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Entrepreneurial Mindset

Opportunity Analysis Canvas • Goal of developing students’ – entrepreneurial mindset and – opportunity analysis skill set to – identify entrepreneurial opportunities Where does the Opportunity Analysis Canvas fit within business models and plans? 1 Opportunity Analysis Canvas 2 3 Business Plan TM The Opportunity Analysis Canvas 2a. Macroeconomic Change Demographic Psychographic Technical Societal 1b. Entrepreneurial  Motivation Self‐efficacy Political Regulatory ...

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Management Theory and Practice

product or divisional structure is imperative to the success that Oceaneering has enjoyed. Though the company started with a pre-bureaucratic or entrepreneurial structure; the size and capabilities of the company as a whole made this organizational structure ineffective. Divisional managers and directors are still prompted to lean on the entrepreneurial spirit of the companies’ origins; however the lack of standardization makes it impossible to repeat superior performance. A clearly defined hierarchy...

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Entrepreneurship as Career Option

often used interchangeably. Income generation is the initial stage in the entrepreneurial process in which one tries to generate surplus or profit. They are often taken on part- time or casual basis to supplement income e.g. a man with some surplus money might put his money in a fixed deposit account in a bank or a chit -fund to earn some interest. Self-employment is the second stage in the entrepreneurial process and refers to an individual’s fulltime involvement in his own occupation...

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Women Entrepreneurs: a Growing and Promising Phenomenon

have shown a high positive correlation between the level of national women's entrepreneurial activity and growth in GDP, suggesting that countries that are successful in promoting entrepreneurship among women could experience a positive impact on economic growth rates. In Israel, as in many other countries, entrepreneurship by women is expanding steadily. There was been a rise of 52 percent in the Total Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA) index among Israeli women in 2004, compared to 2002, and in contrast...

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Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught

GROUP 3 PRESENTATION Question 3 • Can we teach entrepreneurship and bring some entrepreneurial awareness and changes among individuals. Give evidence Approach in answering the Question • Definition of Entrepreneurship • Entrepreneurship education • Approaches to teach entrepreneurship • Conclusion The concept of entrepreneurship There is no universal agreed definition of entrepreneurship. However, Entrepreneurship is defined differently by different scholars. Schumpeter (1934) defines...

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Case Study #1 (Pge. 35) 1. Prior to starting EET, what types of things did Michael and Sheena do to help themselves build entrepreneurial knowledge/skills? - Everything grew from their small actions. They started seeking bulk purchases from schools and other youth organizations. They also started talking to groups of students when they school purchased books. They then realized that people would pay them to speak whether they purchased a book or not. They started charging for their speaking appearances...

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New Venture Development Assignment

Describe what is meant by “management team” philosophy and attitude of entrepreneurial ventures that will eventually contribute to business venture growth [15 marks] Many scholars believe that “there is a strong connection between the growth potential of a venture and the quality of its management team”, (Timmons and Spinelli, 2009). venture growth?...

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Three Pillars

Leslie Jones Grand Canyon University: UNV 504 Innovation and Entrepreneurship June 10, 2014 Three Pillars Essay In his video Ken Blanchard, discusses the three pillars of business; servant leadership, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit (Blanchard, 2011). Servant leadership is not being a servant to those that you work with, it is offering direction and vision with stated goals. It sets a platform for all employees to know where the company is headed, while focusing energy...

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Case Analysis of Room & Board (Strategic Management))

adopted different strategy from other traditional furniture industry. He focuses on high quality and design, and became popular and set a high loyal brand in the USA. Room & Board also succeed in implementing entrepreneurial strategies to create value. The company transfer its entrepreneurial ship mind-set to its employees even suppliers. Its core competency is using relationship business model, utilizing its source and capability to exploit competitive advantage to achieve above returns. Under...

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About the Cource

the ground. Inversely, you see another set of activities and a different orientation here. And when you begin to look throughout, the landscape, we see that really which way we're going is a matter of perspective. And that when we're working in entrepreneurial environments, things do change, and there are lots of people with lots of ideas that are going different directions that makes sense to them. But we might again be following that, or we might be traveling counter to that. So it's important to...

