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Geometry In Architecture

culture, it is also no longer the expression of our culture”. This move, which separates ornament and culture, links Modernist architecture to the culture of modernity. Reading this now two things emerge. The first is a statement of intent – Modernist architecture clearly defines itself in relation to culture. The second is a question – how today can the relation between architecture and culture to be understood? Despite the clarity of the Loos’s definition, this contemporary question has a persistent quality...

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Descriptive Geometry

Descriptive Geometry “Drawing is the language of design, and if drawing can be thought of as a language then, descriptive geometry is the grammar of this language.” Definition: Descriptive geometry is the branch of geometry which allows the representation of three-dimensional objects in two dimensions, by using a specific set of procedures. The resulting techniques are important for engineering, architecture, design and in art. The theoretical basis for descriptive geometry is provided...

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The architecture of a country acts like a mirror for understanding the way of living and also the developments of the place that have led to the creation of the country as it looks today. The architecture of a country gives an insight into a country's developments over the years. Many times architecture also helps us predict what type of traditions have been followed in the country over a large span of time. The thesis mainly deals with analyzing whether the direction of development of architecture...

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AR2224 Ideas and Approaches in Design Copyright © 2013-14 by Department of Architecture. Mr. Tomohisa Miyauchi and Mr. Roland Sharpe Flores,RA. All rights reserved. Eye Reflecting the Interior of the Theatre of Besancon Drawing Ledoux, Claude-Nicolas, 1736-1806 “Between the carpenter’s weight strings and marking lines [is something] close to government and enlightenment.” Li Hua, 715-766 Hanyuandian fu (Rhapsody on the Enfolding-Vitality Hall) Ideas and Approaches in Design presents...

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Architecture of Rajasthan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Nagda temple Māru-Gurjara Architecture (Rajasthani architecture) originated somewhere in sixth century in and around areas of Rajasthan. Contents   [hide]  1 Etymology 2 Development 3 Images 4 References 5 External links [edit]Etymology The name Maru Gurjara has its genesis in the fact that during ancient times, Rajasthan and Gujarat had similarities in ethnic, cultural and political aspects of the society. Ancient name...

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collective thrust of the shock workers gave a shock as the agents of historical change, 'bringing the time of socialism closer' The competition programme for the two large state and party buildings asked for a "monumental and representative" architecture. The programme specified that the Central Committee building had to be the "powerful symbol of the Communist Party", and the most prominent object dominating with its height and monumentality in the "plastic urbanistic composition of New Belgrade"...

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The building in Renaissance architecture[ Despite its history, the building is seen as one of the great examples of the new style. Its more notable features include: • the attempt to create a proportional relationship between nave and aisle (aisle bays are square whereas nave bays are 2X1. • the articulation of the structure in pietra serena (Italian: “dark stone”). • the use of an integrated system of column, arches, entablatures. • a clear relationship between column and pilaster, the...

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Geometry in Everyday Life

Geometry in everyday life Geometry was thoroughly organized in about 300bc, when the Greek mathematician, Euclid gathered what was known at the time; added original work of his own and arranged 465 propositions into 13 books, called Elements. Geometry was recognized to be not just for mathematicians. Anyone can benefit from the basic learning of geometry, which is to follow the lines reasoning. Geometry is one of the oldest sciences and is concerned with questions of shape, size and relative...

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Doctor of Architecture

Personal Statement Architecture has always been a professional ambition that I aspire to. It alone is a passion that resonates within me with desire that extends beyond any ordinary career path, as it does with anybody who truly loves the study and practice of the arts. A feeling like a great purpose that impels me all the time to be in an effort on that. As I remember, I have always been involved with engineering and art because my father is an Electrical...

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Memory in Architecture

Memory in Architecture By Leo WANG People in diverse cultures often have different observation and ways of dealing with similar issues. Memory in architecture, as a communication tools between history, present or even future has been discussed and expressed in various perspectives. In the following text, idea generated by Frederick Mote and Pierre in Chinese approach towards their past will be discussed parallel to Alois Riegl and Stanford Anderson's analysis on western monumentality. A pacific...

