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  • About emotions

    The word "emotion" dates back to 1579‚ when it was adapted from the French word émouvoir‚ which means "to stir up". However‚ the earliest precursors of the word likely dated back to the very origins of language. In psychology and philosophy‚ emotion is a subjective‚ conscious experience characterized primarily by psychophysiological expressions‚ biological reactions‚ and mental states. Emotion is often associated and considered reciprocally influential with mood‚ temperament‚ personality‚ disposition

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  • Emotions Paper

    The connection between motivation and emotions can be seen in everyday life. To show the connection this paper will discuss two of the historical theories of emotion and arousal as they relate to human motivation. Then it will analyze two research methods used for uncovering basic emotions. Finally it will cover the facial feedback hypothesis‚ particularly the event-appraisal-emotion sequence. James-Lange Theory There have been numerous theories on emotions and arousal. The James-Lange theory is

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  • Managing Emotions

    Managing and Using Emotions in the Workplace Brad Pagano Southern New Hampshire University Abstract This case study analysis offers an overarching review on managing and using emotions in the workplace. It uncovers the factors that lead to poor management of emotions‚ why the strategic use of emotions in the workplace can be a powerful tool for employees‚ and offers suggestions on methodologies that companies can change their emotional climate. It will also discuss the advantages and

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  • Emotions in Organisation

    Emotions in Organisations What are emotions? Physiological‚ behavioural and psychological episodes experienced toward an object‚ person or event that create a state of readiness A feeling‚ psychological state and biological state that incline a person to act in a certain way Emotions are experiences. Emotion and Work As actors we all through the process of socialisation learn how to control and manage emotions in certain contexts Emotions are getting more important in service section –

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  • Emotions in Workplace

    Managing Emotions in the Workplace: Do Positive and Negative Attitudes Drive Performance? You know the type: coworkers who never have anything positive to say‚ whether at the weekly staff meeting or in the cafeteria line. They can suck the energy from a brainstorming session with a few choice comments. Their bad mood frequently puts others in one‚ too. Their negativity can contaminate even good news. "We engage in emotional contagion‚" says Sigal Barsade‚ a Wharton management professor who studies

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  • Emotions in the Workplace

    Emotions in the Workplace Alan-Michael Saltis Southern New Hampshire University OL 500 Human Behavior in Organization Professor Sue Golabek Emotions in the Workplace Poor management leads to ineffective productivity. There are a number of factors that make this statement true. One factor that most may not think about is how emotions have a role on employee behavior at work. It is important to understand the relationship that emotions can have on moods. While emotions may be cause

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  • Motivation and Emotion

    Motivation and Emotion Motivation: Motive: An emotion‚ desire‚ physiological need and or similar impulse that acts as an encouragement to action. Motivation is the driving force by which humans achieve their goals. It is an internal state that activates and gives direction to thoughts‚ feelings and action. Types and Nature of Motives: Intrinsic motivation: Internal desire to perform a particular task. For example‚ pleasure‚ mastery etc. Before to be intrinsically motivated‚ one must satisfy

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  • Emotion and Anger

    Where the Wild Things Are is an excellent book to use when discussing emotions with children‚ and‚ although the theme is a little abstract‚ the author still does an exceptional job of developing the theme of dealing with anger and not letting it separate us from those we love – or from those who “love us best”. When Max is sent to his room without supper for causing mischief‚ he becomes angry. His wild journey becomes a metaphor for his journey through anger - the process of allowing his anger free

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  • Emotion And Art

    Allen 4-27-11 Barry TOK Emotion and Art Emotion is classified to be the mental connection between a distinct individual and reality. It gives people a sense of awareness as well as detachment from the things they are surrounded by. Through the series of artistic capabilities‚ artists have managed to get solid ideas across because of the emotion they have built up inside. The study of art gives artists the opportunity to release emotion through the expression of color and creativity

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  • Effect of Emotions

    STD: Fybmm EMOTIONS Topic covered: Positive and negative emotions and bodily changes Emotions are an integral part of our life. Emotions‚ often called feelings‚ include experiences such as love‚ hate‚ anger‚ trust‚ joy‚ panic‚ fear‚ and grief. Emotions are specific reactions to a particular event that are usually of fairly short duration. Emotions have both physical and mental components. Emotions colour people ’s lives and give them depth and differentiation. Emotions can be positive

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