Prof. G L Sivakumar Babu Department of Civil Engineering Indian Institute of Science Bangalore 560012 Email: gls@civil.iisc.ernet.in Module I   Need for Ground Improvement Classification of ground modification techniques  Emerging trends in ground Improvement Recap: Classification of Ground Improvement techniques Methods and techniques of Ground Improvement Factors affecting the selection of techniques Need for Soil Improvement Soft Clay Liquefaction...

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soil compaction

CE 353 Geotechnical Engineering Dr M. Touahmia 6 Soil Compaction Lecture Outline: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. General Principles Standard Proctor Test Factors Affecting Compaction Modified Proctor Test Field Compaction Measurement of Field Compaction Special Compaction Techniques Textbook: Braja M. Das, "Principles of Geotechnical Engineering", 7th E. (Chapter 6). 1 General Principles What is compaction? • Many types of earth construction, such as roads, railways...

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need to understand Unsaturated Soil Mechanics? Most of the natural soil systems are in arid and semiarid regions and soils subjected to seasonal moisture deficits are in an unsaturated state. Who needs unsaturated soil mechanics? Every geotechnical engineer needs to be aware of the th role played by the portion of soil with negative porepressure (i.e. generally the portion above the water table). Many present solutions in soil mechanics and foundation design are quite approximate and...

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Natural Geotextiles

reinforcement Great Wall of China The Great Wall of China, completed circa 200BC, utilized tamarisk branches to reinforce mixtures of clay and gravel     Modern application   The first use of a textile fabric structure for geotechnical engineering was in 1926, undertook a series of tests using woven cotton fabrics as a simple type of geotextile/ geomembrane, to help reduce cracking, ravelling and failures in roads construction [1].   Highways Department in South Carolina USA ...

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GEO brief intro

Technical Consultant Engineer Profile Employer: GEO – Ground Engineering Operations Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. GEO – Ground Engineering Operations is a global engineering company whose mission is to improve the efficiency of the drilling and excavation processes in the foundation industry, through the application of unique products and techniques. GEO is based in Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Mexico and Europe (Lisbon, Madrid, London).The market covers the whole Europe, South America and since 2008, GEO...

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Moisture Content Of Soil Lab Report

Moisture content is commonly used in geotechnical engineering practice. The knowledge of the natural moisture content is essential in determining the bearing capacity and settlement and also in the analysis of stability of slopes and embankments. The behavior of a soil is often related to the amount of water in the soil mass. Hence the knowledge of the range of moisture content over which a soil will exhibit a certain consistency is very beneficial in geotechnical practice. 1.1.4 DEFINITION The soil...

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Compaction & Consolidation: Discussion of Odometer Test

methods. In the Classical Method, developed by Terzaghi, soils are tested with an Oedometer test to determine their compression index. This can be used to predict the amount of consolidation. An Oedometer test is a kind of geotechnical investigation performed in geotechnical engineering that measures a soil's consolidation properties. Oedometer tests are performed by applying different loads to a soil sample and measuring the deformation response. The results from these tests are used to predict how a...

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Sieve Analysis

very careful to stack the sieves in the right order or else the test will be a failure. References: Das, B.M. (2009). Soils Mechanics Lab Manual. 7th editon. Oxford University Press Inc, New York. Das, B.M. (2010). Principles of Geotechnical Engineering. 7th edition. Stamford, CT. Cengage Learning....

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has found to be non-turbulent in all cases. The Geotextile hydraulic behavior is of great usage in the design of landfill covers, design of embankments and irrigation structures drainage systems, and in the design of protection systems in river engineering. KEYWORDS:  nonwoven geotextile, normal stress, hydraulic gradient, transmissivity, permittivity....

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Application of the Triaxial Test in Engineering Practice

Application of the Triaxial test in engineering practice The information such as the shear strength parameters and the cohesion that obtained from triaxial test can be used to check the safety and predict the behaviors of long-term stability of slopes, earth fills and earth retaining structures. The analysis carried out in terms of total stress obtained from undrained test can be used to investigate the initial stability of the foundation of a structure or embankment on saturated clay. Alternatively...

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