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How Geometry Is Used in the Everyday Life

How is geometry used in everyday life? When you're studying a subject, the science of lines and angles can seem like nothing more than a dull exercise in formulas and predictability. In reality, geometry is at work everywhere you go. Whether you're aware of it or not, geometry quite literally shapes our lives. An Ancient Science, how long has geometry been around? To answer that question, let's take a look at where geometry gets its name. Geometry is derived from the Greek words for Earth (Geo)...

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African Architecture

African Architecture, like other aspects of African culture, is extremely diverse. Many ethno-linguistic groups throughout the history of Africa have had their own architectural traditions. From the Nubian pyramids of Meroe to the Great Mosque of Kairouan, African architecture has and always will fascinate archeologists and society as a whole because of its rich history and common themes it shares with today’s structures and buildings. One common theme in much traditional African architecture is the...

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Renaissance Architecture

in French (Craven, 2010). Renaissance architecture was inspired by architecture of classical Greece and Rome. Earlier Gothic architecture was asymmetrical and complex. The Renaissance style places emphasis on symmetry, proportion, and geometry. Developed first in Florence, the Renaissance style quickly spread to other Italian cities and then to France, Germany, England, Russia and elsewhere. The following are ten different examples of Renaissance Architecture. Fig.1 1502 Tempietto of San Pietro ...

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Psychology and Architecture

like to argue that the impact of psychology from the turn of the century to the present has been profound. In general, historical accounts of architecture have hitherto placed designers in their cultural context while mysteriously ignoring the psychological movements which helped fuel those cultural shifts. For example, most historical accounts of architecture by authors such as Pevsner1 or Frampton2 seemingly ignore the influence of the rise of psychology in the 20th century – including psycho-analysis...

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Deconstruction Architecture and Digital Technology

but also to the visual arts and architecture. The approach of deconstruction in architecture is to get architects to think of things in a new way, to view architecture in bits and pieces. Also to develop buildings which show how differently from traditional architectural conventions buildings can be built without losing their utility and still complying with the fundamental laws of physics. Especially in 1988, when deconstruction was first promoted in architecture. Different architects of different...

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Geometry in Golf

“Bringing it all Together: The Geometry of Golf” Golf in Geometry?? No Way! Geometry In The Game of Golf For hundreds of years, golf has been an extremely popular and growing sport all around the world. Looking where golf is now, it is growing rapidly from the young to the elder population. The first round of gold was first played in the 15th century off the coast of Scotland, but it did not start to be played until around 1755. The standard rules of golf were written by a group of...

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Criticism in Architecture: Does Aesthetics Matter in Architecture?

Criticism in architecture: does aesthetics matter in architecture? „Urgent questions which confront the architect are indeed philosophical questions‟ (Scruton 1979). In the letter of Goldberg (2003), criticism in architecture is considered as an audience guide to appreciate good design: The purpose of architecture criticism in the general media is to create a better educated more critically aware, more visually literate constituency for architecture… In contrast, Baird mentioned: Today criticality...

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Geometry Rationale

Geometry Rationale Geometry is Greek for geos, which means Earth, and metron meaning measure. It can conceivably lay claim to being the oldest branch of mathematics outside arithmetic, and humanity has probably used geometrical techniques since before the dawn of recorded history. Initially, as with the Egyptians, geometry originated from practical necessity and the need to measure land. Geometry today is the science of observing and measuring shapes, surfaces, angles, lines and the relationships...

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Geometry Project

2. Quadrilateral 3. Pentagon 4. Hexagon 5. Heptagon 6. Octagon 7. Nonagon 8. Decagon 9. Dodecagon 10. Tetradecagon F. Circles Introduction "Geometry," meaning "measuring the earth," is the branch of math that has to do with spatial relationships. In other words, geometry is a type of math used to measure things that are impossible to measure with devices. For example, no one has been able take a tape measure around the earth, yet we are pretty confident...

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Shed Geometry

"Geometry Of Warp Shed " has been carried out by PARTH PARMAR under my guidance in fulfillment of the Degree of Master of Engineering in Textile Engineering (2nd Semester) of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad during the academic year 2013-14. Guided By: PROF. A. I . THAKKAR Head of the Department ABSTRACT ᄁ Shed Geometry & Different Possible Shed Geometries. ᄁ Elements Of Shed Geometry. ᄁ Shed Geometry Classification:- ...

