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DROUGHT Mitigation through Ground water recharges techniques In Texas and other parts of world. Case study on Baluchistan largest part of Pakistan By JALALUDDIN QURESHI, Ph.D. Email:iwses@live.com Professor environment & Geology, Houston community college, Texas Different aspects of drought have been discussed in this paper. Like how drought differs from other natural disasters. Different types of drought viz meteorological, agricultural, and hydrological have been defined. Rainfall pattern...

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Drought: Can Conservation Make a Difference” Living in a country with rapidly growing population, conservation is an increasingly pressing matter. This dilemma is more prevalent in times of drought. Individuals have to play a part to manage water and to keep from soil erosion. However, making a population do something is a difficult objective to achieve. I offer a solution in three ways: one, that a fine is imposed on citizens that go over a certain amount and two, we make appliances and...

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Writing Assignment #3—Drought The National Drought Mitigation Center conceptually defines drought as “a protracted period of deficient precipitation resulting in extensive damage to crops, resulting in loss of yield”. Three indicators of drought include below normal soil moisture, reduced stream flow, and, most obviously, lack of precipitation. These indicators can be kept track of in order to help mitigate the effects of drought. The U.S. Drought monitor makes maps of the United States...

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Drought in Australia

Drought in Australia Definition: A drought is a prolonged, abnormally dry period when there is not enough water for users' normal needs. Drought is not simply low rainfall; if it was, much of inland Australia would be in almost perpetual drought. Because people use water in so many different ways, there is no universal definition of drought. Drought occurs because rains are unreliable and in some years the ITCZ (Inner Tropical Convergence Zone = area of rainfall) may not move so far north....

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Natural Hazards- Drought

Natural Hazards Drought 2011 East Africa Drought The East Africa drought began in late 2010, when rains that usually fall between October and December did not arrive. The East Africa Drought affected most parts of Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. This lack of rain continued through 2011, driving food prices to unprecedented amounts. Due to two farming seasons being missed, many could not afford to buy food and fodder from more fertile areas. Approximately 12.4 million people were facing food ...

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2013 - 2014 California Drought

2014 Drought of California Water is a life resource for everyone. A situation between a drought and our resources being in danger with shortages of water in the region, is something that should not be trifled with. The state of California plunged into its third year of being affected by a record breaking drought. (Global Risk Insight) The Sacramento region was in desperate need of water this winter, with the high record of 52 winter days without rain (Sacramento Bee: Weather Report). Generally...

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Essay On Texas Drought

Agriculture and Restrictions in Texas Drought In the article “Upstream, Downstream” the author Jenna Craig tries to educate us on the drought in Texas. In this article Jenna Craig, states, “Since 2007, Texas has be experiencing one of the worst droughts in history”(Graig 1). It has effected the state in many ways. It has hurt rice farming drastically, which is important because rice farming is huge and Texas. It has also impacted people living on lakes or rivers because that’s the water they use...

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DROUGHT Definition How does it happens/causes Types Damage Connection with other hazzards Example an extended period when a region receives a deficiency in its water supply, whether atmospheric, surface or ground water. Drought can be caused by too little precipitation (rain and snow) over an extended period --------------------------- It can also be caused by increased demand for the available supply of usable water ----------------------------- Human activity can directly trigger exacerbating...

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Desertification in Africa: Causes and Effects

severe phase of drought after a period of good rainfall years in the 1950s. It was a multi- year drought that contributed to the death of over 300,000 people and five million livestock (www.eden-foundation.org). However, it is a misconception that droughts are responsible for desertification. Droughts do increase the rate of land degradation on non-irrigated land if the “carrying captivity is exceeded” (Thomas and Middleton, 113). Well-managed land will though recover of droughts with minimal “...

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Climate Change Paper Presentation

world. Presently about 40% of the world’s population lives within 100 kms of the coast 2. Droughts • Climate change is projected to intensify desertification and increase the frequency and severity of droughts • Gobi Desert in China expands more than 3,600 sq. km every year. • Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya each lose more than 1,000 sq. km. of productive lands every year to desertification • 2006-2009 drought in Syria 3. Water scarcity • Climate change over the 21st century is projected to reduce...

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