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  • Emotion as a Way of Knowing

    EMOTION ESSAY “The mind leads‚ the emotions follow” -Ayn Rand Emotion is a state of psychological stimulation and an expression of distinct responses[1]. Emotional states can be defined by particular bodily responses. Emotion is more similar to conscious thought than feelings are to conscious thought. Feelings are more like sensations‚ when you touch something you get a feeling[2]. Therefore feelings are processed faster than emotions‚ because when you touch something there is a slight

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  • Compare Emotion with One Other Way of Knowing.

    ‘There can be no knowledge without emotion…’ (Arnold Bennett). Discuss the relationship between knowledge and emotion. Compare emotion with one other way of knowing. However‚ emotion can be an obstancle as a way of knowing. If a person only relies on emotion as a way of knowing‚ the knowledge he/she gains will be very limited as his/her feelings are different every moment. It is because when that person is in a good mood i.e. happy‚ he/she will be more mentally conscious and willing to gain knowledge

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  • Ways of knowing

    Patterns of Knowing in Nursing Patterns of Knowing in Nursing Nursing education has evolved greatly over the years‚ in the mid-19th century‚ nursing was seen as a mothering and homemaking role; today nursing has a more scientific base (Peplau‚ 1986). Nursing is much more than following doctors’ orders and performing comfort care. Nurses must be able to apply different aspects of knowledge into their care in order to provide quality care to their patients. According to the American

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  • Ways of KNowing

    chosen based on what I know about being a woman. Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines the term “Expert” as the following: having or showing special skill or knowledge because of what you have been taught or what you have experienced (Merriam-Webster) By way of this definition‚ I consider myself an expert in general womanhood. WHNP is a focus on the primary medical management of women’s health throughout the phases of a woman’s life. Many aspects of a woman’s life are variables that will affect her general

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  • Ways of Knowing

    Carper (1978) identified four fundamental patterns of knowing which are (1) empirics‚ or the science of nursing; (2) personal knowledge; (3) esthetics‚ or the art of nursing; and (4) ethics‚ or the moral component of nursing. The purpose of this discussion is to explain how each pattern of knowing affects this author’s practice‚ and to identify the author’s preferred paradigm and provide justification for choosing this paradigm. Empirical knowing is based on the belief that what someone knows is objective

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  • Evaluate the Way Emotion May Undermine or Enhance Perception as a Way of Knowing

    Evaluate the way emotion may undermine or enhance perception as a Way of Knowing How do we know what we know? There are a variety of ways of knowing such as Perception‚ Emotion‚ Language and reason. In this essay‚ I will explore how emotion may undermine or enhance perception as a way of knowing. Perception‚ “per·cep·tion /pərˈsɛp[pic]ʃən/ Pronunciation Key -[per-sep-shuh[pic]n]” [1]‚ is the immediate or intuitive recognition or appreciation‚ as of moral‚ psychological‚ or aesthetic

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  • Ways in Which Emotion Might Enhance and/or Undermine Reasoning as a Way of Knowing

    Emotion has come of age in the last decade with theorists worldwide recognising the role of emotion in the development of intelligence. Intelligence is the faculty we all use to engage in ways of knowing. In this essay I will discuss the notion of emotion as used by key theorists and draw links and use comparative examples to show how emotion may enhance and/or undermine reasoning as a way of knowing. Daniel Goleman outlines the fundamental link between emotion and cognition in his book Emotional

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  • ToK Ways of Knowing

    truth-in-question with the four ways of knowing‚ as well as it’s justifications‚ and through Plato’s three truth requirements. If something that is believed to be true cannot be properly explained and justified through the ways of knowing and the justifications of at least empiricism and/or authority‚ than it is probably not true. When examining something to figure out if it is true or just believed to be true‚ it is really important to look at the four ways of knowing‚ which are: emotion‚ reason‚ language

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  • Intuition as a way of knowing

    The four ways of knowing presented by the IB are all based on our conscious mind whose mechanism is known to a certain extent. However intuition‚ memory and imagination are part of our unconscious mind whose functioning is not yet proven till date. Memory is the function of storing and recalling information gained from experience. Whereas‚ imagination is the process of forming new ideas or concepts of external data not present to our senses. For a notion to be proposed as a way of knowing‚ it needs

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  • Ways of Knowing and Their Importance

    September 2010 Ways of Knowing and their Importance Experts such as athletes‚ musicians‚ actors‚ surgeons‚ etc. have obtained knowledge which is difficult to describe in words and by language. These other ways of knowing‚ like perception‚ reason‚ and emotion play more important roles than language in allowing these experts to perform in their respective fields by gaining knowledge which cannot be passed on by words through their senses‚ emotional inspiration‚ and reasoning. A way of knowing which is

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