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Egyptian architecture

Ancient Egyptian Architecture The Egyptians have survived for thousands of years, and are considered to be the hallmark of human civilization. They are the first known culture to have a stable society for such a long period of time. The reason their society was so stable is because they all believed in the same thing, which was that the gods were the first priority and that their pharaoh was a man who ascended to the level of a god. Another reason that the Egyptians survived for so long was because...

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Scholasticism in Religious Architecture

Religious Architecture "Sacred architecture is not, a 'free' art, developed from 'feelings' and 'sentiment', but it is an art strictly tied by and developed from the laws of geometry" (Schneider). This is a governing principle behind the architecture and stained-glass images in Chartres Cathedral: the building wasn’t just built without a plan or the art didn’t just happen, it is a systematic creation using geometry (Crossley 232). Scholasticism is the main contributor to the use of geometry to organize...

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To See and Feel Architecture

To See and Feel Architecture Architecture is the process of designing environments, structures and landscapes. The ability to blend art with technical knowledge is a key element in architecture. When you look at a building, you are often drawn to dominant lines and curves that are present. These lines are often placed purposely to draw your eye to other features on the building. All of this is done to create a personal reaction to what you see. When all of the lines, shapes and features...

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The Avant-Garde Architecture O

an architect who exhibits interest in the avant-garde through both the creative design and aestheticism of his architecture. Pei was born in China in 1917 and immigrated to the United States in 1935. He originally attended the University of Pennsylvania but grew unconfident in his drawing skills so he dropped out and pursued engineering at MIT. After Pei decided to return to architecture, he earned degrees from both MIT and Harvard. In 1956, after he had taught at Harvard for three years, he established...

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Fractal Geometry

Fractal Geometry "Fractal Geometry is not just a chapter of mathematics, but one that helps Everyman to see the same old world differently". - Benoit Mandelbrot The world of mathematics usually tends to be thought of as abstract. Complex and imaginary numbers, real numbers, logarithms, functions, some tangible and others imperceivable. But these abstract numbers, simply symbols that conjure an image, a quantity, in our mind, and complex equations, take on a new meaning with fractals - a concrete...

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sacred Geometry

How Sacred Is Geometry? At some point, everyone has heard the expression “math is in everything” although most don’t truly understand the underlying principle of this expression. In a way math is the language of nature, which I find to be very intriguing. Why is it that geometry is only a form of math nowadays and no longer a sacred part of culture? Somewhere along the road this ancient form of knowledge has been forgotten although there is still plenty of evidence about this special way of measuring...

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Fractal Geometry

Fractal Geometry How would you like to take a class called geometry of chaos? Probably doesn’t sound too thrilling. A man named Benoit Mandelbrot is responsible for creating the geometry of chaos. The geometry of chaos is considered to be the fourth-dimension. It is considered to be the world in which we live in, a world where there is constant change based on feedback, an open system where everything is related to everything else. It is now recognized as the true geometry of nature. The geometric...

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Architecture Thesis

Architecture Thesis, Learn How To Lay A Rock Solid Foundation Of Your Architectural Thesis. Writing architecture thesis is the academic task to be done to get one’s own hard-earned degree in the field of architecture. It requires rigorous efforts by the students to accomplish this task. He/she may have to become a social outcast
till the achievement of architectural thesis. Architectural Thesis Subjects You will have a wide range of subjects when you will have to write your architecture thesis...

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Piero Della Francesca and the Use of Geometry in His Art

Piero della Francesca and the use of geometry in his art This paper takes a look at the art work of Piero della Francesca and, in particular, the clever use of geometry in his work; there will be a diagram illustrating this feature of his work at the end of this essay. To begin, the paper will explore one of the geometric proofs worked out in art by Piero and, in the process of doing so, will capture his exquisite command of geometry as geometry is expressed – or can be expressed – in art...

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Green Architecture vs. Traditional Architecture

Processional English Module 3 Essay Green architecture versus traditional architecture Name: Guohan Yan (Duke) Group: 6 Class Tutor: Peter Mogridge Date: 30/08/2014 Green architecture versus traditional architecture Introduction Since the last century, the awareness of Eco-friendly design has been introduced into architecture. Because the environment issues came to extremely significant problems...

