"Discuss The Ways That Health Can Be Conceptualized By A Society" Essays and Research Papers

Discuss The Ways That Health Can Be Conceptualized By A Society

Running Head: HEALTH, ILLNESS AND SOCIETY Health, Illness and Society [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Health, Illness and Society Introduction Disease or Sickness is the entities suspected of causing harm to an organism in biological as well as social functioning. Altered health state in a culture is deemed of causing vulnerabilities to reproduction, ability to care for loved ones and body metabolisms. Illness in every society is thought to interfere with...

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Mass Society Health

Clarizza H. Mr. Mariano MASSCOM A52 9 July 2013 Mass Society Health: An Annotated Bibliography Mass society theory is an idea that media has strong influence towards people, it plays a role of shaping people’s mind and perception of the social world and it is also to manipulate people’s action with delicate, subtle and effective ways (Baran and Davis 2006, p.43). With this, Mass Society Health states that various forms of media may infer health-related issues on people especially children. These...

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Identify one health condition and discuss the impact on an individual and or wider society

Identify one health condition and discuss the impact on an individual and or wider society This essay will focus on the health condition of (HIV) Human immunodeficiency virus and its impact on an individual’s wellbeing. A number of key dictionary definitions will follow. According to the Oxford Dictionaries (2013) Health is defined as “A person’s medical and physical condition”. HIV is human immunodeficiency virus, a retrovirus which causes Aids. Oxford dictionaries (2013). These definitions...

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What Interventions by Schools May Promote Better Health in Children? Discuss the Extent to Which You Think These Interventions Can Be Effective.

Understanding Health TMA 02 Task 1 Part A Summarise, in no more than 10 bullet points, what you understand from table 3 ‘Division of Household tasks by sex in Great Britain, 2002’ in chapter 4 of the module book. Men don’t tend to do the laundry as only three per cent say they always do it and five per cent say they usually do it Women seem to leave small repair jobs around the home to men with sixty five per cent saying their spouse or partner usually or always does them. ...

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Public Health

Public health is defined as the Science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health through organized community efforts. These include sanitation, control of contagious infections, hygiene education, early diagnosis and preventive treatment, and adequate living standards. It requires understanding not only of epidemiology, nutrition, and antiseptic practices but also of social science. Historical public health measures included quarantine of leprosy victims in the Middle...

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SOCIOLOGY ANALYSIS OF HEALTH WITH REGARDS TO GENDER IN MODERN SOCIETY. The social institution I have chosen for this CIA is health. Health is defined as ‘a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being’. Though it is mainly a biological issue, it is just as much a social issue in many aspects. Sociologists study health to understand how society works (as according to sociologists, health and illness is a result of the organisation of society) and how social forces have a chief...

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Discuss the influence of culture on health care practices, and how can nurses incorporate cultural sensitivity into their practice

Current society demonstrates the need for appropriate health care practises that implement cultural sensitivity. This essay will discuss that in order for a nurse to develop therapeutic benefits for the patient it is essential for the nurse to display cultural sensitivity. It will firstly discuss the meanings of culture, cultural diversity and cultural sensitivity, followed on by the multiculturalism in Australia and the differences between western culture and Muslim culture and lastly what a nurse...

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Health Education Model

Health Education Models In this day and age there are a variety of different campaigns that have been put on air to try and get massages across to the nation about their health. These campaigns range from stop smoking, sex education and health education as a whole. The NHS has recently broadcasted a sex education campaign that aims to promote awareness of the different contraception that are available to them in and around their area. Some advertisements can be deemed as effective and other people...

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Understanding Society Notes Health and Illness

Understanding society- Week 8 – Health and Illness Why do sociologists study health and illness? * Helps us understand how society works. For sociologists, the experience of sickness and disease is not about what happened to an individual; it is about what is happening in society, especially how resources are distributed. For example, poor living and working condition actually make people sicker and poorer people die earlier than with wealth. Disease and inequality are intimately linked... ...

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Spirituality In Family Can Change Society

Spirituality In Family Can Change Society On December 14 2012, the United States experienced one of the worst mass shootings in history, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Noah Pozner six years old, Ana Marquez-Greene six years old, Grace McDonnell seven years old, to name but a few, were the victims of Adam Lanza. The loss of basic principles in life love, patience, perseverance, compassion and forgiveness have favored the emergence of a new type of individuals, fuelled with meaningless...