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Three Pillars Essay Revised Sample

organizational success and have a positive impact on society. In doing so, the Ken Blanchard College of Business has implemented three pillars that will prepare students to be driven business leaders. These three pillars are entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and servant leadership. Entrepreneurial Spirit Those that have an entrepreneur spirit are those than can be described as having the drive to be risk takers and in some way be willing to step outside the box in terms of creativity. To add, creativity is...

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Research Paper About Chreso University

graduation. Students are now apparently searchingfor a business education that can equip them with the necessary entrepreneurial knowledge and skills tosucceed in running businesses or to create a job from seizing existing entrepreneurial opportunities (Brown1999; Henry 2003).Therefore many universities and colleges around the world have responded to this demandby introducing entrepreneurial courses to students in an effort to promote entrepreneurship as well as aprofessional entrepreneurship career...

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Are Entrepreneurs Born or Not?

Cohen (1980), Jacobwitz holds the same opinion that entrepreneurs are born, not made. Jacobwitz identified common personality traits of entrepreneurs and "developed a chronological schema of entrepreneurial indicators that he calls the five ages of the entrepreneur. Jacobwitz trait theory suggests that entrepreneurial aptitude is static, meaning either one is born with it or not. (Lazenby et al., pg. 4) As it can be seen many scholars believe that entrepreneurs have some ‘innate genetic talents'...

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Module 7 Review Questions MGMT 420EmbryRiddle

the acquisition of a multi-million dollar contract. Needless to say, Smith’s regard for that manager severely diminished. Taking Action stood out to me as well, because I have seen what cost-plus contracts can do to a company. The “chaos is cash” mindset that melds into the minds of managers whose incumbencies are those contracts can be sickening. I once witnessed a company with a directorate that was so focused on this mind-set that deliveries were constantly late or with error, and it was considered...

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can corruption be curbed in the public sector

in one’s pursuit of life. It involves the pursuit of the supernatural ways of God thus demonstrating His nature with evident proofs in testimonies. This is living for God and His ways in a life of total dedication to God. If everyone carries the mindset of spirituality and make it a way of life, the involvement in intolerable acts like corruption of any kind will be greatly looked down on because when spirituality is made a way of life, the fear of God is there and hate for things that don’t align...

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national bookstore

NATIONAL BOOK STORE’S SOCORRO RAMOS 1. What virtues did Nanay Coring show as an entrepreneur? She shows entrepreneurial spirit with courage, determination and hard work. She gambles and greatly believes in herself, that no matter what, nothing is impossible if you do try. 2. Trace the rags to riches story of Socorro Ramos. Her story is truly an inspiring one as she built the business National Book Store from scratch with a lot of challenges and hurdles as she and her husband Jose...

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Alliance Nissan and Renault

development • The Alliance generates attractive returns for the shareholders of each company • The Alliance attracts and retains the best talents, provides good working conditions and challenging opportunities: it grows people to have a global and entrepreneurial mindset Management principles • The Alliance is based on trust, transparency and mutual respect • The Alliance Constitution is associated with the best established standards of corporate governance, ensuring: o Clear decision making for speed...

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Strategic Entrepreneurship

Strategic entrepreneurship is taking entrepreneurial actions using a strategic perspective. In this process, it involves simultaneous opportunity-seeking and advantage-seeking behaviours that will results in superior firm performance. So, identifying opportunities to exploit through innovations is the entrepreneurship dimension of strategic entrepreneurship and it is important things nowadays for firm in order to compete and survive in the market. Newer entrepreneurial firms often are more effective...

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I Love Reading Essay

as a hurdle - Variations according to time period Problems relating to taxation Helpfulness of legal system Availabilty of infrastructure Office space with entrepreneurs – Variation according to family background Helpfulness of government The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Categorization by sector Categorization by time Period Categorization by turnover Categorization by number of employees Categorization by family background 42 42 42 50 54 55 55 56 56 57 58 58 59 71 73 75 78 79 81 82 85 95 103 103...

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The Big Idea: How to Start an Entrepreneurial Revolution?

The Big Idea: How to Start an Entrepreneurial Revolution by Daniel J. Isenberg In the latest Ease of Doing Business ranking from the World Bank, one country made a spectacular leap—from 143rd on the list to 67th. It was Rwanda, whose population and institutions had been decimated by genocide in the 1990s. On the World Bank list, Rwanda catapulted out of the neighborhood of Haiti, Liberia, and the West Bank and Gaza, and sailed past Italy, the Czech Republic, Turkey, and Poland. On one subindex...