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Mannerism and Rococo Architecture

STYLE FILE Origin Italy France Major Influences *Italian art, painting and architecture *Light-hearted themes on painting architecture and sculpture. *‘feminine style’- furniture, tapestry, clothing, interior design Notable Features *Intellectual and artificial, elongated forms, exaggerated and manipulated space * sophisticated, light and airy, elegant and curvy Key Facts *a reaction against the used of certainty in building structures *something out of the ‘conventional’ *no...

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World Architecture- Le Corbusier

the fathers of the modern Architecture. Alberti’s type of Architecture wasn’t in use and he’s only looked at as history. Modern Architecture is what we live in, what we breathe, what we see, it’s in our blood as Architects; it’s what people expect from us. I then went on to choose between Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright. I know much about Frank, but then I knew little about Le Corbusier. During my college years, his name was familiar, very famous between architecture students; we knew he was...

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What Is Architecture?

WHAT IS ARCHITECTURE? Architecture is constructed around the formation of a design idea. Before defining what architecture is, one must first look at the designer and the process of design. Jane Anderson sums up the definitions of these ideas; “There is no one right answer in architecture.” This makes the definition of architecture hard to discover, however, easier to explore. Throughout history theories incorporate information on these architectural characteristics and attempt to explain them...

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what is architecture?

project. Architecture is what runs a society. Without architecture society can be peaceful and happy but it cannot be organized and functional. Architecture brings stability to the society. Now why is architecture important? Because we all spend most of our lifetime indoors. We want a good environment. Our environment is largely effected by buildings and the amount of energy they use. When I came to lpu to study architecture I thought it will be easy but then I realized architecture requires commitment...

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geometry test

area formula, and see where this leads: 16 = s2 4 = s After re-reading the exercise to find the correct units, my answer is: The length of each side is 4 centimeters. ADVERTISEMENT Most geometry word problems are a bit more involved than the example above. For most exercises, you will be given at least two pieces of information, such as a statement about a square's perimeter and then a question about its area. To find the solution, you will...

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Robot Geometry

robot kinematics, require a unified methodology to identify the variables of a robot's or manipulator's joints and links. Co-ordinate Frames Robotic kinematics depends on the use of right handed cartesian frames of reference. Manipulator Geometry A manipulator consists of two types of joints, connected by a link. Link A link is a solid mechanical structure which connects two joints. The main purpose of a link is to maintain a fixed relationship between the joints at its ends. The...

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Architecture of the Uae

Architecture of the UAE [pic] Mahgoub, Y. (1999). Architecture of the United Arab Emirates. Retrieved October 1, 2009, from The Architecture of the United Arab Emirates: http://victorian.fortunecity.com/dali/428/uaearch/uaearch1.htm Part 1: Introduction Economic prosperity and socio-cultural changes in the UAE During the last few decades, enormous economic and socio-cultural changes have occurred in the Gulf area at an extremely rapid pace...

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Tudor Architecture

2012 Tudor Architecture In the Elizabethan Age architecture and furniture were very beautiful and classic. The architectures had so many abstract styles. The church buildings had a lot of styles and different textures to it. Tudor architecture from the 1500’s was a timeless style and because of this it’s still used in today’s modern style of architecture. Architecture from the 1500’s had so many beautiful...

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Community Architecture

Dr. Mervat El-Shafie Dr. Mervat El-Shafie, Assistant Professor of Architecture, is the Chair of the Architecture Department in the College of Engineering, Effat University. Dr El-Shafie received her Ph.D. in Built-Environment from Lincoln University, New Zealand in 1999. Her thesis entitled “Phenomenology of Built-Environment” deals with the interrelationships between people and their land, houses and places and how this is being affected by the processes of Modernization and Globalization. Dr...

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Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture "Sustainable Architecture" - this phrase in recent years is mentioned a lot. The concept of "sustainable architecture" is associated, even identified with the concept of green architecture, ecological architecture, environmentally friendly, energy efficient ... to reach a stable value for the environment human life, reduce negative impacts on the environment in the present and future. However, although this interpretation is correct, but only one aspect, because that's...

