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BITS F111 2011 12

  Varinder  Kumar,  Navin  Singh,  P  Srinivasan,  Rajeev  Sharma,  Satish K Dubey, Utkarsh Maheshwari,   Course Description  Concepts  and  laws  of  thermodynamics;  thermodynamic  properties;  applications  to  closed  and open systems; entropy and entropy generation; availability.    Scope and Objective  Thermodynamics  deals  with  energy,  matter,  and  the  laws  governing  their  interactions.  It  is  essential  to  learn  its  usefulness  in  the  design  of  processes,  devices,  and ...

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General Chemistry 2

ex. rusting **These reactions do not occur spontaneously in the reverse direction **Not all spontaneous reactions are exothermic ex. H2O (s)( H2O(l) Delta H fus (s)= +6.0 kj/mol **Spontaneity is not determined solely by the enthalpy change (entropy is a factor) 23-2 Second Law of Thermodynamics 2nd LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS PLACES AN ADDITIONAL RESTRICTION ON ENERGY TRANSFERS -1st law only places the restriction on energy transfers of conservation of energy -Irreversible processes >spontaneous...

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Chapter 15 (not much on E) Thermodynamics: Enthalpy, Entropy & Gibbs Free Energy Thermo 2 Thermodynamics: thermo = heat (energy) dynamics = movement, motion Some thermodynamic terms chemists use: System: the portion of the universe that we are considering open system: energy & matter can transfer closed system: energy transfers only isolated system: no transfers Surroundings: everything else besides the system Isothermal: a system that is kept at a constant temperature...

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Exam Review

lab) In the Kelvin scale water freezes at 273 deg K & boils at 373 deg K #11: What is entropy? Give an example of a situation in which entropy increases. Can the entropy of an isolated system decrease? If so, how? Entropy: a measure of disorder in a system * Natural systems, left to their own devices will tend to increase in entropy (i.e. becomes more disordered) * Example of decreasing entropy is found in the formation of ice cubes from water in your freezer; the extraction of salt...

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Time" and "DNA as Destiny," 75 Readings According to K.C.Cole ("The Arrow of Time," 75 Readings), entropy is a very common phenomenon in the universe which can be change by giving energy though. Entropy is defied as the measurement of irreversible disorder. It grows naturally when time passes; on the other hand, once turning to entropy, the energy is not available to work anymore. Entropy not only exist physiologically but also sociologically; nevertheless, order do survive in the nature and...

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Statistical Mechanics

thermodynamic quantities such as work, heat, free energy, and entropy. It enables the thermodynamic properties of bulk materials to be related to the spectroscopic data of individual molecules. This ability to make macroscopic predictions based on microscopic properties is the main advantage of statistical mechanics over classical thermodynamics. Both theories are governed by the second law of thermodynamics through the medium of entropy. However, entropy in thermodynamics can only be known empirically, whereas...

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kinetic theory of gases supervised by Josef Stefan. After obtaining his doctorate, he became an assistant to his teacher Josef Stefan. He established the relationship between entropy and probability was first stated in his kinetic theory of gases". Entropy is a measure of the disorder of a system, where S is the entropy, k is Boltzmann's constant, and W is the number of states accessible to the system. Boltzmann first wrote down his equation in 1872. Boltzmann’s scientific approach was to attack...

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Practical Writeup Experiment 2, Thermodynamics of the Rhodamine B Lactone Zwitterion Equilibrium

AIM: The aim of the experiment was to determine the enthalpy (ΔH), entropy (ΔS) and Gibbs free energy (ΔG) for the Rhodamine β-Lactone Equilibrium. To accomplish this, a manual spectrophotometer was used to determine the maximum absorbance of a sample of Rhodamine β-Lactone. The absorbance of the sample was then measured over a range of temperatures from which the equilibrium constant (K), enthalpy (ΔH), entropy (ΔS) and Gibbs free energy were then calculated. INTRODUCTION: The xanthene...

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Stuf for skool

3 The second law Physical Chemistry. Atkins 9th ed. 1 Outcomes • Concepts 1. The second law of thermodynamics: Spontaneous changes, Entropy (ΔS), Heat engine (Carnot cycle), Clausius inequality. 2. Entropy changes: ΔS of expansion, ΔS of phase transitions, ΔS during heating, measuring entropy, the 3rd law of thermodynamics, 3rd law entropies. 3. Criteria for spontaneity: Helmholtz energy (A), Gibbs energy (G), Maximum work (ΔA), maximum non-expansion work (ΔG). 4. Combining the...

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Chemistry Module 6

reaction? Potential energy of the products is less than the potential energy of the reactants.  Which of the following accurately characterizes the process of freezing? Because energy is released, freezing is an exothermic process. 6.04 Enthalpy, Entropy and Free energy I. Intro A spontaneous change is a change in a system that proceeds without a net input of energy from an outside source. Spontaneous reaction still needs some activation energy to get it started, and the reaction itself...

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