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Emotional Insecurity

There are a lot of factors in a person’s life that contribute to their feeling of insecurity. Certain events might cause that, mostly it tends to be childhood events. Men usually try to hide their insecure feelings by making sure they appear strong and masculine while deep down they could be very weak. A person feeling insecure is normal but insecurity taking over a person might result in his downfall. That’s what happened to Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart. Okonkwo’s obsession...

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Debbie Spring, The Kayak. A literary deconstruction of the character of Theresa, Analyzing her characteristics.

Kayak .International1 Thomson Publishing, 1999, 36). This shows that Theresa had low self-esteem, caused by the condition of life has bestowed upon her by taking away the power from her legs. Theresa is so used to her insecurity that no matter what the circumstances are, her insecurity will pop up and take control. "Jamie puts his hand on my shoulder 'Would you like to join me and my friends at a campfire tonight?' 'I don't need pity' I retort." (Spring, Debbie Language and writing 9 -The Kayak .International1...

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Kung-Fu Panda 2 Belonging

individuality in finding a role in society is emphasised heavily throughout the film. The film follows the growth of Po in his journey of achieving “Inner Peace”. In the film you see Po’s idolization of other Kung Fu legends displays his own inner emotional insecurity and spiritual turmoil. This is also reinforced through the technique juxtaposition, shown through Po’s fatness and Tigress’s hardened self. The need for you to accept your true self in forming meaningful relationships is shown through this...

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Susan Griffin Our Secret

certain visitors came, we were as if driven by an inwardly secret panic that who we were might be discovered" (‘Our Secret', Susan Griffin pg 353). Trying to find coverings that could protect them from the apparent loop-holes tells the state of insecurity that her family was living under. This case is similar in effectiveness to that of Himmler's. As a child growing up, his lack of a social life and his seemingly frail stature hindered him from engaging in manly sports and mixing with his peers....

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A Separate Peace: the Price of Jealousy

concepts we can learn from this novel is how we, as a species, create our own enemies due to our jealousy and insecurity. Knowles’ story shows how humans tend to satisfy the need to have someone to compete with by sometimes choosing to dislike the people who deserve it the least. Phineas and Gene are best friends, but also, although Finny never realizes it, worst enemies. Gene’s insecurity is the cause for nearly everything bad that happens throughout the course of the story. Although almost anyone...

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Macbeth and His Downfall

responsibility to one of the opposing side in an event. In the play, Lady Macbeth, his husband, forces Macbeth to kill the King of Scotland. She feels that they should hold the throne. Macbeth does kill Duncan and rises up to power. As he rises, his insecurity and ambition causes him to commit murderous deeds, which eventually brings him down. Although Macbeth is more to blame for his downfall, Lady Macbeth also contributed to Macbeth's ruin. Lady Macbeth uses temptation and his ambition as tools to...

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A Blind Man Makes Him See

narration, however, changes unexpectedly after the blind man has been at their home for the evening. He undergoes an epiphany as the blind man opens our narrator’s eyes to an existence he did not know was possible. The main character’s insecurity is underscored by his inability to acknowledge the significance of another man in his wife’s life, whether an ex-husband or simply an old friend. This is exemplified by the fact that he avoids mentioning the name of his wife’s ex-husband. While...

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Mothers: The Most Imperative Ingredient in a Family

balanced family life no matter how much her kids dislike their father. Mr. Ramsay parades around reciting poems and shouting at anyone, yet despite being very arrogant and loud, he is actually insecure. It falls to Mrs. Ramsay to protect those insecurities from others that may exploit them because that is what she feels her job is. In addition, she shows a love that some of the closest marriages do not even have in common. “Yes, you were right. It’s going to be wet tomorrow. You won’t be able to...

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Everyday Use

e. Explanation of evidence: “That is the way Maggie walks. She has been like this, chin on chest, eyes on ground, feet in shuffle, ever since that fire that burned that other house to the ground.” f. Closing sentence: No matter Dee’s insecurity and easily intimidated ways she still has her mom to back her up when people including her own sister want to take advantage of these traits. Conclusion In conclusion, no matter what life brings, or -Restate thesis -Closing thoughts...

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Othello - Iago

Despite admitting his own motives to Roderigo, he promises Roderigo that in helping him, it will gain him the hand of Desdemona. Of course, this is merely a technique Iago uses to gain Roderigo's service as he successfully exploits Roderigo's emotional insecurities. The audience become aware that Desdemona is a chaste, pure "jewel" that would never betray Othello or pursue Roderigo, heightening Iago's empty promise to Roderigo. As the play progresses, Roderigo becomes doubtful of Iago but in response...

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