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Enterprise Architecture

enables end-to-end and a single interface for the customer The Operating Model involves a commitment to how the company will operate Enterprise Architecture This is the organizing logic for business processes and IT infrastructure which reflects the integration and standardization requirements of the company’s operating model. The Enterprise Architecture provides a long term view of a company’s process, systems, and technologies in order to build long term sustainable capabilities. IT Engagement...

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Evolution of Architecture

The Evolution of Architecture due to several analyzed themes (Gothic architecture and Modern architecture) Abstract This paper contains a comparative analysis of the evolution of architecture in relation to Gothic revival and Modern Architecture. In this comparative analysis the similarities and differences of each style are highlighted and discussed. It further discusses and illustrates the elements which are unique to each style. The buildings which are the subject of this analysis includes:...

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Greek Architecture

Greek Architecture: History and Mechanics Throughout history, there have been several significant architectural movements. The last, and perhaps most enduring movement is that of Classic Greece. Although for centuries, the architecture of ancient Greece has been admired, mimicked, and replicated, its beginnings are somewhat surprising to one unfamiliar with the history of the region. It is important to understand the history and mechanics of Classic Greek architecture in order to fully appreciate...

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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture: Question Consider yourself a practitioner in computer technology, telecommunications and Software system, who is interested in acquiring skills through knowledge of the most advanced application tools and methods both present  (such as MIT programme) and coming. You have consequently been charged with planning, developing, applying and delivering advance information systems, architectural solution and programming products. Identify and critically analyze cognate enterprise...

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Modern Architecture

 What is Modern Architecture? According to the book Growth, Efficiency and Modernism by Marcel Breuer, Modern Architecture historians have deviated from defining it because it is based of different eras with “extensive range of material and characteristics”. (Breuer) Which I agree with because Modern Architecture is almost impossible to define in general but when narrowed down to an era, the era defines the architecture and slightly elucidates its history. A famous quote by Henry Russell Hitchcock...

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traditional architecture vs mordern architecture

Traditional Architecture vs Modern Architecture Architects should be designing structures by incorporating vernacular styles into new technologies. Let us briefly look into the meaning of Architecture- according to Vitruvius, a Roman Architect, Architecture is a multi disciplinary field, including within its fold Mathematics, Science, Art, Technology, Social Sciences, Politics, History, Philosophy and so on. Now that we know what Architecture is, what are its main purposes? It has two main purposes...

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Abc's of Geometry

ABC’S OF GEOMETRY | By Parker Davis | January 2, 2012 | AA similarity | when two triangles have corresponding angles that are congruent as shown below, the triangles are similar | | AAS | if two angles and the non-included side one triangle are congruent to two angles and the non-included angle of another triangle, then these two triangles are congruent | | Acute angle | an angle with an angle measure less than 90° | | Acute triangle | a triangle where all three internal angles are acute...

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Vertical Architecture

TURGUT KAYA ASSIGNMENT-2 MELTEM MAĞDEN ING 102 CRN : 30095 JULY 18, 2013 VERTICAL ARCHİTECTURES With time is going on, people are trying to choose the best option for their living.When the population rise became in great members, vertical cities has been the best alternative for people.Having construction of hyperstructures that capacitates large quantities of population is the defination of...

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Geometry in Escher

in the way in which the gate is opened than in the garden lying behind it." (M.C. Escher on tessellations viewed at Alhambra www.mathacedemy.com) The variety of math used in his body work extends from basic geometric shape to hyperbolic geometry; though there is no need to cover such a wide subject range to explain mathematic influence. Escher was first inspired by the gridded tile patterns, designed in the 14th Century by the Moors, at the Alhambra castle in Granada. Escher was fascinated...

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Architecture in Melbourne

ARCHITECTURE IN MELBOURNE: THE JOURNEY TO MODERNITY The interwar period 1919- 1939 showed some major evolution in the world of architecture within Australia. The influences such as world war one and great depression triggered the need for a new mindset as a way of demonstrating regeneration and positive growth. One side of this was the journey of modernisation which allowed for new trends and styles to be created that no longer payed such homage to the past and tradition, but rather moved forward...