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Discuss the Problems Associated with Disposing of Large Amounts of Waste and Identify Effective Ways of Reducing the Waste Societies Produce.

Module Title: Skills for Study 1 Assessment Title: Final Essay Assignment Title: Discuss the problems associated with disposing of large amounts of waste and identify effective ways of reducing the waste societies produce. Student ID Number: T0006256 Student Name: Son Ngoc Le Date of Submission: 29-11-2012 Word count: 785 words 1 FC501-3T T0006256 Waste disposal is an important topic and discussion in the society because it affects the human living environment. The waste is from the business...

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discuss the importance of work on our health and ill health

Spence   139113972     Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care     Sunderland University     SSC 107: DIMENSIONS OF HEALTH   DISCUSS THE IMPORTANCE OF WORK ON OUR HEALTH AND ILL HEALTH. YOUR ANSWER SHOULD INCLUDE PSYCHOSOCIAL THEORY         WORD COUNT: 1371 Health is something that we all take for granted and being healthy is something we all strive to achieve but what is health? It is extremely difficult to define health. Definitions of health can be described as being negative, positive...

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Health Care and Sociological Concepts

Health Care and Sociological Concepts "It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver." The American Health Care Industry is a very large social institution. The health care is the care, servicers, or supplies related to a person`s health. The three major sociological orientations are functionalist, conflict, and interactions; we will discuss each perspective as it pertains to the health care industry. Functionalism considers each aspect of society is interdependent and...

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Health and Wellbeing

physical activity, discuss in depth the contribution of physical activity, and healthy eating in the maintenance of overall physical and psychological wellbeing. It will describe the benefits of physical activity, healthy eating towards enhancing psychological wellbeing. It will outline some of the barriers encountered in the process of improving these areas for individuals and suggest ways of overcoming these barriers. We will explore the concept of psychological wellbeing discuss its components, outline...

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CONCEPTS OF HEALTH Introduction  This essay will firstly discuss what health is as a broad concept, look at the differences of health looking at the negative and positive aspects and how health can be socially constructed. Defining what is meant by holistic health and what effects promoting health can help reduce individuals getting ill by working together in society and looking at changes that need to be made and recognised.     Health has a wide range of meanings which all...

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Health Disparities

FINAL Health Disparities Question 1): How do past and present experiences influence gene expression susceptibility to health disparities? Give an example. Gene susceptibility can be influenced in many ways. In the past it was said that during the slave trade many died due to dehydration, vomiting, or diarrhea, which are all sicknesses due to the lack of salt intake. The survivors’ genetic makeup was the reason why they survived. The past influence of the slave trade to the survivors’ bodies was...

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Health Promotion

influences on health. Task 1 Introduction: Using the case scenario provided to me, I will produce a report to demonstrate an understanding of the effect socio-economic influences on Christina and Paul’s health and their unborn child. I will then make an assessment of the importance of government resources such as reports/research on inequalities in health in relation to the case scenario. Finally, I will identify and discuss the reason and any possible barriers to Mary accessing health care. 1.1:...

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Health and Modern Life

Modern Life Habits That Affect The Health Of Sense Organs food. However, many habits of modern life adversely affect the health of our sense organs. We discuss about such habits through this assignment. Content The various... Premium The Way Eating Habits Has Affected My Life The Way Eating Habits Has Affected My Life Its really astonishing how much our eating habits influence our every day life. From the economy, to the health issues... Premium ...

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Understanding Health

and society. Choose one intervention at one of the levels and say why you think it could be effective in tackling the problem. Stress is the result of varying demands on our individual resources, caused by factors present in our lives. Examples from chapters three, five and seven will be used to discuss and explain how individual, family, locality or society levels can influence stress. Every person reacts differently to stress depending on their individual characteristics. Stress can be a...

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Discuss how ICT has changed modern society

DISCUSS HOW ICT HAS CHANGED MODERN SOCIETY Our modern day world becomes more and more modern every day, with new technologies and advances coming up. ICT impacts all parts of our lives, and has had a massive impact to society, the environment and its future. Information and Communication technology opened up a whole new industry in the work sector, and that is clearly one of its many advantages. The ICT industry in Australia alone employs over 541,000 professionals. Meaning over half a million...

