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Dora The Explorer

The series centers around a Latina girl named Dora Marquez with a love of embarking on quests related to an activity in which she would like to partake or some place that she wants to go, accompanied by her talking purple backpack and anthropomorphic monkey companion named Boots (named for his beloved pair of red boots). Each episode is based around a series of ritualistic events that occur along the way during Dora's travels, along with obstacles that she and Boots are forced to overcome or puzzles...

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Positive Media Role Modeles Do Exist

"Hmm. Let's stop and think" (Nickelodeon). This is one of Dora the Explorer's favorite phrases. Dora is a young Latina who lives inside a computer. She goes on missions exploring the world, and learning new things along the way. She is a role model for children everywhere. Young people learn about problem solving skills (as demonstrated by her favorite phrase), courage, and the world around them. Role models, such as Dora the Explorer, enhance children's creative skills, and open up their imaginations...

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Cosmic Humanist

realize the true meanings behind the fun and carefree front. For example, Dora the Explorer, Pocahontas, and I Am the Walrus by the Beetles, all have deeper Cosmic Humanist meanings behind them. Dora the Explorer is a well known kids TV program all over the world. Dora is a young girl who goes out with her monkey friend Boots and solves mysteries on where misplaced items or hard to find locations may be. Dora uses the aid of her talking map and backpack that both supply her with the...

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English comparative critique

Orenstein criticizes the famous character Dora The Explorer. It’s as if she thinks Dora is bad for her daughter. She goes on to say that Dora is dirty-kneed and sarcastically says that she has even taken the throne. It is a pretty good point that she makes saying that Dora is one of the big reasons of the princess trend. There was an episode where Dora was turned into a “true princess”. Although Orestein is being harsh attacking Dora like this. Dora the Explorer is just a cartoon made for children...

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Viacom Learning Points

span the global, such as China, Japan, UK, Germany, etc. And for MTV, its competitor Channel V in India push it to feature more Hindi musicians. * Viacom applied a global distribution strategy, but with some local adaption. For instance, Dora the Explorer, one of the main program of Viacom, was available through satellite channels across Europe, however, it provided much broader access for children in the United Kingdom who do not have cable or satellite television. Think global, act local. ...

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Review of Friends Magazine

covers an issue. The 251st is focused on Halloween, which is the dominant theme of the month. The magazine’s cover and the inside pages are both illustrated and decorated with children’s favorite latest cartoon characters, such as, Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, Poppy Cat…etc. Subsequent to the cover page, the reader will meet the well-structured and adorned table of contents, which is categorized into four major parts; Stories, Make, Games, and Prizes. Under the Stories...

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Television Is a Bad Influence on Children

closing, television can be proven to not always be a bad influence on children. I believe television is not a bad influence on children. For example, Sesame Street is teaching young children healthy eating habits and how to stay healthy. Also, Dora the Explorer is teaching you kids how to speak in Spanish which could very well be useful later in life. Although, if parents let their children watch television all the time, it will take away from education and healthy habits, which is why it should be...

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Child Observation Assessment

molars are present. H Time Observed: 3:45 to 4:00 AM or PM Behavior Observed: H is sitting in front of the television watching a TV show for children which she seems to be very interested in. The name of the show was “Dora the explorer”. H’s mom calls on her to come and eat but H replies “No”, so her mom decides to give her a little more time to finish the show that she is watching. H occasionally takes her eyes of the TV to point to M what characters in the show are doing...

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could actually be a good thing. If a child is only allowed to watch kids shows, and kids’ channels they won’t learn anything bad. If children are just watching shows like Dora the Explorer and Jake’s Neverland Island, they aren’t going to learn anything bad; they may actually learn things that are beneficial. With Dora the Explorer they learn problem solving and also get introduced to some Mexican culture and Spanish. If you were to let a child watch adult shows though, it may not turn out very well...

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Grandmas are a granddaughters best friend

September 20, 2013 Dora The Explorer Come on vamaños everybody lets go! I believe that the cartoon Dora The Explorer is one of the cartoons that more children should watch. The cartoon is very educational to children. The show teaches them information that they can use in the future such as another language. Dora The Explorer teaches children Spanish through the cartoon. I am going to explain to you three reasons I believe every child should watch Dora. There are many benefits of...

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