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quality control

 across  NB  and  a  select  few  from  PEI  and  NS.  Successful  candidates   will  help  build  entrepreneurial  campuses  across  Atlantic  Canada.  These  students  will  also   experience  a  first-­‐hand  look  into  the  workings  of  the  entrepreneurial  world,  start-­‐up   communities  within  and  outside  the  region.         YOU  ARE……   For...

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CAPE Entrepreneurship

................3 APPROACHES TO TEACHING THE SYLLABUS ...................................................................................4 UNIT 1: Entrepreneurship Theory MODULE 1: The Entrepreneurial Mindset ..........................................................................5 MODULE 2: The Entrepreneurial Process ............................................................................11 MODULE 3: Creativity and Innovation .................................................................

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Elizabeth J. Gatewood, Patricia G. Greene and Myra M. Hart Women Entrepreneurs Across Racial Lines Issues of Human Capital, Financial Capital and Network Structures Andreas E. Smith-Hunter Effectuation Elements of Entrepreneurial Expertise Saras D. Sarasvathy Effectuation Elements of Entrepreneurial Expertise Saras D. Sarasvathy University of Virginia, USA NEW HORIZONS IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP Edward Elgar Cheltenham, UK • Northampton, MA, USA © Saras D. Sarasvathy 2008 All rights reserved....

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Innovation and New Business Ventures

competition at individual, company and country levels, the solution lies in thinking ahead and venturing into newer vistas For Individuals, Companies and Countries alike : to break free, the ultimate solution lies in being - - - Innovative and Entrepreneurial RK Sharma 10 Innovation is the key At all levels – Individual, Organization, Society and Country – the key to sustenance and growth is Innovation Innovation i about N I ti is b t New Id Ideas, N New W Ways of d i f doing thi things...

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Dialectical Journal

oranges as a form of comfort. The oranges represent the comfort and security of Jeanette’s childhood, as they were always there to sooth her in times of upset, specifically here in the hospital. Additionally, the oranges mirror her mother’s strong mindset, as everything taught to Jeanette since her birth was a result of her mother’s zealous beliefs. Jeanette, as many other children, was taught to believe everything said to by her parents, here being that oranges are the only fruit. As she soon discovers...

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The Top Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

is the new big business. The E-myth Revisited - By: Michael Gerber - The new entrepreneur's bible! Mastering the Rockefeller Habits - By: Verne Harnish - Strategies for rapid growth. Get The Edge - By: Anthony Robbins - You gotta have the right mindset to succeed. Read this! The 4-Hour Workweek - By: Timothy Ferriss - Takes the E-Myth and applies tips & tricks. Automatic Millionaire - By: David Bach - In short a "401K" for all parts of life. Raising the Bar - By: Gary Erickson - A grassroots...

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Tnt Recomendations

trustworthy, values-based company with a reputation for integrity, transparency and compliance’- Into its customer promise. TNT claims: ‘Actions speak louder than words and that when we say “Sure we can”, we mean it’. This ‘can-do’ attitude and positive mindset affect all aspects of TNT’s business. A can-do attitude becomes the mentality of TNT’s people; it influences the organization’s culture which in turn informs all the actions involved in keeping the promises. These actions provide evidence of TNT’s...

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Corporate Entrepreneurship

functioning of their organizations in order to survive. However, whereas most existing large firms recognize the importance of encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation within their organizations, individuals often face barriers in adopting entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviors. In this report, we will have a close look at these barriers by first identifying and describing them. Secondly, by emphasizing the most serious ones. And finally by making three suggestions about how to remove these barriers...

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Corporate Entrepreneurship as a tool for organizational growth

concept which is related to the various and contradictory definitions of entrepreneurship.Secondly,the different dimensions of entrepreneurial behavior within existing organizations and what scholars really mean when they are talking about it.Thirdly,the blur relationship between the outcomes of corporate entrepreneurship and organizational performance.And finally,how entrepreneurial behavior within existing businesses could lead to organizational growth.As a result,these issues have been and continue to...

