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Fear and the Amygdala

 Fear and the Amygdala Ashley Foster Psychology 201: Introduction to Psychology Fear is often described as: a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, or pain whether the threat is real or imagined. There are many different cases of fear that exist in people today. Some common fears include: heights, tight spaces, water, insects, and the dark. Many people do not understand why they hold a fear towards something. However...

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Anxiety & Fear

Anxiety & Fear Anxiety and fear are both emotional reactions to danger, yet there is a difference between the two. Fear is a reaction that is proportionate to real danger; anxiety is a disproportionate reaction to danger or even a reaction to imaginary danger. Anxiety is feeling unrealistic fear, worry, uneasiness, and being unfocused. People who have anxiety also tend to feel restless, have fatigue, problems in concentration, and muscular tension. Fear is the ability to recognize danger leading...

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On the Fear of Death

The Fear Of Death" The title "On The Fear Of Death," caught my eye as I was skimming the text for a story. After some thought, I concluded that the word "death" means more to me than most of my peers. I grew up as the daughter of a hard working man, one with an uncommon occupation. My father is a mortician. "On The Fear Of Death" intrigued me because many adopt such a negative view of death. Kubler-Ross takes the concept of death and embraces it, perhaps allowing her to ease her own fear of mortality...

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Fear is weakness

Fear is Weakness When we face our so called fears it seems like it was not nearly as bad as we thought it would be. Those so called fears are just little pebbles, if compared to a fear that sooner or later we will have to face to reach our destination. In my case my biggest fear is to speak in public. This fear erodes away my confidence; especially when I have projects that have to be presented in front of a big audience. If I’m not familiar with the people I forget everything, my face...

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Childrens Fears

Children’s Fears When a child expresses a fear to an adult, it may seem trivial to the adult because the adult knows so much more about reality. However, we must remember that the child is honestly troubled and frightened. For the adult to downplay the child’s fears, does not acknowledge their right to have these feelings. When an adult truly listens to a child describe their fears, they can help the child to learn to confront and cope with them. Learning Fear Children can learn to fear by imitating...

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Death and fear

 Why do we Fear Death? Why do we Fear Death? Many of us fear death to some degree at some point of our lives. To some it’s as early as teenage years, and to others, it’s later in their mid 30’s. We as individuals see fear and death at different levels. Before I get in detail, lets first define death and fear, then we can see how they are correlated. According to Merriam-Webster, fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something...

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The Fear of Death

Masks Down, Lights of, Fears Away! Sleep well… Every person has a fear to lose something or someone, a fear which brings them their catastrophe. Everyone knows that “death” is a natural thing, but the idea of “end” makes people deny the fact that death is natural and there is no reason to be afraid. So these who are afraid of death, suffer between the paws of the idea of losing and dies mentally while surrounded by the chains of their fear. Edgar Allan Poe tried to explain that situation...

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fear essay

SCARED OF THE DARK Have you ever had a fear that makes you so nervous? Are you scared of the dark? Well, I am. I’m so scared of the dark sometimes. I get worried when I’m all alone in the dark. Ever since I was young the night would scared me. When I was younger, I would always make sure to be home before the sun went down. If it was night, I would always be in a well-lit place. If it was quiet and no noise, I felt like spirit is present. My biggest fear is being alone in the dark, because there...

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Fear of the Unknown

Jennifer Haynes Anthony Priest English 210 September 26, 2012 Fear is a powerful and psychological entity. Fear can make us rise to an occasion or crumble under its mighty psychosis. Fear can arise anywhere. It can come from the known and unknown. Fear can show the strong they are weak and it can show the weak they are strong. A person can learn from fear, as I have learned from being afraid. The first day attending a new school is scary to most young children. They know no one and usually...

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Fear of happiness

John Ward October 24, 2014 COMM/215 Paul KorzeniowskiFear of Happiness Fear of Happiness “Unhappiness is often viewed as something to be prevented, avoided or eliminated. Yet recent studies reveal that for some people, feeling good is what scares them,” (Rodriguez, 2013). A friend of mine called me last week worried because everything in his life was going right. Steven was scared something bad was going to happen because he was completely happy. This experienced and brainy man said throughout...

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