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Funeral Home

deceased) --Time, date and place of viewing, burial, wake and memorial service arrangements--If you don't have this information yet, you can always write something like, "funeral arrangements are being made by ABC Funeral Home and will be announced at a later date." That way those who are interested can contact the funeral home for more information. If you plan on repeating the obituary, you can include the details in a future issue.  Other things you might want to include: --City and state of...

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My Funeral Plans

Kayley Lunsford AP English Witten 10/23/10 My Funeral Plans To my dearest friends and family, If you are reading this letter, I have passed on to the God I have always prayed to. Please do not mourn my death, but celebrate my life. Even though I have now moved on, I was able to enjoy each day of my life as if it were miracle. I look down upon you all with abundant love and much appreciation for such a wonderful life. Below are my wishes for how my life is to be celebrated. First...

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Businessweek Funeral Home Analysis

The market for funerals today is beginning to shrink and downsize due to the costs and added expenses that are incurred when planning a casket funeral as supposed to choosing cremation. The funeral industry accounts for roughly over $16 billion dollars in sales every year, and in recent years has seen a decline in the services being provided for individuals choosing to use caskets and burials, because the average cost of a funeral today is roughly $7,075. With the merger proposal of both Stewart...

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Funeral Home

Funeral Directors Job opportunities should be good, particularly for those who also embalm; however, mortuary science graduates may have to relocate to find jobs. Funeral directors are licensed by their State. Advancement opportunities generally are best in larger funeral homes. Funeral directors also are called morticians or undertakers. Funeral directors arrange the details and handle the logistics of funerals. They interview the family to learn what family members desire with regard...

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Introduction A funeral is a ceremony for celebrating, respecting, sanctifying, or remembering the life of a person who has died. Funerary customs comprise the complex of beliefs and practices used by a culture to remember the dead, from interment itself, to various monuments, prayers, and rituals undertaken in their honor. Customs vary widely among cultures, as well as, religious affiliations within cultures. Funeral services in LA TERESITA in Gapan City are the most common funeral homes that offers...

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Embalming Fluids Research Paper

keep the body from decaying until Christianity began to dominate; Embalming purposes were turned into being used for body preservation for dissection and studying. In the U.S though, there originally wasn’t any true way of embalming for funeral reasons. Originally we just used ice in order to slow the decomposing. In the 17th century, however, arterial injection of the blood vessel had been developed and maybe only a few things have been proven to be more effective than this...

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Loewen Case

Loewen Group Over the last two decades Loewen Group, a death care provider, had been growing by acquiring small independent funeral homes and cemeteries in densely populated areas but in recent years the company had also acquired several large established funeral chains. Over the last five years alone, Loewen had embarked on an aggressive growth strategy which accounted for consolidated revenues’ growth of nearly 30% a year on average from $303 billion to over $1.1 billion. This growth through...

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The Loved One Essay

In “The Loved One” Waugh satirises American burial customs. Discuss this statement with reference to the novel. In this essay, it will be discussed how the author of “The Loved One” satirises the American way of death and funeral industry. This will be done by analysing aspects from the ‘Happier Hunting Ground’ and ‘Whispering Glades’. In addition, the two will be compared and contrasted followed by a brief conclusion. Whispering Glades Memorial Park and mortuary represents a Disney Land like...

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Embalming Fluid: The New Drug Craze

and wet daddy known to the average person as embalming fluid is the newest drug craze that is hitting the streets in the United States. Embalming fluid's main purpose is to slow the decomposition of the dead. Mainly found in morgues and funeral homes. The fluid involves the injection of chemicals into the body through the blood vessels for preservation of the body. The following compounds are found in embalming fluid, formaldehyde, methanol, and ethanol or ethyl alcohol. In embalming fluid...

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Funeral Plan

Funeral Floral Marketing Tips By Laura Acevedo, eHow Contributor • • • • Print this article Floral Arrangement Flag this photo Successful funeral floral companies offer efficient services in a sensitive and compassionate manner. Whether a funeral flower company focuses on a geographic area or is an Internet-based business, a well-crafted marketing strategy helps increase sales and profit. When considering marketing strategies for funeral floral services and products, focus on...

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