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English Language: Key to Global Access

English Language: Key to Global Access By: Kyle A. Tumapang “Language is the blood of the soul in which thoughts run and out of which they grow,” as once said by Oliver Wendell Holmes. We cannot deny that we are all experiencing the effects of globalization. Globalization, as we all know, is the process of interaction, and integration among peoples, companies, and governments of different nations. Due to its continuous rise, the unity of people around the world is greatly needed. But how can unity...

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The Influence of Difference in the 15th Century

creating the perfect world, where no one was hated, no religious man persecuted, no woman too frail or child too ignorant, a place where people would go to furnish new dreams and forget about their previous struggles. This whole scenario sounds unbelievably amazing, right? Well, if one has studied their history books, they would know that this is exactly what the English strived to accomplish after Christopher Columbus came upon this so-called new world. After this discovery, and throughout the entirety...

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English and International Integration

English and International Integration. International integration is a process by which countries remove barriers to trade freely and absorb new technology, new culture... outside national borders. In the integration period, English is considered a bridge linking countries together. Nowadays, nearly 4 billion people all over the world use English as their first or second languages. Fluency in English has become an indispensable skill in the context of economic integration today. In my...

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English - A language of global business

English - A language of global business With China’s growing economic might, is Mandarin becoming the preferred language of business? Not anytime soon, says a newly released study. Instead, English will maintain and grow its dominance, moving from “a marker of the elite” in years past to “a basic skill needed for the entire workforce, in the same way that literacy has been transformed in the last two centuries from an elite privilege into a basic requirement for informed citizenship.” (Indeed...

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English Language and Its Regional Variations

English language and its regional variations A language isn’t the same in every place where it is used. There are many factors that make it contrast with the standard form. The central subject of this essay is thus the regional variation of the English language more precisely in the Asian Continent that is related to the chapter of Crystal (2002: 276 – 280). The English spoken in India will be stressed due to its specific characteristics and importance. Walsh (2001), more than 10 years ago,...

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Learning English Using Internet

Learning English Using the Internet By: Marthy Vp Technological advancements have now made learning the English language much more easy, fun, and convenient. One technologically advanced method that has improved the way people learn English is the Internet. This modern form of communication has opened the world to a whole new way of learning the English language. The vast resources on the Web makes learning English a less intimidating undertaking. When one embarks on the process of learning English...

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Probe into the Application of English Lexicology

Probe into the Application of English Lexicology Abstract: Lexicology refers to all the words in English language. In this essay, I will focus on the practicality of Lexicology and why we English learners should learn it. A good knowledge of morphological structures of English words and rules of word-formation will help learners develop their personal vocabulary and consciously increase their word power. The information of the historical development and the principles of classification...

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English Language and Amy

speak proper English. This story describes how she uses rhetorical strategies to make her argument, while also criticizing cultural standards. The story states that the Amy Tan writes of the different Englishes she uses in her life and illustrates the innumerable ways that people express themselves, depending on who they are with, and their needs. The audience Tan is trying to reach are people that are ignorant of the fact that people like Amy’s mother who speak “broken” English most of the...

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Examples Essay People Are Not Always What They Appear to Be

Examples Essay People are Not Always What They Appear To Be Sometime people surprise us. Sometime they outright shock us. Sometimes they turn out to be not at all who we thought they were. People are not always what they appear to be; it can be for the best or worse. Personal issues such as gambling, drugs, and alcohol can prove that people are not who they appear to be because they hide their addictions. A second example to show that people are not who they appear to be is how they decide to...

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Making english official is unnecessary

Making English Official is Unnecessary English is the common language in America. No other viable language exists to replace English as a main way of communication. Because citizens who do not speak English are protected by the First Amendment, establishing English as the official language of the United States would be a direct infringement upon their freedom of speech and could isolate communities of immigrants who haven't learned the language yet. In America, most business and work...

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