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Outline the Ways in Which Rubbish Can Be Said to Have Value in a Consumer Society

nineteenth century, contemporary UK society has been steadily changing. Where once we tended to define ourselves by our employment and the status in society that position may have given us, we now define ourselves much more by the goods we buy and choose to surround ourselves with (Hinchcliffe 2009).What we wear, the house we live in, the food we choose to buy and the experiences we create for ourselves all are thought to say more about us personally and as a society and have led to the creation of the...

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explain the relationship between mental health problems and society

The way in which the public perceive people with mental health impairments is constantly being called into question. The relationship between mental health and social problems are prominent in day to day life, but can be experienced and viewed on varying levels-this is dependent on individuals. Stigma and discrimination stem from personal ignorance and fear, whether the person is not well educated enough to understand illness or is ignorant to it; realistically the ignorance is more likely to cause...

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Social Factors on Disability and Ill Health

on how people experience ill-health and disability than biological ones. Discuss The author of this assignment will look at societal factors and see if they have an impact on how people experience ill-health and disability aswell as looking at the biological factors. Academics often argue that societal factors have a much greater impact on things such as; the area you live in and how long life expectancy in that area is. Sociologist often see disability and ill-health as socially constructed whereas...

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 THE THEORIES OF HEALTH AND ILLNESS This essay is about the basic assumptions of the medical model of disease; it will mainly refer to Mildred Blaxter`s work on the lay notion of health. It will define health, illness and diseases; also it will discuss the types of diseases of the body system, the absence of diseases, the lay concepts of positive and negative aspect of health, and the holistic approach, the world health organisation state of health, the strength and weakness and how to prevent...

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Assignment 1 Health Care Economics

Assignment 1: Health Care Economics The United States economy is shaped by relationships with employment, health coverage and cost. In a recession, some employers drop health care coverage or place restrictions on employee coverage. Employers may also reduce cost by changing benefits and cost-sharing provisions. Employees in low-wage positions, small businesses, and certain industries are more likely than others be uninsured when they lose their jobs. There is also a concern about the people...

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The Negative Ways Technological Development Is Influencing Society

The Negative Ways Technological Development is Influencing Society What is technology? The Merriam-Webster dictionary gives definitions of technology such as “the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area” and “a capability given by the practical application of knowledge”. In the daily lives of many individuals technology plays a vital role from the way they communicate with each other to the manner in which they work. During the latter half of the nineteenth century up...

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Society Is to Blame for the Crimes of Its Youths. Discuss.

Society is to blame for the crimes of its youths. To what extent is this true? Crimes of the youths, refers to the failure of a youth to perform an act specifically required by law. It has been reported that, along the years, the rate of youth crimes has shown a tendency to increase. Truly, from the case of Mary Bell to the Virginia Tech Massacre, every time public awareness and anger was arisen. At the same time, more and more young criminals are exposed to the public limelight, and we begin...

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Outline the Ways in Which Rubbish Can Be Said to Have Value in a Consumer Society.

Outline the ways in which rubbish can be said to have value in a consumer society. Shopping is an important part of the modern consumer lifestyle. It is enjoyed as a social activity and is about identity and expression as much as the usefulness of the purchase. People define themselves not only by their jobs, but also by their possessions and the things they own. Rubbish is only considered rubbish because people disvalue it. People want it to be invisible; once the rubbish goes out for collection...

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Health Policy- Primary Health Care

A better future: Primary Health Care Primary health care is a term used to describe a system where a patient’s health care needs are attended to by the most appropriately trained individual. This method of health care delivery has been called a “team based approach” (Health Canada, 2006). Instead of seeing the doctor for every health concern, other health professionals such as nurse practitioners, pharmacists, dieticians or physiotherapists may be called upon to take care of your concerns. In...

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Discuss the Health Care System

Discuss their health care system's essential features Dominican Republic VS United States Vanessa Fantauzzi Student St. Petersburg College Research supported by http://www.globalsurance.com/resources/dominican-republic/ The Dominican Republic shares the Caribbean island of Hispaniola with Haiti. The island was reached...

