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  • Personification Essay

    Old House in the Woods Outside my window theirs an old farm house sitting down in the valley surrounded by pines. The darkness mixed with the trees give the house camouflage in the evenings when the sun goes down. Their is a legend that the property the house sits on is the home of a demon‚ it’s been given the nickname‚ "Hell’s Half Acer". The house has been for sale ever since we moved here ten years ago. Sleeping there is like sleeping in the devil’s backyard ‚ which doesn’t sound fun at all

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  • Love Personification Essay

    Courtney Claassen Mrs. Kerr Block 1 27 September‚ 2010 Love I can’t see you….but I know you’re there. Somewhere‚ someday I will find you. I’ve heard things about you. The way you surprise people when their least expecting it‚ or jump at them when they want it the most. You are happy. But you have your days‚ where you can be down. Oh love‚ how I wish to feel the warmth of your wrath that others have felt. I wait. And wait. But nothing seems to come. You link two people‚ in ways unimaginable

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  • Personification

    not put up a fight he looks at the moon and keeps it in sight II The tide continues to roar‚ but slowly starts to cease there’s his door‚ he breaks the sand with ease‚ he turns and yearns for a better tomorrow he looks up and learns‚ his emotions ‘tis not sorrow the unbearable sun begins to rise Mercury turns tail and runs‚ being wise With

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  • Personification In The Odyssey

    In nowadays literature world personification is defined as attribution of humanlike qualities to non-human objects. Contemporary and long-recognized authors commonly use this technique in their writings. Moreover‚ until recently‚ personification was directly linked to allegory (Paxson‚ 1994)‚ so the most antique works of literature can be now associated with this writing method. One of those works is Homer’s Odyssey‚ which is filled with several personifications. Dawn is most commonly personified

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  • Personification and Bradbury

    Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury is full of symbolism in the form of personification. Bradbury uses this personification to paint an image of a grim and perilous future. The setting is symbolic of what the future could look like and the house represents robots taking over responsibilities. Bradbury uses personification to bring life to this house and to make his story have a bigger impact on the reader. The personification adds to the story a deeper and more possible meaning which adds a bigger

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  • Personification In Poetry

    share a message that no matter what happens‚ it is important to persevere. They are able to reveal this message by using literary devices such as metaphors and rhyme. However‚ they both differentiate in their own ways because Edgar’s poem uses personification. Michael Sage’s poem has a usage of rhyme and metaphor. An example of rhyme in his poem is‚ “We’ve all had times‚ when the going gets rough; The smooth ride suddenly‚ feels bumpy and rough.” In this case he’s rhyming

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  • Emotions Essay

    How important are your emotions in your life? There are many factors involved in making decisions but the most important are the emotions. My whole life is full of decisions that I made using my emotions. Emotions are the best way to make decision because emotions give a different point of view of the reality‚ help to choose the right options‚ and they are the key to success. Firstly; emotions always give me a different point of view of the reality. When I was eleven years old‚ I had a friend

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  • Personification Of Death

    Death” by Emily Dickinson‚ most people would assume that the poem would take on a gloomy mood because of the word death‚ but in this case the poem has a gentle and peaceful mood to it. Dickinson uses the personification of death to cast the peaceful and gentle mood for the poem. Personification and mood both play big parts in revealing the theme that death does not wait for anyone‚ and often comes unexpectedly. In the poem‚ Dickinson personifies death‚ and makes death a character in the poem. The

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  • Personification Paper

    Personification Paper Hero English 3 10-6-13 Many suns and moons have passed over my head. It gets cold here‚ but the people warm my life with their laughter and merriment that I bring to them. I truly enjoy making people happy‚ in fact‚ it is my job. I was created to please others and every chance I get to do that‚ I try. I bring shelter to warriors‚ noblemen‚ the king‚ the queen‚ and other folk of the town. I am a celebration centerpiece to reward the people for their efforts in making our

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  • The Personification of Family

    The Personification of Family “I have found the paradox‚ that if you love until it hurts‚ there can be no more hurt‚ only more love”. As humans we learn to accept those we love despite their strengths and weaknesses. We create bonds that go beyond logic and reasoning. Bonds that overpower the mind and with the proper time allow us to omit our pain. Love stands superior to all faults in a relationship. Such is the imperfection of love that without experiencing pain‚ love is never really understood

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