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  • Educational Placements for Disablities

    1 Six Educational Placements for Students with Disabilities IDEA established six main principals for the education of children with disabilities. First‚ is the Zero- Reject Rule‚ second is Nondiscriminatory Evaluation‚ third is Appropriate Education‚ fourth is the Least Restrictive Environment‚ fifth is the Procedural Due Process‚ and lastly is the Parental and Student Participation Rule (Turnbull‚ p. 12). After these six principles were established‚ the landmark legislation moved children

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  • Educational Technology 1

    Sarausa   > 1. List down all the technological tools/ concepts that you have discussed/ learned in your Educational Technology 1 subject. Briefly describe each of the tools in bullet form and its application to the teaching-learning process in the classroom.  > • Educational technology also known variously as e-learning‚ instructional technology and learning technology‚ educational technology is the use of technology to support the learning process. • PowerPoint Presentations are a way of

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  • Educational ideas of Aurobindo

    Sri Aurobindo developed an education system which is popularly known as integral education. Integral Education aims at bringing about change not merely in the society but primarily in the human behaviour or nature itself. According to him‚ the essence of education is the recognition of a child as a soul and developing its other faculties. He is of the view that the education must begin with as well as build on sound theoretical understanding of the child. Aurobindo’s idea of education is holistic

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  • educational issue paper

    Educational Issue Impact Paper Jill Asfoor Concordia University‚ St. Paul ED 502: Educational Issues - Cohort 246 Instructor Olivia Tolzin December 12‚ 2014 EDUCATIONAL ISSUE IMPACT PAPER/PRESENTATION RUBRIC CRITERIA Exemplary 220-204 Competent 203-176 Novice 175 or less Educational Issue 100 pts. Evidence of high level understanding of selected key educational issue that is related to literacy; and ability to apply knowledge to current teaching/education

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  • Educational Goals and Objectives

    Educational Goals and Objectives A GUIDE TO DEVELOPING LEARNER BASED INSTRUCTION Educational Objectives for this Presentation At the end of this presentation you will be able to: Compare and contrast educational goals vs. educational objectives Write an educational objective using the ABCD model Develop educational objectives that focus on the learner or participant as the intended audience List three adult learning preferences A Brief History of Educational Goals The development of educational

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  • Special Educational Needs

    | | |What Are Special Educational Needs? (Hand-out) | | This is a transition time for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities – new legislation in the form of a green paper - “Support and Aspiration” is advancing through the necessary stages and considerable changes

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  • Educational Problems in Egypt

    Egypt has the most significant educational system in the (MENA); Middle East and North Africa according to the Human Development Index (HDI). Although the educational system had been developing hastily since the beginning of the 1990s‚ Egypt had been continuously facing serious and accumulated problems in education. An exploding population‚ an increasing poverty‚ low literacy rates‚ drastic injustice in schools qualities; schools in urban areas where the rich can pay for education are better than

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  • Nature of Educational Psychology

    CHAPTER NO 1: NATURE OF EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY MEANING OF PSYCHOLOGY The word “psychology” comes form the Greek word (Psyche mean Soul‚ Logos mean Science)‚ thus the meaning of Psychology is the science of soul. EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY Education in the narrow sense is the modification of behaviour of children in a controlled environment. To shape the behaviour of the subject and bring some positive or negative changes‚ it is necessary to study the science of behaviour. The developmental

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  • Educational Reforms in Bhutan

    The purpose of the article is to discuss the weaknesses of Bhutan’s educational reforms focusing on how the educational system is not able prepare the youth for the world of work. The author implicitly discusses two questions. The first question pertains to how the education reforms fail to provide the youth with better knowledge‚ skills and values to match employers’ needs. The second question relate to how the educational system should be reformed to address the employment challenge. The author

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  • Effects of Educational Television

    Rosamie P. Cabural BANDONG‚ Kimberly P. Instructor PANER‚ Rosmary A. BSE 2 A Written Report in EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Topic: Educational Television Introduction: This report is about the Educational television‚ its concepts‚ effect‚ limitations and basic procedures in using this as a strategy. This also includes its concept in the Philippine setting. Highlights: * Educational Television or Learning show * It is the use of television programs in teaching the students. *

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