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self-employment. The current qualitative study focuses on the role that colleges can play in enhancing entrepreneurial intentions among the youth. The college environments and exposure to entrepreneurship experiences are found to be two malleable antecedents of entrepreneurial intentions working through self-efficacy and perceptions of desirability. The paper further explores the concept of an entrepreneurial. It has its rationale in the growing focus of career choice influence on enhancing the role that...

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Issues and Challenges for Women Entrepreneurs in India

protectionism, had no choice except to fall in line with these changes. With new policies of economic liberalization, globalization and privatization initiated by the Government of India, the Indian economy has been witnessing a comprehensive change. Entrepreneurial potential in India is huge. At present, women involvement in economic activities is marked by a low participation rate, excessive concentration in the organized sector and employment in less skilled jobs. Any move aimed at economic...

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Jim Boothe

2- Jim boothe POINT OF VIEW Jim Boothe Statement of the Problem Incomplete business plan and requirements Entrepreneurial mindset of Jim objective Present an impressive business plan to the banker to ensure the fund will be approve needed for the business venture. Areas of consideration Jim is an inventor Member of the cycling club for 2 years Not an Entrepreneurial type Lack of experience in business Incomplete Business Plan and Requirements Objections and concerns of his wife...

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

that Entrepreneurial has to be managed, living within enterprise and also strategically implemented by focusing on market. Entrepreneurial Management requires policies. Innovation it self has to exist and life on each level within company. Understand the importance of the need for innovation And plan to act by setting objectives and deadlines. Next important is Practicing entrepreneurial. Management has to focus on managerial vision on opportunity. Generate an entrepreneurial spirit...

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Scope of Entrepreneurship Development

a high level of awareness is achieved and the idea is taken to the common people. An acceptance by the mass in itself is a kind of social innovation. Further, in our country, where the population is more concerned about making both ends meet, entrepreneurial activity will achieve sustainability only when support is provided both at the societal and governmental levels. Scope of entrepreneurship development in India In India there is a dearth of quality people in industry, which demands high level...

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examiners Robert Burgelman of Stanford and Yves Doz of INSEAD has profoundly improved the quality of my work. Thank you Yves and Robert for the time and effort that you have put into this dissertation! This research has been conducted in the entrepreneurial spirit. The first phases were conducted as part of a Tekes-project. As the research advanced, the source of funding shifted to the collaborative projects with ICT Shok and Aalto University. Collaboration with Seija Kulkki of CKIR and Reijo...

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(Bandura 1997). This particular description is associated with self-efficacy which came from a crucial idea within Albert Bandura’s interpersonal cognitive concept, and has already been used in a variety of mental hypotheses. In neuro-scientific mindset, self-efficacy are likely involved in several hypotheses associated with inspiration, believed designs, cognitive procedures, choices, long term alignment as well as daily conduct. Higher self-efficacy are already discovered to be confidently related...

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" Dalam konteks perniagaan, ia bermakna untuk memulakan perniagaan. Kamus Merriam-Webster membentangkan definisi usahawan sebagai salah satu yang menganjurkan, menguruskan, dan menganggap risiko perniagaan atau perusahaan. 2...SCENARIO OF ENTREPRENEURIAL The ideal successful entrepreneur is flexible and reacts quickly to change. These changes maybe external or internal Change. As entrepreneurs are typically trying something new, there is always a risk of failure. Entrepreneurs are known to be...

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Steps for Mindset

Steps To Change Mental Model and Mindsets Arley Ellsworth, Fernando Hurtado, University of Phoenix January 17, 2011 Introduction Wal-Mart has been in business for many years and are showing no signs of slowing down. The advantage of being in business for that period of time is building a reputation rather it be good or bad. Overall for the most part it has been good, thereason for the company have good success is being open to change. Wal-Mart cannot continue success if they were not open...

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Enterprise Skills and an entrepreneurial mind-set. A focus will be set on my current skills, my limitations, and what can I do to improve. This report will also emphasise on my current choice of placement and how entrepreneurial mindset is crucial when it comes to success. Table of Contents Section Content Page(s) 1) Introduction i. ii. iii. iv. What is Development Planning? Why is Development Planning important? What is Entrepreneurial Mindset? Why is Entrepreneurial Mindset important when it comes...

