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pocahontas and the powhattan dilemma

we think about ourselves and other people. The Pocahontas story is no different, from the productions of the Disney movie Pocahontas, to the writing of the book Pocahontas, and the writing of Powhatan Dilemma by Camila Townsend. Each individual person has an opinion. What they choose to believe in all depends on what they want themselves to think. We can all pretend we live in a nice happy place where there are no problems, such as to believe that the English settlers came in strictly for peace...

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Why the New England and Chesapeake Regions Were Different

major European colonies were the New England and Chesapeake regions. The New England and Chesapeake regions were both settled by people of the English origin, but by the 1700’s the two colonies drifted to become to distinct societies. What was the differences these two regions had in creating such different societies? Even though the colonies were both settled by English settlers they came to North America for different reasons, which is where the different societies began to really emerge. When...

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conflict of concience

seen with prejudice eventually developing towards a group of people or a culture. Prejudice has been seen aimed towards Aboriginals with names such as ‘petrol-sniffers’ and ‘doll-bludgers’. Today I will be presenting how the ways in which conflict is dealt with impacts upon how we relate to others. Conflict is an implication between two or more parties where opposing ideas and/or opinions are clashed. By dealing with conflicts, people are not only able to move forward by accepting mistakes of...

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Active listening

(700 max!) Watch the PowerPoint posted on line for tips on writing a college level essay. Work hard on the English. Not because this is an English class but because your ideas will be much more effective if the English is correct. Use spell check on your computer. If you believe your English is not so good, ask a friend to edit your essay for you. And buy them a beer!!  If your English is good, edit your friends’ essays and ask for a beer!  Grading: Essay and outline are worth 40% of your...

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Was Colonial Culture Uniquely American?

blend of diverse environmental factors and peoples caused the development of a variety of cultures that were mostly English, part European, and altogether original.<br><br>The unique conditions, both cultural and environmental, of each colony produced a unique culture for that colony. And while each colony had it's share of groups, the mix of people and their cultures in each colony was not evenly distributed. In some colonies there was a high mix of people, while in others one group dominated. These...

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Queen Elizabeth I

love for her people. Elizabeth I became queen during a period of religious conflict in England. Unlike her sister Mary, who had been queen before Elizabeth and used her position as ruler to force her own beliefs on her subjects, Elizabeth approved a sort of compromise between Catholicism and Protestantism to satisfy both groups (“Elizabeth I”). This action showed that Queen Elizabeth had some compassion for the English as people, not just as subjects. As a result, the people of her kingdom...

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Paul Kelly

‘Maralinga’, ‘Treaty’, ‘From little things big things grow’ and ‘Special treatment’ all depict that Aboriginal Australians are the victims of a cruel society. English settlers took the land of Aboriginals without their consent and were forced to work like slaves. The Aboriginal Australians were required to give their land to the English and work for low wages in harsh conditions “My father worked a 12-hour day”. Through Kelly’s lyrics, he makes it clear that the Aboriginals had a tough life with...

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Why Did So Many Colonists Die? Jamestown had been one the first English settlements in the New World. The English had settled here before the Pilgrims’ predestination. Jamestown is known for its hard living conditions and its difficulty to grow crops. During the spring of 1607, King James I sent out over 100 passengers to sail into the Chesapeake Bay. John Smith was a dominant figure that helped the colonist get through their first year in the wilderness. But as time went by, not all of those settlers...

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olaudah equiano

 After Columbus’ voyage to the New World in 1492, contact between three types of people—Europeans, Native Americans, and Africans—was accelerated. Each, remaining relatively isolated from the others, had established independent cultures and societal characteristics. It was almost unavoidable that when these peoples came into contact, differences in interests could arise that could in turn lead to conflict. Clashes like those along with economic and trade interests frequently led to one member...

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Language: Helen Keller, Frederick Douglass , Amy Tan

and deep concepts, ideas, projects, goals. We really can’t live our life to the best without it, we are not the same without language and we can only give it the right importance, the importance making our life being in contact and in relation with people, the importance of making us feel alive and passionate of the world we are living with, the importance to fulfill our life to the top. LANGUAGE Language is very often considered something that all of us take for granted, something we learn when...

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