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Licensing A Licensing Agreement Is An A

franchiser typically receives a royalty payment, which amounts to some percentage of the franchisee’s Whereas licensing is pursued primarily by manufacturing firms, franchising is employed primarily by service firms. 1 Franchising is similar to licensing, although franchising tends to involve longer-term commitments than licensing. Franchising is basically a specialized form of licensing in which the franchiser not only sells intangible property (normally a trademark) to the franchisee, but also insists...

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Research Paper

Applebee’s a suitable candidate for franchising due to its nature of industry. The factors are local production in limited geographic markets, physical locations are helpful and industries involving local knowledge. Being a restaurant chain, it makes perfect sense for applebee to be franchised as this allows them to offer their food and dining experience at a variety of locations. This is also effective for applebee to increase their pool of customers. Franchising is also suited for applebee as...

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Summary of Dominos

also financially responsible for any mistakes you make and you are also easy become more stressful. Lastly, your business might get fail, if you are not well in planning the business strategic. Q2. Discuss the relative merits of direct management and franchising. (a) Direct management (PPT 14, 15) The definition of franchiser is that they own the overarching company, trademarks, and products, but gives the right to the franchisee to run the franchise location, in return for an agreed-upon fee. And the...

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Sample Bibliography

Daszkowski, Don. Online article titled “The Ray Kroc Story-McDonald’s Facts and History” January, 2009. http://franchises.about.com/od/mostpopularfranchises/a/ray-kroc-story.htm This website article gives a history of the way Ray Kroc used franchising to help McDonald’s grow quickly. It gave information about why his choice to charge a commission franchise fee rather than an up front startup fee helped more franchisees sign up. Daszkowski, Don. Online article titled “McDonald’s Franchise...

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Body Shop

traditional business operation that exploits the weak and natural environment. It guarantees a fair profit for its suppliers and assesses their responsibility towards environmental protection (The Body Shop Intl. plc., 2008). Highly differentiated franchising: To sharpen the ‘green image’ of the company it only sells its products within its own franchised stores (Grant 2004). Franchisees are selected on the basis of their enthusiasm and commitment towards the Body Shop’s values. Highly differentiated...

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Compensation and Benefit in Domino's Pizza

compensation and benefit in Domino's Pizza The compensation and benefit systems of Domino's Pizza in the United States are tightly connected with its methods of international expansion. The most important parts of the system are licensing and franchising: "We have developed a large, global, diversified, and committed franchise network that is a critical component of our system-wide success and our leading position in pizza delivery. As of March 21, 2004, our franchise store network consisted of...

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intellectual property. By licensing to third parties, small business owners can expand their businesses' reach and grow sales without having to invest in new locations or distribution networks, and risking failure. Franchising Franchising grows a business in a similar way but the franchising party or franchisor gives the franchisee permission to not only use its intellectual property but also its operating system. In addition to their trademarks, franchisees often use frachisors' distribution systems...

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Notes de cours

screening City market screening Market expansion strategies Waterfall approach (figure 8.11) : xxx Shower approach (figure 8.12): xxx Class #6 Not in class Class #7 - Intermediate entry modes: contract manufacturing, licensing, franchising, joint ventures,/strategic alliances Contract manufacturing (ex: Ikea) Manufacturing which is outsources to an external (foreign) partner, one that specializes in production Factors encouraging foreign market production Desirability of being close...

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Mr. Sean T. Ngo

Ngo Duc Ke, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam Why Us * Uniquely experienced management team with both operational and development experience throughout Asia. * We have over three decades of international experience in strategic business planning, franchising development and operations, business development, real estate, and project management. With offices at the center of South-East Asia, we are positioned to assist our clients enter the fastest growing emerging region in the world. 16 Collyer Quay...

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What Is a Franchise?

What Is a Franchise? Franchising is a form of business in which the owner, or franchiser, gives license to distribute products, services or methods of business to affiliated dealers, franchisees. In many cases franchisees are given exclusive access to a particular geographical area. The franchiser usually mandates uniform symbols, trademarks and standardized services. Thirty years ago franchising was a revolutionary new technology - a new and better way - a new and better way to retail goods...

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