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Why Did the Industrial Revolution First Begin in England?

by the industrial revolution. Also, England's economy had progressed further than that of any other country in the direction of abundance. In simplest terms, fewer people had to struggle to remain alive. More people were in a position to sell a surplus of the goods they produced to an increasingly expanding market. And more people had enough money to purchase the goods that the Market offered. Also the country's small size and the fact that it was an island encouraged the development of a nation...

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provoked Philip the second to attack England. Perhaps this attack was fuelled by rage against a certain English man, a difference in opinion, certain event against Englishmen at sea or even the pain of a previous wife who was residing in England, being killed. In this essay I will explain each of the reasons. The first reason at hand which was rage against a certain English man. This English man’s name was Sir Francis Drake and he was the captain of a ship named ‘Cacafuego’ he was also a privateer...

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Engelsk Stil - God Save the Pub

God Save the Pub Task 1 B. State your opinion about theme pubs and discuss whether it is a good idea that theme pubs go global. A lot of people today would state that the good old English pub is dying, especially after the smoking ban on July 1, 2007, and the fact is that 52 pubs are closing every week, and more than 6,000 fewer pubs today than just ten years ago, but ironically there are more places to enjoy a drink now, than just a couple of years ago. And the reason is quite simple...

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Sandra Drake

Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea”. First we have the effects of the abolishment of slavery on the ex-slave owners and the Afro-Caribbean ex-slaves. Second we see the loss of identity that Antoinette had as she struggle to fit in the Caribbean culture and the English culture as well. At last, Drake turns her attention into the social tension that increasingly grows on Wide Sargasso Sea. The unexpected abolishment of slavery left Antoinette’s family in a bad social and economic situation. Her mother’s...

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O Challenge the Interpretation of the Famine in Sources M and N

providence’. This also implies that the God had given the famine to the Irish. On the other hand if we examine source M due to the fact that it had been printed by an English newspaper the views on the famine differ slightly. Source M sees the famine in a positive view saying that it is a ‘blessing’. It also portrays the English in a good light and the Irish in bad in order to stay loyal to their country and to project the views of the public therefore it isn’t very reliable as it is a one-sided...

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sending people into the new land, the English planned to use a mercantilist policy and fully use the colonies for their resources. The colonist's creation of the proverb "Mother countries exist for the benefit of their colonies" is sufficient because England's original intentions of mercantilism soon disappeared after their entrance into this new world. The reason for the decline in their motives can be traced to many occurrences, most notably benign neglect of the colonies and internal English conflicts...

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Shooting an Elephant

Orwell, is a subordinate of the British government, is under a great pressure. He has the responsibility of controlling the people according to their command. To him, the Europeans like dictator abuse the innocent people. And later, while chasing the elephant, this concept does not change much, only that now, in a closer aspect, the dictator who pressure him turn out to the people he has sided with against the innocent – the escaped elephant – outer. In addition to the external forces that Orwell has...

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Proclamation Act of 1763

Proclamation Act of 1763 The Proclamation Act of 1763 was a major change for both the English and the French. For the English, they wanted to assimilate the French. This was necessary for two reasons. One, the British had, after all, conquered them, and wished to create a full British Empire. They thought that the only way to do this was to assimilate all other cultures (except the Natives) into their culture. Two, the French were still a threat, and Quebec was the foothold...

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1604 commentary

the setting, of Othello. During the time that the play was written and performed, England was in a time of transition, as Elizabethan England came to an end and became Jacobean England with the ascension of King James I. During this time, the English people were also still in the wake of the Turkish attack on Cyprus. Shakespeare illustrates both of these matters within his work of Othello. As the Jacobean audience was in transition, a play such as Othello would have resonated within them, as...

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A Passage to India: Imperialism

and social takeover of India by the British Crown. The novel deals widely with colonialism and more specifically, imperialism. Forster presents the theme in question through the lives and minds of the characters from both the Indians and the English people. There is no subjective undertone to the novel and we see clearly how each character feels, politically correct or not. Forster successfully presents different scenarios and relationships with the assistance of symbolism and imagery, for us to...

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