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How Environmental Problems Can Affect Health Problems in Thai Society

Pongsakorn Prohdeengam #5480995 Section 4 How Environmental Problems Can Affect Health Problems in Thai Society Many people say that the environmental issues in Thailand are chronic problems. According to Ping (2012), irregular environmental catastrophes have occurred more frequently than ever recently. Due to inadequate responsibility, people keep ignoring the environment that absolutely causes climate change and the severe pollution. In October 2011, the catastrophic flood hit the central...

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Discuss the Impact Nanotechnology will have on Modern Society

 Discuss the impact nanotechnology will have on modern society. Zachary Lloyd Nanotechnology is defined as the branch of science that deals with the development of functional systems at a molecular scale and involves the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules (Responsible Nanotechnology, 2002; United States Nanotechnology Inititaive, 2014; Dictionary.com, 2014). According to James B. Lewis Enterprises (1986), Fanfair, Desai and Kelty (2007), the idea of nanotechnology was first...

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Discuss the Factors Likely to Influence Current and Future Patterns of Health in the Uk.

Current patterns of ill health in the UK M2: Discuss the factors likely to influence current and future patterns of health in the UK. In the 21st century society there are two current factors that are very obvious in affecting patterns of health. These are that of social class affecting health and lifestyle choices. There has always been a link between social class and health, even with the welfare state and the improvements made to health in all sections of societies over the years, a difference...

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Health and Culture

source – your textbook, Second Opinion). It is commonly debated whether traditional health practices should be encouraged by the World Health Organisation. Wills’ Sociological Imagination template helps reflect on this topic. This template created by Willis (2004, as cited in Germov, 2005, p. 21) provides an opportunity for me to gain a better background analysis and fresh view of the world tradition health practices that are in place. The four factors involved in this template include historical...

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Outline the Ways in Which Rubbish Can Be Said to Have Value in a Consumer Society

PLAN: Outline the ways in which rubbish can be said to have value in a consumer society Introduction: Paragraph one – Consumer Society,Mass consumption and Recycling: Explain a definition for consumer society and explain how Mass consumption has evolved. With the increase explain how it has led to a massive increase in the household and business waste Paragraph two – Thompson’s Theory, Economic value and Aesthetic Value: Explain Thompson’s theory and illustrate it by using the stevengraphs...

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Discuss the Global Impact of E-Commerce on Society.

P 2.2 Discuss the global impact of e-Commerce on society. Ans Positive effects of e-commerce on society * Convenience * Helpful for disables and aged people * Time saving * Information availability * Helpful for new business * Jobs for society * 24 hour service * Available niche products * Disintermediation * Environment friendly Negative effects of e-commerce on society * Unemployment * Increase in crime * Health...

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Poverty is a multi-faceted concept that can be defined in various ways

 Course code:DVA 1501 Assignment number:04 Title: Poverty is a multi-faceted concept that can be defined in various ways. Write an essay in which you outline the concept as well as distinguish between absolute and relative poverty. In your discussion provide relevant examples to illustrate your understanding. Discuss any three causes of poverty in Third World countries using concrete examples. Table of content 1. Introduction………………………………………………………. 1 2.Definition of Poverty……………………………………………...

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Significant Health Care Event

Significant Health Care EventAmy DiZio University of Phoenix HCS 531 Significant Health Care Event There are many events that have influenced health care and the way it has been delivered throughout the years. These events have helped shape and change health care with the ever changing needs of the population at large. Some of the influences are society, culture, finance, religion, politics, health trends, environment and population (Shi and Singh, 2012, p.9). For the purpose and focus of this...

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Abnormality Essay Discuss Two or More Definitions of Abnormality

It can be hard to decide where normal behaviour ends and abnormal behaviour begins” Discuss two or more definitions of abnormality AO1 = 6 marks Knowledge and understanding of definitions of abnormality. AO2 = 6 marks Commentary on definitions of abnormality. The term ‘abnormal’ means deviating from the average. Therefore, if we were to adopt a literal approach to defining abnormality, we would conclude that any rare behaviour or ability was abnormal. This, however, is not a useful way of defining...

