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  • Emotion and Happiness

    "Happiness is an imaginary condition‚ formerly often attributed by the living to the dead‚ now usually attributed by adults to children‚ and by children to adults." Thomas Szasz (b. 1920)‚ U.S. psychiatrist. "Emotions‚" The Second Sin (1973). Szasz is stating that since happiness is an imaginary condition‚ basically no one has it and it does not exist. Although it is a feeling and can be internal‚ happiness is what we make it out to be. Certain things such as money and having the most expensive

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  • Evocation of emotion

    often done through an author’s ability to evoke an emotional response from their audience and can be demonstrated through the comparison of Raine’s ’A martian sends a postcard home.’ (1979) & James Joyce’ ’Eveline’ (1914). A definition of ’emotion’ can be given as; A strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances‚ mood‚ or relationships with others. (www.oxforddictionaries.com) Craig Rain’s Martian Poem literally titled ’A Martian sends a postcard home’ asks the audience to challenge their

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  • Emotion and Metaphor

    But the phrase gives a clear picture of what we try to say. In this case‚ the tenor is the emphatic/loving person and the vehicle is the heart made of gold. The metaphor suggests that a person is rich of heart‚ and when the heart is often linked to emotions and relations‚ it is likely that the person in question is generous with these feelings. In that case a description can be difficult‚ and it can be hard to communicate the feeling you get from the metaphor in ordinary terms. This links to the other

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  • Emotion and Veterinarian

    Nelson M. Block:B Veterinarian I’ve always had the need to help animals get better and recover from injury. I want to do this because I always had pets so that influenced me and my older sister wanted to be one too. Is it that‚ that influenced me? I chose to be a veterinarian because like I stated before‚ I’ve always been with animals and I love working with them. It is important to me to find out more about this topic because I want to know what I am doing when I am trying to achieve this goal

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  • Emotion and Haste

    Haste makes waste. “Haste makes waste” which is an old saying accepted almost by everyone. Some people are prone to do the tasks as quickly as they can but then they realize that everything got wrong. From my point of view‚ we should not do things precipitately but instead we should act carefully. For a start‚ haste makes us lose our attention. The main reason is that we only think about consequences of our aim when we act quickly. So eventually it may result in unpleasant and dangerous events

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  • Man : a Bundle of Emotions

    Man is a social animal and man is a living organism as well. Where there is life there will be emotions. It is the emotion that has brought one man to another man together and formed the society. It is emotion that differentiates us from non living organisms. The man feels what other man suffers from. The best example of human’s emotions we can see from the mother fondling and milking her baby. Can anybody tell me why we start shedding our valuable tears when someone dies in an accident .Don’t we

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  • Positive and Negative Emotions

    Positive emotions can make the difference between a good or a bad day. There are also my benefits to positive emotions. Experiencing positive emotions can enhance resiliency. There will always be times were negative emotions are experience but‚ positive emotions all for one to offset the negative emotions and better handle stressful situations. Positive emotions also play a big role in an individual’s health. In regards to the cardiovascular and immune system health‚ the experience of positive

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  • Emotion Coach Parents

    Emotion coaching is what this novel was all about. Dr. Gottman filled this book with effective parenting practices and vital techniques for coaching kids how to manage emotional experiences. Dr. Gottman believe that children will be responsible if they experience a sense of love and connectedness within their families. Parenting involves a lot of emotions. Children learn about our emotions through our families. After conducting a study on 119 families‚ Dr. Gottman discovered two types of parents:

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  • Emotions and Mental Health

    Emotions and Mental Health Chapter 8 Breckenridge and Vincent(1981) said that the emotional well-being is a primary factor in a child’s mental and personality development. A child inherits not only physical structure but also the psychological structures of emotional and mental potentiality called PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION. This world is a complex place to live in. The tempo of change is fast and sometimes drastic. Changes may be in terms of technology‚ population explosion‚ politics‚ educational

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  • Emotion Recognition in Autism

    Emotion Recognition in Children with Autism Numerous of studies have been conducted with Autism Spectrum disorder‚ probably the most common research conducted with autism is emotion recognition. Most autistic individuals‚ especially children‚ have trouble recognizing others’ emotions. Most of these researches that have been conducted have used the six basic emotions. The research article I chose “The ‘Reading the Mind in Films’ Task: Complex Emotion and Mental State Recognition in Children with

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