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Medieval Architecture

Medieval Architecture World Geography 101 December 1, 2010 The Middle Ages, also known as the Medieval era, though scarred with a history of violence and war, has given the world some of the most marvelous and beautiful pieces of art, particularly in architecture. The Middle Ages is the name given to the time period from the late 5th century to the 15th century, particular to European history. The construction of these types of buildings was a constant for various cultures for a thousand...

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Geometry Portfolio

come test time. Research For my research topic, I wanted to study Isaac Newton. But Mr. Corby wouldn’t let me do this. So I was given a less cool mathematician, Euclid. Euclid was a Greek mathematician, and was often considered the “father of geometry.” He was born around 330 BC, and he got his training at Plato’s Academy in Athens. He taught mathematics at the Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt. His most celebrated accomplishment was his drafting of Elements, a volume of 13 works that...

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Mughal Architecture

MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE In India many types of architectural styles were seen .Mughal architecture is one of most famous architectural style. Mughal architecture an amalgam of Islamic, Persian, Turkish and Indian architecture, is the distinctive style developed by the Mughals in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries in what is now India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Babur (1526-30 A.D.), the founder of the Mughal dynasty in India, also made a modest beginning of the architectural style...

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Architecture PPT

Architecture Examples of Different Styles and Dynamics Gothic cathedrals are embraced for their elegance and beauty. Several famous gothic cathedrals are St. Denis Notre Dame Chartres Salisbury Durham Amiens. Gothic cathedrals point to the shifting ideologies of the time. Gothic architecture mirrors an aesthetic sensibility and dynamic mindset. Gothic cathedrals, with slight structural frames, flying buttresses, and pointed arches, display a more artistic sensibility and dynamism uncharacteristic...

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Computer Architecture

this assignment is to explore about 32-bit and 64-bit processor architecture as it is important to us in other to understand more about computer architecture. Comparing the implementation of the 32-bit and 64-bit processor architecture will help us to understand and distinguish between the 32-bit and 64-bit architecture more easily. At the end of this assignment, we can understand the meaning of 32-bit and 64-bit processor architecture as well as how they affect the bus width (data and address), memory...

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Moorish Architecture

September 19, 2012 Moorish Architecture in Andalusia Who were the Moors? The Moors were a group of Arabs, Berbers, and Iberian Muslims, who in the 8th century, conquered most of what is now modern day Spain and Portugal. My purpose for writing this paper is to inform the reader of one of many cultural contributions the Moors gave “Andalusia” (modern day Spain, Portugal, and bits of France). Much of Andalusia’s architecture was greatly influenced by Moorish architecture. The Moors had a history...

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Computer Architecture

CSCI512-Computer Architecture CSCI512-1902-SP11 Prerequisite: None Administrative Information: Class Duration: April 4 to June 26 , 2011 Day/Time: Online Location: Online Campus Phone: (703) 941-0949 Instructor Contact Information: |Instructor: |David Saloman, Professor | |Office Hours: |By appointment ...

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Application Architecture

Week 8: Case Study 2 Application Architecture Dianne Davis Professor Nolyn Johnson CIS210: System Analysis & Development June 4, 2013 Abstract Software application architecture is the process of defining a structural solution that meets all of the technical and operational requirements, while optimizing common quality attributes such as performance, security, and manageability. It involves a series of decisions based on a wide...

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Greek Architecture

everything, especially in the world's architecture. Greece no longer had one king, so they focused on building temples for their gods. Architecture began small and plain but evolved into impressive pieces of art. As time passed from the Archaic period to the Hellenistic period, the people of Greece developed a type of formula for their buildings and their pieces of art. In Ancient Greece, religion dominated their life, so it is understandable that their architecture would be dominated by their religion...

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Byzatine Architecture

BYZANTINE ARCHITECTURE The Byzantine Empire is generally associated with the foundation of Constantinople by Constantine the Great between 334-340, an event that signaled the continuation of the Roman Empire as an officially Christian entity. The Architecture developed from the fifth century A.D. in the Byzantine Empire, characterized especially by massive domes with square bases and rounded arches and spires and much use of glass mosaics. With the rise of the Islamic empire in former Byzantine...

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