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Mental Model Mindsets Paper

 Mental Model/Mindsets Paper Wiletra Brittian 0I/361 Sunday, January 25, y Sharmieka Rountree AAA is a transportation company that has been an industry leader in the transports of goods and services, currently the company is planning on innovation and expansion for a more competitive edge. AAA Transportation is an interstate trucking company that specializes in transporting wholesale produce in refrigerated trailers throughout the Midwest. With the company under new management...

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Mental Growth

just gave up. Do you ever feel this way too? In the article Developing Growth Mindsets: How Praise Can Harm, and How to Use it Well Carol Dweck builds on Benjamin Barber statement that the world is divided into learners and non-learners. So which are you? A learner or non-learner? Do you have a fixed mindset or do you have a growth mind set? It’s okay if you don’t know which you are. I have a hard core fixed mindset. All I think about is getting a good grade, and if I don’t get that grade, I want...

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chapter 4 Change Management part

as human beings and leaders. Conscious change leaders turn inward, introspect, and put their attention on their inner awareness and mindset, and their intention on proactively developing their innermost being. In our language, they “ put their being first. ” Ā ey seek greater self - awareness and understanding because they know that their level of awareness and mindset influence everything about their lives and leadership. Ā ey seek to develop their own level of consciousness so they can operate at...

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Five Minds of a Manager"

analytical skills because senior managers usually have less contact and need feedback that is provided to them by the managers. A downside in using an analytical mindset is that one either puts too much trust into the data or not enough trust because one has not had direct experience with the situation. Managers of a worldly mindset use practical real world experience to see the world in a detailed view of cause and effect. Worldliness is the key to effective management. Managers who use the...

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The Lottery

always been abusive customs that are accepted. To challenge these fired up mindsets would be going against the grain. A prime example of this is in the short story "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson. In this story, an illustration draws out the brutal and villinious stoning of an unlucky woman. At first glance, I believe this strongly clashes with our contemporary values. A much deeper evaluation of the portrayal of swinging mindsets and how humans have the capacity to coincide with a mob mentality. As...

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Reaction Paper

different ways in how people observe intelligence and learning, fixed and growth mindset. Students with a fixed mindset do not like work. They believe that if you have the skill then everything should come logically. Students with a growth mindset are more likely to respond to original problems by continuing to be involved, trying new tactics, and using all the resources at their power for knowledge. These two mindsets lead to different school behaviors. For one example, once students see intelligence...

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A Review of Margaret Wente's "Inside the Entitlement Generation"

“Inside the entitlement generation” Margaret Wente’s Globe and Mail article on the existence and characteristics of the entitlement generation in Canada is both opinionated and thought provoking. The author strongly supports that the entitlement mindset is quite prevalent in Canada’s universities, has been nurtured by its preceding generation and has led to students’ unrealistic work expectations. Although Wente effectively communicates her opinions regarding the entitlement generation, her arguments...

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Success is Mindset

A mindset is the view a person adopts. Whether their abilities and characteristics can change, the growth mindset, or whether they are set in stone, the fixed mindset. Carol Dweck, a Stanford University psychologist, analyzes the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. People with a fixed mindset “care so much about how smart they will appear that they often reject learning opportunities” (Dweck 2) instead of wanting to achieve their full potential. Other people, the ones with...

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Mindset Final

GROWTH MINDSET (Final Draft) Growth mindset is the best way to learn especially in this day and age. When you have a fixed mindset, you settle for everything and you believe that you don’t have any more to offer than what you are already doing. Sometimes we are our worst enemy and we doubt our ability to become better. When students and even teachers have a growth mindset, they understand that intelligence...

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Mindset Essay

Kyle Sharma Dr. Ochi Eng 200 January 27, 2015 Mindset Essay There are two types of mindsets, and they are growth or fixed mindsets. I think that I am the type of person that has a growth mindset. I think that this is the type of person I am because of how I can both grow in intelligence and can change it at my own will. Also a favorite memory of mine, which was taking my drivers test, showed me that this description of a growth mindset fit me perfectly, because I had confidence going in to...

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Hunting and Mindset

How your mindset can affect your life. I believe if you have a fixed mindset it’s never too late to change and adapt to a growth mindset. The growth mindset will lead you to try new things but a fixed mindset will stop you in your tracks causing you only to fail. The type of mindset you have is very important because it will influence your life in many ways. What is the difference between a growth and fixed mindset? Well a growth or positive mindset leads to a desire to learn and therefore...

