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  • Microsoft in the People Republic of China

    choosing the best localization solution from the available three choices. These choices are either leaving the market open for Software Vendors (SV) to localize the product‚ doing all of the localization by MS itself in Taiwan (headquarter of Greater China)‚ or adopting an intermediate solution such as localizing in PRC. Suggestion: In addressing this question‚ I used several criteria as listed in Exhibit 1 to evaluate these alternatives (Exhibit 1 also listed detailed analyses of each criterion

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  • Republic of China and Taiwan

    loosened gradually‚ to Taiwanese‚ the unification policy stressed by both the KMT regime and the Chinese government still poses a grave danger of a forced and forcible merger with China. On August 31‚ 1993‚ the People’s Republic of China issued a document titled‚ "The Taiwan Question and the Reunification of China." Circulating in seven languages‚ this diplomatic white paper manifested its intent and ambition of annexing Taiwan through its distortion of history‚ misconstruction of international

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  • Dominican Republic Education

    is a good education to you? The education you get before you go to college says a lot about who you will become as an adult‚ so what type of education would you want to see in schools? Many kids in the Dominican Republic don’t go to school and this has become a big problem because the government hasn’t done anything to prevent this or done anything to make the schools better. According to Unicef‚ the law 136-03 “all boys‚ girls‚ and adolescents have the right to integral quality education to allow

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  • Republic of China and Order Confirmation

    DATE: 4/1/2012 SOLD TO: SHANGHAI LUTONG INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO. LTD No. 2000 Hunan Rd‚ Pu Dong‚ Shanghai‚ China‚ 201204 People´s Republic of China DELIVERY TO: SHANGHAI LUTONG INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO. LTD No. 2000 Hunan Rd‚ Pu Dong‚ Shanghai‚ China‚ 201204 People´s Republic of China Dear Nansi Li‚ We are sending you our order confirmation‚ according to your order date 4th January‚ 2012.

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  • China Education

    teaching and learning practices‚ challenges to managing system changes‚ and perceptions of staffing and resource shortages‚ including financing. The researchers and workshop participants will explore the implications of this study in light of MOET‘s Education Plan to accelerate and improve the teaching and learning of English in Vietnam as one of several pathways for economic equity in the global community. This paper discusses the results of a 2008 study on a compilation of English language teaching

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  • People's Republic of China and Starbucks

    macchiato that had never before been considered.   Starbucks has been serving coffee domestically since the early 1970’s.  After experiencing success in the domestic market‚ Starbucks entered the global marketplace‚ including opening its first stores in China in 1999. (Lamb‚ p.139) The company entered the Chinese marketplace knowing the vast opportunities that were available‚ but quite aware that many factors had to be accounted for in its marketing mix and product offering strategies.  Cultural‚ political

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  • Management of People in China

    Introduction: China as a developing country‚ she changes a lot especially in the recent years. China had changed planning economic into market economy. After the reform of China policy‚ China’s gross domestic product growth rapidly. These kinds of situation bring about good opportunities for foreign investment to invest in China. Howton Ltd‚ is interested to take over a Chinese telecommunication company‚ New wonders in Shanghai‚ and Howton Ltd was interested in increasing its market share.

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  • Plato Republic Education Quez

    In Plato’s Republic‚ the concept of education is one of the most vital elements of this new city Plato is trying to create. So much of Plato’s Republic is geared towards education of its citizens because Plato firmly believes that education and wisdom is the key to and heart of the city‚ and without proper education of the citizens the city would not flourish. It’s with his strong views on the old traditions of Athens‚ and how one ought to be raised as a child to an adult‚ will give a clear indication

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  • Blind people on china

    Blind People in China. There are 5 million blind people in the whole world. And China is taking the first place of this problem. China accounts about 18% of blind people. Most of them can’t live independent; they all need someone’s help. Also we can know that 90% of blind people are living in modern cities. For example: Beijing (capital)‚ Shanghai and etc. Тhe total number of blind people in China at any given time expressed as a percentage of the total population -- is around 0.4%. According

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  • the education in Britain and China

    The Education in Britain and China Abstract: Education plays an important role all over the world. A highly developed nation depends on educated professionals and a skilled workforce. Education is an absolute necessity for economic and social development. UK and China‚ sharing different culture‚ have two typically different education systems. This essay pays more attention to the diversity of two education systems.Some similarities and differences can be found‚ which can be classified as the comparison

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