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Ferris Buellers Day Off

Ferris Bueller is The New Batman Ferris Bueller is the type of kid who is always testing his limits during times he should not be. He knows exactly who he can pick on, it just so happens that the vice principal of his school, Mr. Rooney, is one of those people. On this particular skip day, Rooney, is on to him and his phony illness. Ferris had it made; out of school for the day with his best friend, Cameron, but that was not enough, he wanted more. He wanted Sloane. Ferris, being the sly genius...

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Ferris Bueller: Possible or Not?

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Possible or Not? Ferris, Sloane, and Cameron spend one amazing day ditching school, exploring the great city of Chicago and take time to visit many landmarks and take part in many exciting activities. The day depicted in the movie would be a great and exciting day for anyone, but is it possible for them to have done all of the things they did in one day? I believe it is reasonable to believe that Ferris and company may have been able to do all the things they did in...

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Ferris Bueller Monologue

It’s no mystery that “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is a film intended for the younger crowd in America. The movie follows mischievous high school senior, Ferris Bueller, for an entire day as he skips class and does whatever it takes have a care-free “day off” in downtown Chicago. Ferris pulls out all the stops and uses his cunning ways to convince his girlfriend and hesitant best friend to join him while avoiding their suspicious principal, and he even goes as far as persuading that friend to secretly...

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Ferris Bueller: American Hero or Typical Lazy American?

Ferris Bueller: American Hero or Typical Lazy American? Ferris Bueller is a street-wise kid who knows all the tricks. He has no fear of getting what he wants, when he wants it. He does what every high school student dreams of doing: skipping school without getting caught. Ferris represents the personal traits that all high school students want to attain. They want to be popular with everyone and be able to get away with anything. In the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Ferris decides to take...

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Ferris Bueller and Catcher in the Rye Comparative Essay

Ferris Bueller and Catcher in the Rye – Comparative Essay Salinger’s 1951 novel, “The Catcher in the Rye”, and John Hughes’ 1987 teenage comedy film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, both reflect the lives of teenagers in a time span of nearly 40 years. The two authors successfully convey society’s values on materialism and education in the two different eras using language and a variety of techniques. These values have affected both Holden Caufield and Ferris Bueller, the former negatively and the latter...

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Ferris Bueller's Day Off

This movie stars Ferris Bueller, a sickening high school student who feels that he doesn't want to go to school that day so he decides to fake being sick to fool his parents into letting him stay home. His parents are nice and caring people who would never think that their son would lie and believe his horrible sick acting. He gets his girlfriend Sloan Peterson out of school by calling in to falsely report that one of her family members had died. He also gets his friend Cameron, who actually is sick...

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Figures of Speech-English

Strangelove, 1964) Litotes A figure of speech consisting of an understatement in which an affirmative is expressed by negating its opposite. * "Are you also aware, Mrs. Bueller, that Ferris does not have what we consider to be an exemplary attendance record?" (Jeffrey Jones as Principal Ed Rooney, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, 1986) * "Now we have a refuge to go to. A refuge that the Cylons know nothing about! It won't be an easy journey." (Battlestar Galactica, 2003) * "for life's not a...

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The Breakfast clubb

had already been promised the part. Rick Moranis was originally cast as the janitor; he left due to creative differences and was replaced by John Kapelos. Judd Nelson's performance was influenced by his method-style technique of staying in character off set. He was accused of bullying Molly Ringwald due to his insistence on remaining in character when the camera was not rolling. This behavior nearly forced Hughes to fire Nelson, but Nelson was defended by Paul Gleason, his on-screen nemesis, who stated...

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Teenage Film Essay

might do this is to make the film more fun to watch. People like to watch others doing something we would like to do, or to be in a situation we've been in before. WE can relate to them and feel what the character is feeling. E.g. In Ferris Bueller's Day Off Ferris goes around the city having fun while skipping school. He manages to trick numerous adults into thinking absurd things. He would not be able to this in the real world but if he was to get caught in the film it would end quicker and it...

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Purpose of Expository

veterinarian would assure me a lifetime of happiness. I know I would love going to my job every day, because I would be working with what I love most: animals. In summary, when I graduate from Reavis, I plan to go to college to become a veterinarian. I love animals and I want to do anything that I can to help them. I know I am only a freshman, but I also know that I am growing up quickly. As Ferris Bueller quotes, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could...

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