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  • general Management

    Name:- Chakraborty Siddhartha ID No- KP00609-20054 Course: bghf GENERAL MANAGEMENT CASE – 1: Q1: What do you think was the effect of Smith’s outburst on the other managers at the meeting? Ans: The other managers of the meeting would have cautioned themselves to be more prepared on their subjects for the next meeting. They would have felt sorry for Tom Brewster who became a victim for his ignorance on the subject. The other managers would have put them in place of Brewster and would have

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  • Affidavit for Lost, Stolen, Destroyed Stock Certificate

    AFFIDAVIT FOR LOST‚ STOLEN‚ DESTROYED STOCK CERTIFICATE State/Province of ______________________ County of _____________________ I‚ [name] ‚ being duly sworn‚ state: That I reside at [address]‚ [city] ‚ [state] That I am the legal and beneficial owner of [number] shares of the [specify class] stock of [corporation] represented by certificates described as follows: Number Date Registered Name That said certificates [were or were not] endorsed. That I have not assigned‚ hypothecated

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  • Education

    A Human Rights-Based Approach to EDUCATION FOR ALL A Human Rights-Based Approach to Education © United Nations Children’s Fund/ United Nations Educational‚ Scientific and Cultural Organization‚ 2007 United Nations Children’s Fund 3 United Nations Plaza New York‚ NY 10017‚ USA pubdoc@unicef.org www.unicef.org United Nations Educational‚ Scientific and Cultural Organization 7‚ place de Fontenoy 75352 Paris 07 SP France ‚ bpi@unesco.org www.unesco.org Cover photo: A girl reads outdoors at her

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  • General Essays

    her house. Residents of M.C. Road in Kasba said that they got drinking water only once in 15 days through their house connections. The street borewell in M.C. Road is always surrounded by people fetching water‚ which they used both for drinking and general purposes in the absence of drinking water. The situation was equally worse in Kosapet in the heart of Vellore. A resident of Kandasamy Jamedar Street in Kosapet said that she got water only once in 15 days. K.R. Selvaraj‚ Commissioner of Vellore

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  • secondary research on movie theaters

    The purpose of this assignment is to conduct secondary research and write about the experience of being in a high traffic retail environment. I will be using the five senses (sight‚ sound‚ smell‚ touch‚ and taste) to identify important issues that are relevant to this environment. The environment I chose to visit was a movie theater in Woodbridge called Colossus. This is one of the highest traffic movie theaters I have ever been too‚ and it remains highly rated. I chose this idea because I feel

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  • General Topics

    Chemical Engineering Science 54 (1999) 3967}3976 Uncatalysed oxidation of cyclohexene S.M. Mahajani‚ M.M. Sharma‚ T. Sridhar* Department of Chemical Engineering‚ Monash University‚ Clayton‚ Victoria 3168‚ Australia Received 13 October 1998; received in revised form 22 December 1998; accepted 23 December 1998 Abstract The oxidation products of cyclohexene "nd several applications as intermediates for the manufacture of useful chemicals like cyclohexanol‚ cyclohexenol/cyclohexenone‚ cyclohexadiene

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  • General Linguisrics

    What is linguistics? Linguistic is the scientific study of human language. It can be broken into three categories of studies language form‚ language meaning and language in the context. Who are the ancient Greeks? The first problems that interested the ancient Greek thinkers were concerned not only with language‚ but with the composition of the physical words. Moreover the ancient Greek was very interest in philosophy and this interest leads them to investigate the nature of existence. They

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  • General Election

    For the conduct of elections to the National and Provincial Assemblies‚ the Election Commission appoints a District Returning Officer for each District and a Returning Officer for each constituency‚ who are drawn from amongst the officers of the Judiciary‚ the Federal/Provincial Government and Local Authorities. Returning Officers are mostly Additional District & Sessions Judges. The list of polling stations is prepared by the Returning Officers and approved by the District Returning Officer. No

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  • general paper

    Should euthanasia be allowed? A 60-year-old man killed himself yester day and left this incredibly detailed website as his suicide note by Chelsea Fagan This is the account of an intelligent lucid man who knew perfectly well that we was doing and did it with the intent of leaving a minimum amount of pain or confusion. This man decided to take his death into his own hands. He did not want to die not recognizing the people that he loved‚ or losing the ability to say his last words. He rejects

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  • General Management

    Case on Discomfort in a factory and Management Decision MakingMohan remembered the call from the head office as he puts down the telephone receiver. His boss fromhead office he said‚ "I just read your analysis and I want you to go down to our plant in Kollakal near Mysore right away. You know we cannot afford this plant any more - the costs are just too high. So godown there‚ check out what would be our operational costs would be if we move‚ and report back to mein a week."Mohan knew the challenge

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