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Ways to Maintain Good Health

Ways to maintains good health Introduction Leading a healthy lifestyle is undeniably the is important duty we owe ourselves. As the saying goes , ‘If you do not have good health, you do not have wealth’. Main body a) The trick to living healthi ly and looking one’s best is simple: love life, love oneself and practice a few basis disciplines. - eat balanced meals which provide us with the necessary nutrition. - should eat three nutritionally balanced and healthy meals per day - diet...

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Health Promotion

Critically outline and discuss Irish health promotion policies. Health is an important factor in all human beings lives; it is what determines the lifestyles we will be able to achieve, the standard of living we will achieve along with many more factors. Therefore it is vital that we understand our health system and the strategies used to benefit our well-being. That is why our health systems throughout the years have changed and adapted, to allow them to adequately deal with the...

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health is wealth

What can be more valuable in our lives than our own health? A well-known proverb: “Health is Wealth!”- perfectly describes the significance of health. All of us met ill people. Did they look happy? Probably, not, since the disease did not let them relax and feel happy. You can be absolutely sure that these people are ready to give all their money away just to be healthy.   An essay on health is wealth can be written from different points of view. You may consider this topic from a bit philosophical...

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Discuss How Hunger and Malnutrition Influence the Health and Development of Communities.Then Explain How Community Participation and National Political Commitment Can Help to Address the Effects of Hunger and Malnutrition

: 22 March 2013 Title: Discuss how hunger and malnutrition influence the health and development of communities. Then explain how community participation and national political commitment can help to address the effects of hunger and malnutrition. Table contents 1. Introduction 2. Definitions of health, hunger and malnutrition 3. Effects of hunger and malnutrition and how the two concepts are linked 4. How community participation can address these effects ...

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Explain /Discuss Issues of Equality and Diversity and Ways to Promote Inclusion with Your Learners

Explain /discuss issues of equality and diversity and ways to promote inclusion with your learners Equality is the need to provide all learners with equal opportunity. It is the duty of the teacher to ensure all students feel valued, are given the same rights of access to learning resources and are given equal help and support to develop their full potential without showing any favouritism. All students must be treated fairly without discrimination regardless of gender, marital status, sexual...

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Mcdonaldization: Health in a Fastfood Society

McDonaldization: Health in A Fastfood Society McDonaldization, is the term Ritzer derived from the McDonalds' fast food chain to describe the state of our society. Ritzer claims our social institutions have become completely dehumanized in the form of a bureaucracy. Health care is an example of one institution that is characterized by the four components of bureaucracy: efficiency, predictability, control and quantification. In the past, health care was more simplistic in nature. House calls...

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Sociological Perspectives for Health and Social Care

Sociological Perspectives for Health and Social Care - task 1. The word sociology comes from the Latin word socius meaning companion and the Greek word logos meaning study of. Sociology literally means the study of companionship. It’s the study of human societies and the way they shape people’s behaviour, beliefs and identity. There are many groups within a society which people form, called social structures, such as families, communities, classes, nations, and health services. There are different...

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Mirage of Health

Lao-tzu and Taoist followers, joy and bliss were possible only in a world of primitive simplicity. Men could achieve health and happiness only by merging themselves with their environment and living in accord with the laws of the four seasons, by participating with other living creatures in the mysterious equality and thus forget themselves in the Tao," (258-259). A philosophy of health began as the Taoist people backed away from conflict and lived their lives concerned about the physical and social...

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Globalisation Is a Multifaceted Phenomenon That Can Affect Health in Myriad Ways. Discuss.

concerns for sustainable development and that they are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature. As a result good health for all populations has become an accepted international goal and we can attest that there have been gains in life expectancy over the past century especially in the developing world. The prospects for future health depend increasingly on the relatively new process of globalisation which in past times has often been seen as a more or less economic process...

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health communication by Shiromoni Bhuyan

Challenges of Health Communication Shiromoni Bhuyan Gauhati University The prime goal of Health Communication is to promote Health literacy. It is an integrated field to use communication tools and other strategies to enhance health of the individuals. The Physicians are directly involving in this area in their day today practice with the prescribed format of health and technical support and other suggestions to patient. Apart from the clinical aid, the health communication also can be defined...

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Health 101 SWC

Chapter 1 - In Review How are health and wellness defined? Health is defined by the World Health Organization as a state of complete physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being, not just the absence of disease. Wellness is defined as the process of adopting patterns of behavior that lead to better health and greater life satisfaction, encompassing several dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, interpersonal or social, environmental, and, in some models, occupational...