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Global Mindset

Developing a Global Mindset B D SINGH Sr. Prof & Associate Dean (MDP & C) IMT,GHAZIABAD  Market success is only part of globalisation. We must globalize every activity in the company. We’ve made some progress in sourcing products and components so critical to survive and win in a pricecompetitive deflationary world, but our challenge is to go beyond that – to capitalize on the vast intellectual capital available around the globe. – John F Welch Jr. CEO  There are no German or American companies...

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On Growth/Fixed Mindsets

On Growth/Fixed Mindsets Mindsets are beliefs about yourself, your characteristics, or how you use your basic ability. Based on new psychological studies about mindsets, there are two categories of mindsets, Fixed Mindsets and Growth Mindsets. A fixed mindset is a belief that abilities and intelligence are set and cannot be changed. On the other hand, a growth mindset would be one that abilities and intelligence can grow through effort and perseverance. My mindset has been changing throughout my...

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Being Successful

self-motivation, interpersonal skills, thinking strategically, innovation and being open to change. In this paper I will explain how these qualities fit into my personal success throughout my life, education and career. By using habits, knowledge and mindsets necessary to succeed. First off, to be successful in life you have to especially being able to save money which can be considered a habit. Knowing which direction to head and what road to take. Also, you have to have your mind set for success,...

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What Young India Wants

matter how big or small, urban or rural, educated or uneducated, society is indeed the part and parcel of government, especially a democracy. For any change to happen in the country, the society has to change in terms of its values,its mindset and ethics Politics- Indian politics has always been a hard nut to crack and it always will be. For any aspiring young Indian or anyone who cares about Indian Politics- the book provides a flavor of what it takes to be a part of the biggest democracy...

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Production Concept in Marketing Management

product at lesser price, makes you think all over again over what you have being doing till now. The concept of mass product and cheap selling today may not work for all, or rather may not work for those it used to be, only for the fact that consumer mindset has changed. Moreover competition has grown, leading for you to think over whether to sell a quality product or the same product at lower rates. Reference: http://classof1.com/homework-help/marketing-homework-help/...

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If I Were a Rose Flower

at 9:25pm) from a mobile device 23 year old passed away. Not because of the Gang Rape, not because of the multiple organ failure, not because of medical failure, but because of the failure of the legal system, the mindset, the cultural ethos of the country. The mindset of the masses failed to give her the protection she deserved. This disgusting mentality of Patriarchy, this filthy notion that a woman is but a tool in the hands of men, is but a piece of entertainment in movies where she is...

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The Most Important Thing in My Life

financial, family, work, community lives. Each one of us has a unique mindset or set of beliefs which are continuously changing and which we use to make decisions, each of which has significant roll on effect on how the rest of our lives turn out. These mindsets are determined by the unique environments we have grown up in our age, our education and the cumulative impact that each life experience has had on us. Our unique mindset is either working in our favors or working against us in each and every...

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High School

placing that anger that came from my reactions into more productive things, such as writing and reading. I channeled my anger into more useful things that would have no adverse effects and because of this, was able to change my usually emotional mindset to a much more logical one – one that considered repercussions and remained cautious even in times when my patience was most tested. Clearly, I’ve changed significantly in my general outlook on many things, even though the foundations of who I am...

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CHAPTER 2: THE ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET IN INDIVIDUALS TRUE/FALSE 1. Entrepreneurs are pessimists who see the cup half empty, rather than half full. ANS: PTS: 1 NAT: AACSB Reflective Thinking | Motivation Concepts KEY: pg 29 2. Good entrepreneurs seek feedback from others. ANS: PTS: 1 NAT: AACSB Reflective Thinking | Motivation Concepts KEY: pg 31 3. Commitment, determination, and perseverance are the only characteristics one needs to become a successful entrepreneur. ANS: PTS:...

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Entrepreneurial Skills and Characteristics

Q: how can leaders of corporate entrepreneurship generate potential for new ventures(working with people, strategy and operations)? Corporate entrepreneurial advantages (ventures) can be created relying on tangible (e.g. physical, financial and labor resources) and intangible resources (e.g. human, social and intellectual capital). Intangible resources are becoming ever more salient, especially in highly innovative and emerging industries. Whereas human capital is concerned with the capabilities...

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