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Can the Arts Influence Change in Society

Our society today is a visual one that is inevitably influenced by the by the arts: painting, prints, photography, movies, television, and literature. Artists have used their medium as a way to influence people's opinions throughout history, for both noble and corrupt purposes. In doing so, the aim of the artist is to convey the facts of an issue and influence people's opinions to either garner support or disapproval for a particular cause. In recent years the arts have become increasingly politicized...

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war can never be justified, discuss

War can never be justified. Discuss War. One of the most destructive and futile thing on our planet, yet the ambition of war is usually to find peace is it not? Battle tends to start over the love of power; William Gladstone once said "We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace." So therefore is it not correctly speaking by saying that war is needed in order to destroy the love of power that creates such emotions...

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Health Promotion

Promoting Health Contents Page 3-6 LO1: Concept of health and definitions. Models and approaches. Theories of health behaviour. Page 6-7 LO2: Factors and influences on health. Page 7-9 LO3: Politics of health promotion. Sources of information for deciding a need for promotion. Ethics of health promotion. Page 10-11 Bibliography...

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In this essay I am going to discuss two psychological

 In this essay I am going to discuss two psychological/sociological theories and one biological theory of ageing and then I will compare one psychological theory of ageing with the chosen biological theory of ageing. The first sociological/psychological theory I am going to explain is the disengagement theory. This theory suggests that as we get older we begin to withdraw from society. Social scientists Elaine Cummings and William Henry outlined the disengagement theory of ageing in their 1961...

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Smoking as a Current Health Topic

current health topic and discuss the health policy initiatives that directly impacts upon NHS provision of care. Identify at least two health models and discuss how these might positively influence an individual’s health and well being. Smoking is a significant health topic in the UK today. With over 10 million people smoking cigarettes in the United Kingdom and a further two million that smoke cigars, pipes or both the vast majority of them being men. Cigarette Smoking causes a number of health problems...

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Unit 20: Promoting Health Education- P1

Unit 20: Promoting Health Education- P1 In this unit I am going to explain three different approaches to promoting Health Education the three approaches I am going to explain are Mass Media, Community development and Two way Communication. The first approach to promoting Heath Education is Mass Media. -Mass media-any written, printed, visual, electronic, auto-visual media developed to reach mass audience and the public. -Audience segmentation-division of a population into a more homogenous...

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Changing Society in Lasting, Constructive Ways

Changing Society in Lasting, Constructive Ways Change is inevitable. It has always happened and always will. However, making changes in society has never been easy. In order to change society in lasting and constructive ways, it requires charismatic leaders, a group of people that has faith and obeys the leader, and strategic plans. Without charismatic leaders, changes in society might not be made. A leader is an important person because they are willing to stand out to direct and control...

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'Liberalism is defined by the desire to minimise the role of the state.' Discuss

‘Liberalism is defined by the desire to minimise the role of the state.’ Discuss (45 marks) There are two types of Liberals; Classical, who want to minimise the state’s role, and Modern liberals who want a more involved state. Classical liberals want a limited state because they support negative freedom, as they believe it has; created a dependency culture, a potential nanny state, and cause damage to the economy. However, modern liberals want a more involved state because it increases the level...

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Discuss the Principles of the Sda Health Message and Evaluate Their Strengths and Weaknesses in Relation to Life as Known and Experienced Today

Discuss the principles of the SDA health message and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in relation to life as known and experienced today. The Seventh Day Adventist religion has certain guidelines and principles on the health of their bodies and minds. The main focus of these principles can be broken into 8 main areas; The blessing of Exercise, The blessing of Water, The blessing of Sunlight, The blessing of Fresh Air, The blessing of Temperate, Drug-free, Stimulant-free Living, The blessing...

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Health promotion

 Health Promotion In this reflection essay I will discuss about health promotion activity which took place during my placement in St’Clare Centre ,Glassnevin, Ballymun. Health promotion allows one to empower and educate individuals to make lifestyle choices and changes to promote their health and help prevent disease (Naidoo and Wills 2000). This can be challenging when individual health beliefs differ. According to Whitehead (2004) the concept changes with demands, it is delivered by health workers...

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